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14 July 2012 @ 08:02 pm
BPBB - Tidbits and Breadcrumbs part 2  
TitleTidbits and Breadcrumbs part 2

Series: Bulletproof Baby Blankets

Rating: G to R (any NC-17 chapters will be marked although I'm not sure there will be any explicit sexy times)

Pairing(s)/Character(s): Steve/Danny and their ohana

Summary:  All of these ficklest are related to the Bulletproof Baby Blanket Universe. I'm writing them for H50Land Comm Big Bang. I'll add to them as inspiration strikes. They aren't fully chapters as much as musings. Some of this and some of that. (Prompts are from an H50 Bingo Card I got quite a while ago.)  Does this make any sense?

Warnings/Notes: None except muses on the loose. These won't be in any particular order.

Part 1 is here


“Hey, cuz. What’s up?” Chin asked Kono when he sat down beside her on the sand. Kono had a thoughtful, considering expression as she turned toward him.

She had been surfing until about 15 minutes ago, her board standing up beside her. Her hair was damp and still beautiful. The bikini she wore was dark blue with white polka-dots, brand new, Chin thought.

“Do you ever feel like this is… I don’t know. Like it’s all too much somehow?” she finally said.

“Too much?” Chin repeated, looking out over the sparkling blue of the ocean as she gestured to it.

“We’re so lucky to live here,” Kono said slowly, weighing her words carefully. “The sun and the ocean. The sand… everything. Do you ever feel… guilty?”

“Guilty,” Chin said, giving her question the serious thought it deserved. “No I don’t,” he decided.

“I shouldn’t either,” Kono acknowledged. “This is the land of our ancestors and we nearly lost it completely. Maybe I’m not grateful enough to those who made sure we’d have the chance to sit here and watch the tourists make fools of themselves on their boards.”

“You became a police officer to protect your home. That’s pretty grateful,” Chin reminded her.

“You think so?” Kono asked, looking over at him.

“I do.”

“But we aren’t regular police officers,” Kono said, still carefully deliberating on each word before using it.

“The job we have is harder,” Chin told her. “Danny says so all the time.”

“How would he know?” Kono laughed. “He’s so busy pining for Steve he can barely think of anything else.”

“There is that,” Chin said. “They are quite the pair.”

“We should tell them and put them out of their misery,” Kono suggested.

“Not our business, cuz,” Chin said, a warm hand on her shoulder. “You okay now?”

“I guess. I guess Ian’s death really hit me harder than I thought. It’s been nearly three months.”

“I understand that,” Chin assured her. “We mourn in our own time, in our own way. There are no rules.”

“Yeah,” Kono said. “I can’t imagine living anywhere else.”

“This is our birthright. We honor that. That’s all anyone can expect.”

“Yeah,” Kono repeated, focusing fully on Chin. “Why are you here?”

“Danny was walking by with Grace and said you looked a million miles away. He thought I was better equipped to talk to you.”

“Grace is here?” Kono asked, searching the beach.

“They are over there,” Chin said, pointing down the beach where Kono could see Danny and Grace on a blanket. Danny was coating Grace with sunscreen as she tried to stand still. But it was clear what she really wanted to do was run down to the water’s edge where Steve waited.

“Let’s go say hi,” Kono said, standing up and retrieving her board.

“You sure?”

“Of course,” Kono said, her smile finally reappearing and dimpling her cheeks. “If nothing else, we can eavesdrop as Steve and Danny yell at each other.”

“That will be different,” Chin said with a shake of his head, following Kono down the beach.

“Hey,” Kono said in excitement when she approached them. Grace slipped out of Danny’s reach and raced over to her, throwing her arms around Kono’s waist.

“Kono,” Grace squealed. “Chin. Come swim with us.”

“Sure,” Chin agreed, following Grace to Danny. “She done?”

“I think so,” Danny said with a smile, studying Kono. “You okay, babe?”

“I am. Thank you,” Kono said, going with Grace who was tugging on her hand.

“You’re welcome,” he said with a wink. He watched them go into the ocean, very soon disappearing before jumping out like a pod of dolphins. Steve launched Grace into the air until she landed in the water with barely a splash. She had twisted her body to dive into the ocean like she was born to it. Apparently she was a water-baby who had found her true home. Danny was just happy she was surrounded by her water-family who would keep her safe no matter what.


True colors 

“Uhm… Dad?” John said to Steve on Saturday morning. Danny and Emma were at the grocery store as usual, Steve assigned house-cleaning duties. Mostly that meant he vacuumed everything that needed to be vacuumed, scrubbed all the toilets, and changed all the beds. Danny’s only objection to doing any of those chores was that he never seemed to do them to Steve’s complete satisfaction.

“Yeah Bud?” Steve asked, pausing in his war on the germs he knew were lurking in the sink in his and Danny’s bathroom sink. Sure it looked clean. But it wasn’t clean enough for him.

All 4 feet 10 inches of John shuffled, his hands deep in his pockets. Steve didn’t need to see the pink painting John’s cheek to know there was a confession in the offing. It had been the same for all of John’s 11 years.

“What, John? Just tell me,” Steve said, knowing Danny would disapprove of the hard edge on his voice. But John was stalling and Steve knew it.

“I know I’m never supposed to fight at school.”

“No you aren’t,” Steve agreed, standing straight and turning to look at John instead of watching his reflection.

“Do you know?” John asked quietly.

“Yes,” Steve confirmed, putting a firm finger under John’s chin to tilt his head up so John would meet his eyes. “Dr. Greer called me yesterday.”

“You aren’t mad?” John asked, surprised.

“I should be,” Steve admitted. “But he told me that you were protecting Zach. How can I be mad about that?”

“They were calling him names. And they said we weren’t really family,” John said.

“We are ohana,” Steve said. “That’s even more important.”

“Is Danno mad?”

“No. He understands too. It’s a part of who you. Part of what makes you our son. He said we weren’t going to say anything if you didn’t tell us.”

“Oh. I wouldn’t keep that from you,” John said in relief.

“I know that, Bud. Next time, try to tell your teacher instead of hitting the bullies yourself. A lot less trouble that way.”

“Right,” John agreed with a nod. “You need any help?”

“Sure. Grab a sponge,” Steve said, kissing his son on the head before they returned to their war against dirt and grime.

I get around

They were at Hickam Air Force Base to talk to one of the colonels about a possible suspect within his ranks. The colonel assured them they would have his full and complete cooperation. With that, Steve and Danny turned to follow the hallways back out to the parking lot when an attractive woman wearing fatigues and a smile stopped in front of them.

“Hello Commander,” she said, her voice low and unmistakably seductive.

“Lieutenant,” Steve returned, his smile almost as bright as hers.

“What brings you here?” she asked, not even glancing over at Danny who felt as though he’d been rendered invisible. An all too frequent occurrence when he was with Steve.

“Official Five-0 business,” he said vaguely.

“I see,” the lieutenant replied, still smiling up at him. “I got off at 17:00.”

“I’m…uhm… busy,” he said, waving down the hallway before easing away from her.

“Call me,” she said as Danny trailed behind Steve toward the exit.

“Friend of yours?” Danny asked as they emerged into the bright sunlight.

“Something like that,” Steve said, opening the driver door and folding himself in.

“Uh huh,” Danny muttered, looking out his window.

It happened again at the restaurant where they went to interview the maître ’d about one of their cooks.

“Well hello sailor,” the hostess said as they were leaving.

“Hi, Brenda,” Steve said, smiling vaguely down at her.

“You haven’t been in for a while, Steve. We’ve missed you,” she said, looking up at him with an air of expectation.

“I’ve been… busy,” he said with a one-shoulder shrug.

“Call me,” she said as he hustled Danny out the door.

“Friend of yours?” Danny asked.

“At one time,” Steve deflected.

“Uh huh,” Danny said before getting into the car.

The next day they ended up at a local hair salon that catered to the wealthy of Honolulu. There was a chance the salon was at the heart of a crime ring that was targeting that same population. Danny was a step behind Steve when an attractive man stepped in Steve’s path.

“Steve,” the man said with a tone of familiarity. “How have you been?”

“I’ve been good, Tako,” Steve said, his body rigid.

“Good,” Tako said, sweeping Steve with his eyes. “It’s been too long.”

“I’ve been…busy,” Steve said, looking past Tako. “Is Iwanaka here?”

“She’s in the back,” Tako said, pointing toward a closed door. “Call me.”

Steve smiled tightly and nodded before brushing past Tako who did not move aside to let Steve by. Danny stared at Tako before following Steve into the large office behind the salon.

“I’m not saying you are involved, Iwanaka,” Steve was saying, his arms crossed as he stared down at the woman looking up at him with a familiar gleam in her eyes. “I’m saying someone may be using your schedule to rob their houses.”

“I’ll keep an eye open, Steven,” she said in a tone that was promising her help with more than the case.

“Thank you,” he said, his stance still rigid. “Call me if you hear anything that is at all suspicious.”

“I certainly will,” she agreed too readily. “You could call me. Anytime.”

He nodded curtly and turned to retreat. Danny followed silently, studying the tension in the lines of Steve’s muscles.

Their next stop was a local playhouse that also seemed tied to the robberies. The theater was supported through donations and there was a chance their donor list had been compromised. Steve knocked on the door that led to the box office, Danny congratulating him on his restraint in not simply kicking it in.

“We open at…oh,” the man behind the glass door said before smiling. He unlocked and opened the door, gesturing them in. “Hi Steve. What brings you here?”

“Benny,” Steve said. “Is Alfred here?”

“Not until 4,” Benny said smiling up at Steve. “Can I help you with something? Anything?”

Steve explained about the robberies, Benny occasionally nodding. Danny had the feeling if there was a test about the words Steve had said, Benny would not pass. If it was a quiz on the color of Steve’s eyes or the shape of his tattoos, Benny would score an A+.

“This could be disastrous for us,” Benny said even though his smile never faded.

“Can you tell Alfred to call me as soon as he gets here?” Steve requested.

“Of course,” Benny agreed. “You should give me a call. It’s been way too long. We could catch up.”

“I’ve been…busy,” Steve said with a nod before turning for the door.

Danny didn’t say anything even when they were in the car. All he could do was look over at Steve who was resolutely staring out the windshield of the unmoving car. “Do you know everybody?” Danny finally asked in a quiet voice.

“I…” Steve turned to him, a lost look on his face. Lost and guilty. The guilt should have helped but it only annoyed Danny more.

“You know what,” Danny said, waving a hand in a familiar gesture. “Never mind. Forget I asked. It’s your business.” He turned to look out the passenger window, trying to ignore the waves of discomfort radiating off of Steve. Trying to pretend he wasn’t there much as Steve had done to him for the past two days. Or longer if Danny was really honest with himself.

“Danny,” Steve said.

“No. It’s your life. It’s your business,” Danny said, refusing to look over at him.

“Will you let me explain?”

“There’s nothing to explain,” Danny said in a hard tone. “We need to get back to the office.”

Steve took a deep breath before starting the car to return to the Palace in heavy, uncomfortable silence.


Blast from the past 

The team was having lunch before dispersing for the weekend. They didn’t have any open cases and the paperwork was done and filed. They had worked practically non-stop for the past three weeks so Steve called for an early end to their day on Friday.

They were laughing at Kono as she told the story of the time she accidentally found Chin’s stash of girly magazines.

“They were totally tame,” Chin protested with a laugh.

“Tame or lame?” Danny teased.

“That was the best part,” Kono said, her hand on Chin’s shoulder as she laughed, her entire face lighting up. “He had hidden them in the shed but they were swimsuit magazines. You see more skin in this restaurant.”

Chin’s face was a delightful shade of pink as Danny and Steve ribbed him.

“Such an innocent,” Danny said with a laugh.

“Have you ever seen a girl naked?” Steve teased, making Danny and Kono laugh even harder.

“Stop,” Chin said. “Just stop.” He was smiling, not minding at all being the cause of their amusement. It was good to see them laughing after the cases they had had.

They were still laughing at him when a man with dark hair and dark eyes hesitated then stopped by their table. “Danny?”

Danny looked up at the sound of his name, standing when he saw who had said it. “Tom,” Danny said, excited to see the man in jeans and a blue polo shirt. “What are you doing here?”

“Vacation,” Tom said, holding his hand to Danny with a smile. Danny used his hand to pull the other man into a hug. “Your islands are beautiful,” Tom said when there was some distance between them. Danny was still smiling up at him.

“They aren’t really my islands,” Danny said, his eyes crinkling at the corners. “God it’s good to see you.”

“You too,” Tom said, glancing at the three others staring up at them.

“Oh,” Danny said with a small start. “Where are my manners? This is Tom Westchester. We went to school together. This is Steve, Kono, and Chin.”

Steve and Chin rose enough to shake hands, Kono’s smile dimpling her cheeks as she looked up at him.

“Do you want to join us?” Danny asked, gesturing at an empty chair at the next table.

“I wouldn’t want to intrude,” Tom said in some uncertainty.

“Please,” Danny said. “We haven’t seen each other in, what, three years?”

“Four,” Tom said with a laugh.

“Right,” Danny said, dragging the empty chair over and placing it between his chair and Steve. Tom sat in it, requesting a beer from the waitress who appeared at the table.

“So you’re from Jersey?” Steve asked, passing him the peanuts.

“I was. Now I live in Missouri,” Tom said.

“Are you here with your family?” Kono asked, sounding completely innocent. But Danny recognized the look on her face. She was probing to her own ends.

“Nope,” Tom said. “All on my own.”

“So what happened to…what was his name?” Danny asked with a smile.

“Morris,” Tom said with a shrug. “We parted ways a couple of years ago.”

“Sorry,” Danny said. “You still with Anheuser-Busch?”

“I am,” Tom agreed. “Offer’s still open.”

Danny shook his head at that. “How many times do I have to tell you no?”

“What offer?” Kono asked, her smile slipping. She glanced over at Steve who was not pretending to smile.

“I told him any time he wants a job with a great salary and even better benefits, I’d get him on,” Tom said.

“And I told you I like being a cop,” Danny said with a laugh.

“You’ll come to your senses one day,” Tom said, looking up at the waitress when she returned with their orders.

“Did you want something to eat?” Danny asked as he accepted his lunch.

Tom was about to accept until he glanced over at Steve who was staring at him. “I don’t think so,” Tom decided, a smile barely appearing. “I’m going to go soak in some of your fabulous sunshine.”

“Where are you staying?” Danny asked, standing when Tom did. “We should have dinner while you’re here.”

“Sure,” Tom said, shaking Danny’s hand. “I’ll give you a call.”

Danny nodded but frowned before sitting back down. The chair Tom had been sitting in had been returned to the neighboring table, Steve focused on his burger, Chin and Kono watching Danny. “What?” Danny finally said, returning their looks with one of his own.

“Never mind,” Chin said, reaching for one of Kono’s fries.

Danny frowned at them before looking over at Steve who was doing everything possible to avoid Danny’s gaze. “What?” Danny asked again. “What’s with the hostility? Because he’s a haole?”

“He knows where he’s not welcome,” Kono finally said.

“Not welcome? How is he not welcome? He’s a friend from back home,” Danny said, looking at his friends.

“More than a friend?” Steve demanded, putting his napkin down to stare over at Danny.

“What kind of question is that?” Danny asked, frowning at Steve like he had never met him. What the hell was he talking about?

“Never mind,” Steve said, turning his body to talk to Chin and Kono in a way that left Danny out of the conversation. Danny gapped open mouthed at him, not having any idea what to say in response to Steve’s ice cold shoulder.

“I have no idea what just happened,” Danny said as much to himself as to his friends. He couldn’t say he was surprised when they did not answer him.


Sports Illustrated 

“Oh. My. God,” Danny said. He was sitting on the floor in the closet of what had been Steve’s childhood room, which they converting into Grace’s bedroom. He had discovered a box of magazines in the back corner of the closet and had cautiously peered inside. He had expected to find Steve’s stash of porn. Every guy Danny knew had one.

Instead he found a box of Sports Illustrated. The oldest edition was from Steve’s senior high school year, the article inside speculating on where the top high school prospects would go to college. The next one in the pile featured Steve running for a touchdown in his Annapolis uniform. Top NFL Recruits Playing College Ball Today it said. The third one didn’t have Steve on the cover but looking through it, Danny found an article on why the Naval Academy was at the top of the heap that year. Steve’s name seemed to be mentioned at least twice per paragraph.

Further down the stack he found a copy of the Sports Illustrated from Steve’s senior year at the Academy. Will He or Won’t He? was written in bold red letters across his impressive thighs.

“Danny?” Steve’s voice said from the doorway. “Where’d you go?”

“I’m in here,” Danny said from the closet. “Looking through your past.”

“My past?” Steve said, coming into the closet. “Oh. I forgot I had those.”

Danny looked up from the magazines, amazement on his face. “You never mentioned any of this.”

Steve shrugged, sitting down next to him. “Didn’t seem relevant.”

“But you were a major talent. Nationally ranked. You could have been an NFL quarterback.”

“Not if I wanted to serve my country,” Steve said, closing the magazine in Danny’s lap to look at the picture. It felt like the person on that cover was someone entirely different.

“You couldn’t be drafted?” Danny asked in awe.

“Sure. But I couldn’t play until I’d served the five years,” Steve said with a shrug. “I didn’t want to commit to the NFL when the Navy was where my heart was.”

“Wow, Babe,” Danny said. “I knew you were good. But this… this is something else entirely.”

“It was a long time ago,” Steve said in dismissal.

“Wow,” Danny repeated, leaning closer to kiss him. “I’m dating the star quarterback.”

“Should I order you a cheerleader outfit? I’m sure I can find one your size,” Steve said with a leer.

“I’ll cheer for you anytime, baby,” Danny said making it sound like a promise, sealing it with a hard, passionate kiss. If it hadn’t been about to become Grace’s closet, they would have gone for the proverbial touchdown right there. But Danny called for a time-out and moved the action to their bedroom. Score!

Lizet Elaine: Hawaii Five 0::Kono::nerdsimplyn2deep on July 15th, 2012 01:38 am (UTC)
Steve was hot shit back then. that's so hot lol

I seemed to have missed a few of these. Have you been posting all of them on AO3?
Are 6 dogs too many?tkeylasunset on July 15th, 2012 01:40 am (UTC)

I haven't posted them all on AO3 yet. I needed to make sure they were here on my LJ so they'd count for the Big Bang. I'll put them all on AO3 eventually!!

kcs_slayve on August 17th, 2012 04:13 pm (UTC)
Found this by fortunate happenstance.

Wonderful stuff.

Is there more?
Are 6 dogs too many?: book me a toweltkeylasunset on August 17th, 2012 06:44 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed it.

I haven't written any more Tidbits and Breadcrumbs. So these are all of those as of right now. I don't know if you read the Bulletproof Baby Blanket series or not. If not, you can check those out here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/242739/chapters/373819

That's all the BPBB that exist as of right now. I plan to add more!

Thanks again!