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14 November 2012 @ 10:16 am
BPBB - Tidbits and Breadcrumbs - For Want of a Button  
TitleTidbits and Breadcrumbs - For Want of a Button
Series: Bulletproof Baby Blankets
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Steve/Danny and that one button
Summary:  It's all about the buttons and their need to be set free. 
Written for rocsfan. (She knows why.) And written for button loves everywhere!

Warnings/Notes: It needed to be written. I may write a sequel from the button's point of view. Or not. IDEK.


The meeting was endless. The Governor asked the same questions repeatedly. Did he think asking them differently would bring about a different response? Steve was amazed at Danny’s patience as he explained, one more time, why Chin needed that particular piece of hardware or Kono couldn’t just make do with the rifle she had been using. Steve had witnessed that level of patience from Danny only when he was dealing with their children. Maybe the kids had mellowed them both. Steve couldn’t say for sure. Danny still ranted more than anyone Steve had ever met, and more often than not, Steve was the reason. Or the excuse. Not that Danny ever really needed one.

As Danny showed the Governor the meticulous Excel spreadsheets he had prepared to justify all the seeming “exorbitant expenditures,” Steve kept himself occupied by watching the flex and bunch of Danny’s muscles under the fabric of his dress shirt. This was one of Steve’s personal favorites – blue and yellow strips that always clung to Danny’s chest and shoulders like it couldn’t bear to be away from him. Steve knew just how the shirt felt. He wondered how Danny continued to defy the laws of physics to keep the shirt closed. The buttons strained against their holes, doing their best to escape confinement and share the beauty that lay beneath with the entire world.

“Isn’t that right, Steve?” Danny said. There was a twinkle in his eye that told Steve he knew he’d been caught. Well. No matter. The distraction of contemplating the death-defying buttons was worth it.

“Absolutely,” Steve said with a decisive nod. Danny knew he had no earthly idea what he’d just agreed to but the Governor was apparently convinced.

“And there is no other option?” the Governor asked, studying the spreadsheet.

“None that we’ve found, sir,” Steve replied. Danny winked in approval, turning his ‘serious business’ face back to the Governor.

“Very well. Submit the requisitions and I’ll sign them,” the Governor said.

“Thank you, sir. We’ll have them to you first thing Monday,” Steve said, standing as the Governor did.

“Very well. Thank you for your time,” Denning said with a brisk nod, leaving to their wishes for his pleasant weekend.

Danny gathered up all of the paperwork he had brought, intentionally avoiding meeting Steve’s eyes.

“Do I want to know what I agreed to?” Steve asked, watching Danny’s fluid, efficient movements which caused even more pressure to his buttons.

“Nope,” Danny said. “If you hadn’t been so busy eye-humping me, you’d know.”

“Eye-humping is not all I plan to do to you as soon as I get you home,” Steve said in a low, seductive voice. That tone never failed to send shivers skittering over Danny’s body.

“Then it’s probably a good thing Emma and John are staying at Rachel’s tonight,” Danny said with a wink.

“They are?” Steve asked, frowning.

“Yes, Steven,” Danny said with a sigh. “Our children are going fishing on Stan’s boat tomorrow. So they are spending the night at their house.”

“Oh,” Steve said. “And you told me this?”

“Several times,” Danny confirmed.

“Was I eye-humping you when you said it?”

“Probably. You usually are,” Danny said in a stern voice.

“Oh like you mind,” Steve laughed, rounding the table to kiss Danny on the mouth.

“I never said I minded,” Danny corrected, smiling up at his goof-ball husband. “Why don’t you call the office and tell everyone to go home for the weekend?”

“So we can?” Steve asked, leaning down to kiss Danny again.

“Exactly,” Danny said.

“Excellent idea,” Steve said, taking his phone out of one of his many pockets. It didn’t take long for him to call Chin and let him know their work-week was finally over. Because 78 hours was enough for anyone. Even Hawaii Five-0.

“Do we have anything in the house to eat?” Danny asked as they got into the Camaro. The papers were carefully stored in the backseat, no longer needed until Monday.

“You,” Steve said.

Danny laughed and looked over at Steve. He had an expression that he usually saved for chasing down criminals and scrubbing toilets. When Steve turned it on him, it usually meant they would forget to eat dinner. And Danny was very much okay with that.

Danny didn’t try to engage Steve in conversation on the trip home. They had barely seen each other over the past week, sleeping a luxury that had mostly dispensed with. Danny usually made it home in time to feed the kids and catch a few hours of sleep. Steve had hardly been home at all. They had a lot of catching up to do.

Steve barely had the engine off before he was out of the car, waiting impatiently for Danny to leave his side. When he did, Steve grabbed his wrist and practically dragged him up the walk.

“You are still a Neanderthal, after all these years,” Danny complained, pressing up against Steve’s back as he unlocked the door.

“Yes I am,” Steve grunted, opening the door to pull Danny through. As soon as they were inside, Steve shoved Danny up against the door and attached himself to Danny’s mouth like he had been deprived of oxygen and only Danny could cure him.

“I’ve missed you,” Danny said as Steve kissed down his jaw to his neck, mouthing the thrum of his heartbeat.

“Mmm…” Steve agreed, nipping Danny’s neck beneath the collar of the shirt. “Too many clothes.”

“If you’ll get off me, I’ll do something about it,” Danny said, his hands firmly on Steve’s ass, holding him as close as he could.

Steve shook his head as he licked his way down to Danny’s chest, Danny shivering from the sensations Steve never failed to stir. He was rock hard and if Steve didn’t touch him soon, it wouldn’t matter.

“Steve,” Danny pleaded, thrusting his hips to increase the amount of delicious pressure on his cock. “Do something about this.”

“I will,” Steve said, looking at Danny with a wicked smile before sucking a mark into his neck.

“What? What is that look? Nothing good ever comes from that look,” Danny complained. It was pro forma. He had no choice.

Steve laughed, a deep throaty sound that went straight to Danny’s erection. Danny thought Steve as planning to bite a line down his chest until he felt a sharp tug on his shirt followed by the unmistakable sound of ripping fabric.

“You animal. Did you just bite off my button?” Danny demanded. Steve smiled at him, the evidence still in his teeth. “This is one of my favorite shirts,” Danny protested as Steve spit out the button and bit off the next one. “You are buying me a new one,” Danny whispered, the sight of those strong white teeth removing each button more than Danny could stand. “You can touch me or I can come without it,” Danny whispered into Steve’s hair. Steve laughed, biting off the last button before using his teeth to open Danny’s belt. Danny was glad he was leaned up against the door because his knees had gone weak. It got worse when Steve opened his pants the same way. Danny tried to hurry things along by pulling himself out of his pants but Steve slapped away his hands.

“This is mine,” Steve growled, Danny kissing Steve’s head.

“Always has been,” Danny confirmed softly.

Steve shoved down the offending pants and pressed kisses on the line from navel to where Danny’s cock bounced against his stomach. Danny moaned when Steve blew a cool stream across the weeping tip.

“Please,” Danny moaned, trying to shove Steve’s mouth lower. Steve took the hint and went to his knees, finally, finally taking Danny into this mouth. “Oh God,” Danny whispered, his head banging against the door. “Oh God. Just like that.”

Steve hummed around him, Danny shivering in pleasure.

It wasn’t long before Steve’s expertise in all things Danny had Danny spilling down his throat, Steve taking it all in before releasing him. He kissed his way back up Danny’s stomach and chest, easing him bonelessly onto the floor.

Steve sat pressed next to him, entwining their fingers as he waited for Danny to return to him. Danny finally focused enough to turn and smile at Steve, bliss written all over his face.

“I’m sorry about your shirt,” Steve said, looking at the holes he’d made.

“Ehh…” Danny said, waving it away. “It’s just a shirt.”

“I was my favorite,” Steve said, mourning its loss. But what a way to go.

“You should have thought of that before you attacked me like the animal that you are.”

“Yep,” Steve agreed with an innocent smile. “Let’s take this upstairs and see what other articles of clothing we can destroy.”

“You are on,” Danny agreed, allowing Steve to help him to his feet. They’d find all the buttons in the morning so the kids wouldn’t know what had happened to the shirt. Some things your children just did not need to know.

McDanno Isa O'caanmcdanno_isa on November 14th, 2012 04:32 pm (UTC)
Another Good One!!
If that was Steve's favourite Danny's shirt, imagines what he would do with what he doesn't like! LOL
BTW hot stuff babe!!