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News from my world

Hello my lovelies! I'm writing with news — my life is about to become complicated beyond reason. For lots of reasons, I am taking a break from my on-line presence. It may look like I've disappeared — I'm okay, just need to be gone for the time being.

I will update when I can. Know that I love you all and will miss you desperately.


Christmas tree

Swap of Joy story for simplyn2deep

Title: ...And it Was Almost Christmas
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Rating: PG
Words: ~5400
Summary: Steve is learning what it means to be Governor of Hawaii. With Christmas right around the corner, his days are full to overflowing.

Merry Christmas, simplyn2deep. I took liberties with a couple of your Swap of Joy prompts:
"A day in the life of...." and "Steve stuns everyone by being able to communicate by using sign language."

I hope you enjoy!!!

On AO3===>
Steve WTF

Google may be a little confused!

So today I was googling a random store I wanted to visit and told Google to find it "near me." The first locations they showed were all in Oahu. As much as I'd like to say I live in Hawaii, I don't. Just because a lot of my Google quests are for random facts about Hawaii, I don't think that should make Google believe I LIVE there!

Food for thought, I guess?