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22 July 2012 @ 01:59 pm
Ua Hopu (2.22)- episode review 5  

Ua Hopu (2.22)- episode review 5
for H50Land Comm on DW

Whenever I think about this episode, I initially think it’s the season finale. Because Ua Hopu is everything an episode of H50 is supposed to be, with a bonus plane crash.

It starts with Steve inside a delivery truck with a bunch of heavily armed boys. Steve’s version of heaven, no doubt. Most importantly – Steve is back!!! He is back and looking hot and recovered and delicious and….OMG. Steve is back! (My sister said she wanted to bite his cheeks. That’s an idea I can get behind! I’d like to bite his cheeks and his arms and… well, anyway.)

Here he is, being back with us!


Steve warns the boys that Wo Fat does not play well with others and will resist arrest. Imagine their combined surprise when they enter Wo Fat’s hotel suite to find him calmly drinking tea.


The other guys must be thinking Steve is off his rocker. Especially when Wo Fat surrenders. The other boys search the hotel room and the Cute Guy tells Steve there’s something he has to see.

What Steve has to see is a bathtub that has been used to kill someone – someone Steve is sure is Shelburne. (Thankfully, Alex O’Loughlin Rocks, from which I borrowed these screen caps, does not have a picture of the horror of the bathroom – the stuff of nightmares, seriously.) Even Steve thinks it’s gross:


Steve asks the lab-tech person to make sure and run the blood (of which there is, unfortunately, plenty) through all the databases. We never learn whose blood it is, in this episode or the next one. I think we all take it on faith that it’s Hiro Noshimuri’s. Poor Hiro. Poor Adam. Sigh.

Steve yells at Wo Fat about Shelburne but Wo Fat is, as usual, unmoved by Steve and his righteous indignation.

In the meantime, Kono is off having fun times with Adam Noshimuri. Steamy, hot, sexy, fun times. Here is photographic evidence, also included because these are two of the most beautiful people in this or any other world:


Kono and Adam discuss the problems inherent with a police officer dating the head of the Yakuza. Kono should know better but, honestly, if Adam asked me out, I wouldn’t think twice about saying yes. Yakuza or not. I mean, OMG.

Adam tells Kono he’s trying to make all of his businesses legit. Good for him. But can you really divorce yourself from the underworld? It never works in any of the mob movies. I’d like more of Adam in Our Show but it’s still problematic that Kono is involved with a mobster. Right?

Back in Japan, Steve calls Danny. Finally!!!


Danny yells at him, to no one’s surprise. Danny wants to know – What the Hell, Steven?


Steve tells him he’s fine and he’ll be home soon. (This should be a warning to Danny to run back to Steve’s house and tidy up. And change the sheets because you know Beauregard the dog has been sleeping in Steve’s bed!)

Steve also tell him that he arrested Wo Fat.

“Way to bury the lead, babe,” Danny says.


Steve says he needs their help with a number on Wo Fat’s phone. Wo Fat called the number 3,532 times in the last 2 days.


Chin and Kono are glad to hear from Steve, wanting to know when he’ll be home. (Because they know they’re going to have to help Danny clean Steve’s house. Oh wait – maybe I made that part up. Sorry.)

“We have the location, babe,” Danny tells Steve. They will go investigate. “Watch your six.”

“Excuse me,” Super SEAL says. “You have gone around the bend with loneliness.” (Maybe not a direct quote.)

Tangent #1 – I like the style of the blouse Kono is wearing. It looks fabulous on her as it would on very few other people. But that color? It’s not working for me. Jewel tones, yes. Coopery orange? Not so much.

The Five-3 Team go to the ginormous deserted warehouse where the phone is

and find a dead CIA agent. Of course they don’t know she’s CIA yet. But they will soon!

Danny calls Steve to inform him of the latest developments. Steve cannot discuss his current location or his ETA for Hawaii or whether or not they will go out for dinner once he’s home.


“We’re not a secure line, Danno,” Steve reminds him, looking totally hot and bad in his all-black ensemble.

“Let me ask you something you can answer. What are you wearing? CARGO pants!”


Steve laughs and says “Say good-bye Danno.”

Oh just look at that adorable, goofy, Danno-induced smile!!! Don’t you just want to eat him with a spoon!!!???

Danny, in between fashion advice, told Steve he was going to the Federal Building to talk about Agent Anna… uhm… I’m sorry. I don’t remember her last name. The dead Agent. That’s who he was going to talk about.

Danny meets resistance to his inquiries. The red-headed man wants Danny to shut up and get out. These are two things Danny is not so good at.

Danny gets a mystery text telling him to meet Secret Agent Man at the top of the parking garage. Danny leaves, reluctantly, angrily.

Meantime, Steve is on the plane with Wo Fat. (Whose plane is this? The Governor’s? Wo Fat’s? Interpol’s? Yes, I do think about these things. Stop it, brain.)

But there is a bad man on the plane – one of the Yakuza I’m guessing – who wants Wo Fat not delivered to Honolulu. The pilot ends up dead. Steve takes out the bad seed co-pilot and tries to stop the plane from crashing.


He sort-of succeeds, looking hot and bothered. He’s knocked unconscious in the sort-of crash and when he wakes up (with no extensive, life-threatening injuries, let us note) he finds Wo Fat gone. But it doesn’t take him long to find WF who attacks him. Showdown In The Jungle!


They duke it out with Steve eventually triumphing. Because, you  know, he’s the star of Our Show!

Back home, Danny is meeting with Secret Agent Man who was a friend of Dead CIA Agent. He tells Danny that WF’s plane is coming in dark. Oh noes. This isn’t good. S.A.M. tells Danny that WF has been in bed with the CIA for years and Dead CIA Agent was his get-out-of-jail free card. Clearly WF did not have her killed. But who did??? (As we know, Adam’s lawyer killed the CIA agent. But how did he know she was WF’s handler? Because WF used to be Yakuza so Adam’s lawyer knew about her? So did Hiro know about her too? Am I not supposed to ask these questions? So so many questions!!)

S.A.M. tells Danny he’ll find out everything he can about the coming-in-dark plane.


Chin and Kono follow the lead about the golden bullet Max had given them and they end up at the shooting range. Chin quizzes Kono about her hot date the night before to which Kono responds “you’ll meet him eventually.”

The woman at the firing range tells them the gold is from a gold plated gun, given out by the Yakuza for favors done. Which leads Chin to inform Kono they are going to talk to Adam. 

Kono is not happy about this development but there is nothing she can do.

They go see Adam in his office:


I’m assuming this is Adam’s office but really?? This does not look like the office of the head of a crime syndicate. Or a very very successfully business man? The office I had when I still worked at the Community College was almost bigger than this. Okay, I didn’t have a rug that probably cost more than my salary, or an entire collection of Samurai Swords (although having one or two could have come in really handy!) but seriously. Adam’s office should be the size of a shopping mall. This is not right!

Tangent #2: I know his lawyer is a bad bad man. But the first time I ever saw him, he was on The Next Generation in an episode called Drumhead. The episode was warning about letting McCarthyism ruin people’s lives. Adam’s lawyer guy was playing a Starfleet officer who, it turned out, was one-quarter (maybe one half?) Romulan (he had claimed to be part Vulcan.) His Romulan heritage gets him thrown out of Starfleet. Captain Picard tried to save his career but he couldn’t. I felt so sorry for this guy in that episode!! Which means every time I see this actor, I feel sorry for him because he was thrown out of Starfleet! (Do you see how my mind works – or doesn’t? I wish I had mental file drawers where I could lock away thoughts like this!)

Here is a picture of Bad Lawyer along with Starfleet officer:


While Chin and Kono are talking to Starfleet Officer turned Yakuza Lawyer, Danny is kidnapped by S.A.M.


They take Danny to a double-top secret location with a sack over his head. I’m sure he’s mad about being kidnapped. But he’s even madder because they messed up his hair!!!


Angry red-haired CIA Boss tells Danny planes don’t come in dark and there are no black helicopters. And dead CIA Agent isn’t dead because she never existed.

Danny gets the message but being Danny he’s not about to back down. He tells Head CIA guy that if anything happens to that plane, he will find him and kill him. Yay Danny!!! Nobody messes with Danny or his Steve!!

Look at his adorable worried face!!! Isn’t he the cutest?

Kono sneaks off to meet with Adam in the Haunted House of Torture. Adam tells Kono that Hiro is dead and he has parts of his father to prove it. (Ewww…) Kono tells Adam that vigilantism is not the way to go, not even with Wo Fat. When she takes out her phone to call for back-up, Adam draws his gun and looks really hot guilty about it.


(I'm sorry about the ever-changing font. I have no idea why it's doing this.)
Back in the jungle, Steve and WF are handcuffed together as Steve watches the black helicopter circling. Steve says they are going to tell them hello when the guys leave the helicopter and start shooting at them.

“They are Yakuza and they aren’t here to save me,” WF tells him.

“Why not?” Steve asks.

“Because I killed Hiro,” WF says.

“Yeah, well, that would do it,” Super SEAL responds in one of the understatements of the year. “Why’d you kill him?”

“Because Hiro killed my father.”

“Well, you had my father killed. Welcome to the club.”

Look how cute, and fierce, Steve is here!!

Steve takes out the 7 Yakuza and steals the non-existence black helicopter with WF chained to the seat.

Here is his adorable I’m concentrating on flying here face.

Chin has followed Kono to the Haunted House of Torture and once Adam leaves, rushes to her rescue.

(Sort of) Tangent #3: Please note that Adam is driving a BMW! Not a big black Chevy thing. Nope. A BMW as befits the head of the Yakuza! (Adam is not drunk in this picture. The weird angle of his body is because it’s an action shoot. Just wanted to clarify that!) There is more to ride in Hawaii than waves!


After Adam drives away in his black BMW, Chin rushes in and rescues Kono.


He is understandably not thrilled that Kono is dating the head of the Yakuza but says they will talk about it later. Right now they need to find Danny because he’s not answering his phone.

Danny’s not answering his phone because he is still being held prisoner by the CIA. Until the S.A.M. comes and releases him.

“Why are you doing this?” Danny asks.

“Because Anna was a friend of mine. And your friend is in trouble. Run away. Go save Steve.” (Again, not a direct quote but the intent is there.)


Danny clocks him on the head, and with moves he undoubtedly learned from Super SEAL, ninjas his way out of the building:

Danny gets to the airfield about the same time as Steve lands the non-existent black helicopter. About the same time as Adam and an army of Yakuza arrive. About the same time as Chin and Kono arrive.

It’s the Showdown at the Okay Airfield!

34imthebackup cap

There’s a lot of yelling and insults and what-have-you. Kono shoots the Bad Lawyer guy. HPD arrives and the Yakuza surrender, including Adam looking sad.

Danny finally claps eyes on Steve and is thrilled.

35cargopants cap

Steve responds “Book ‘em Danno” which are three beautiful words!

With Wo Fat safely in custody, Steve greets his ohana, hugs all around!!! Then Steve tucks Danny under his arm like it’s where he belongs (it is) and like he’s never going to let him go (he’s not.) Danny pats Steve’s tummy because, you know, that’s how you say hello to your best friend.


Steve escorts Wo Fat to Halawa and informs him “You’re going to die here.”


“Perhaps not,” replies WF making me want to punch him in his smug mouth.

The End.

Can you tell I loved this episode? Because I did! There was excellent narrative flow. It’s hard to believe they were able to cram so much into 43 minutes and 29 seconds (according to iTunes) and have it all make sense. And I didn’t love it solely because Steve was back. It was a great way to (almost) end the season. Tied up some loose ends. Introduced a few new wrinkles.

I do wonder if they had the episode written before Alex’s unexpected leave of absence. Were the ideas already in place and then modified to accommodate the fact that Steve came back? I guess he could have simply flown to Japan, captured Wo Fat and then the rest would have been the same. It’s not important what they had planned but it’s such a great episode, I can’t imagine that they only wrote it at the last minute to deal with Alex’s absence.

And it was so nice to see Steve back and healthy – not looking like a brisk breeze would knock him over. Even his hair looked healthier!! Those curls. Oh My God!

When Danny was being held prisoner, you could feel his anger and concern that they were threatening Steve. I think it was the most upset he’s been except for when Grace was kidnapped.

Yep, I loved it! It scores a 5/5!! Now if September 24 would hurry up and get here, I’d appreciate it!

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Are 6 dogs too many?: Blue OMGtkeylasunset on July 23rd, 2012 10:57 pm (UTC)
Scott rocked this episode!! Owned it!

And Kono and Adam practically melted my TV screen, they are so hot.


Thank you for the lovely comment!! Isn't our show just the best - most of the time?

a geek in such the wrong way: H50-all the boyshaldoor on July 22nd, 2012 07:01 pm (UTC)
Oh, you do these so damned well. I love your narrative (and your 'not direct quotes' are better than the real thing, in the words of U2. Gorgeous pics. (Have to agree on that colour for Kono, though it'd be perfect for me, not so much the style).

Adam is gorgeous, we need more of him even if my brain wants Steve to be unfaithful with him, sorry Kono!

Lovely reunion too! LOVE OHANA!
Are 6 dogs too many?: camo stevetkeylasunset on July 23rd, 2012 10:59 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the lovely comment!!

I could get behind some Steve/Adam action except for the cheating on Danny part! And could the world stand two such scorching hot men together? It would cause massive global warming!!

Thank you again!!!
a geek in such the wrong way: H50-steve-coolhaldoor on July 24th, 2012 10:58 am (UTC)
You're so welcome!

I have to admit, I'm waiting for a Steve/Adam fic to come back from beta as we speak... Hopefully it will live up to at least some of that heat!!! ;-)

Thank you again, btw, these are so much fun!
Lizet Elaine: Hawaii Five 0::Kono::crazysimplyn2deep on July 22nd, 2012 07:09 pm (UTC)
oh this was so funny!

and this was the kind of pressure I was dealing with when trying to write my review. I ended up doing a fic for another episode.
Are 6 dogs too many?: chin ho armoredtkeylasunset on July 23rd, 2012 11:04 pm (UTC)
thank you so much!!

I love doing these "reviews." You shouldn't feel any pressure to do reviews at all when your episode stories are so perfect!

Kathy: kitmerlot1213 on July 22nd, 2012 10:45 pm (UTC)
That was an awesome episode and your picspam was a sheer delight :)

“We’re not a secure line, Danno,” Steve reminds him, looking totally hot and bad in his all-black ensemble. Completely agree and I also have a weird fascination with Steve's watch--strange I know but I always notice the different watches he wears on the show :)

SC's Danny's look of devastation at the thought of Steve's being dead was wonderfully done and it's good to see Alex looking so healthy. I hope that continues for S3.

And I agree that the ST:TNG episode Drumhead is one of the best on the series but I hadn't recognized that actor until you pointed it out.

Are 6 dogs too many?: enterprisetkeylasunset on July 23rd, 2012 11:06 pm (UTC)
Thank you!!

I love Steve's watches too! I didn't notice that they are different. I thought they were all the same ones. I must watch more closely!! (No pun intended!)

Scott was awesome when he thought Steve might be in the line of fire. You could feel Danny's pain!

I love TNG! And Drumhead was a real showcase for Cap Picard and everything the show stood for!

Thank you again!!
malfoy_manor12: D&S: football gamemalfoy_manor12 on July 23rd, 2012 10:24 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for this, you had me totally ROFL!!!

I loved this episode too!

Only 9 more Mondays to go for S3!!!

Are 6 dogs too many?: beautifultkeylasunset on July 23rd, 2012 11:07 pm (UTC)
This was an excellent episode so I'm glad you enjoyed my "review" as well.

I'm trying not to whine about how long it is until our boys are back!! It's hard when you need your Beautiful Boy fix!!

Thank you for the fun comment!
--♫ Anna--: SEAL Steverocsfan on July 25th, 2012 04:30 am (UTC)
My sister said she wanted to bite his cheeks.
I like your sister. :)

because these are two of the most beautiful people in this or any other world
I like you, too!

I wasn't surprised that Danny yelled. And here's what I think Steve really said on the phone: "If you let that dog sleep in our bed again, I will never have sex with you there again."

“You have gone around the bend with loneliness.”
It’s the Showdown at the Okay Airfield!

Your writing always make me feel good!