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21 November 2012 @ 02:49 pm
A Warrior’s Desire part 7a of 7  
Title: A Warrior's Desire part 7a/7 - finished at long last!
I had to break it into two posts because it's too long for one.
Author: tkeylasunset
Word Count: (this part) ~11,000
Total ~46,500 - how did that happen???
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0 (AU)
Rating: PG - it isn't going up. While they are "together," I never did write their sexy times.
Characters/Pairings: pre-slash Steve & Danny
Warnings None that I know of
Summary: Steve and Danny discuss their future and all that it means. Grace joins them and they eventually swim through the Portal back to the Human side. Most importantly, it's finally finished!! I had no idea it would get so unbelievably long!! 

Written for:  H50 Harlequin.

part 1
part 2

part 3
part 4 
part 5
part 6
to Part 7b

Part 7a under the cut:

As they crossed the clouds, the castle grew in size and brightness, the glow nearly blinding. “What makes it so bright?” Steve asked.
“All the alchemy,” On’ashi said.  
“And all the crystals,” A'skelkal added. “The castle is covered with them.”
“Do they sing?” Steve asked.
“Not for her,” On’ashi said, shaking his head. “They may for you.”

“It will be a like a chorus,” A’skelkal said. “No one has heard it for generations.”
“I see,” Steve said, reaching into his pocket when the crystals began vibrating. The rainbow one was casting its colored lights all around them, the singing ones calling out to the castle.  
“They are calling to their rerz-usks,” Kym’kl told Steve.
“Do you hear it?” Dl’elda asked, her cheeks pink in excitement. “The castle is singing.”
The miners stopped to listen. Very faintly, they could hear the humming of the crystals, the sound exquisite by any standard – Human or Esri.
“They are happy about your arrival,” On’ashi told Steve. “And they are glad Dl’elda is coming home.”
“They are singing for me?” Dl’elda asked, clapping in happiness.
“Of course they are,” On’ashi confirmed with a bright smile just for her. “They missed you.”
“I guess Rachel knows we’re here,” Steve said as they approached the glowing castle. It was looming over their heads, the crystals glowing brighter and singing louder the closer they got to the white wall that surrounded it on all sides. It too was glowing although not as brightly as the castle itself. Just as they were about to knock on the plain white gate to request admittance, it opened on its own. Behind it were five faeries dressed in what looked like military uniforms, all straight lines and solid blocks of grey and black. These faeries had short hair and wore trousers rather than dresses. Studying them closely, Steve realized they were actually males. He supposed baby faeries had to come from somewhere but it hadn’t occurred to him that there were faeries of both genders.
“The Queen is expecting you,” the faery guard in front said. That he was not pleased with their arrival was apparent. He flew up until he was eye level with Steve, studying him with a stern expression. “You must swear an oath that you will bring no harm to our house or those who reside within.”
“I will defend my ohana and myself,” Steve said, including all of the miners and Dl’elda. “I will not be the cause of any altercations.”
The guard stared him at him eye-to-eye, finally finding what he was seeking. “You may pass,” the guard said. All of the guards turned toward the castle, the head guard proceeding them, two guards bringing up the rear.
Dl’elda was sitting on Steve’s shoulder. The tight grip she had on his collar told him everything he needed to know about her anxiety concerning entering the castle.
The wide white doors swung open as they approached, the interior of the castle nearly dark compared to the outside. As they entered and their eyes began to adjust, the darker walls and black marble floor were soothing after the piercing brightness of the outside.
Steve stopped with the miners in the huge foyer when the guard held up one hand. “Attend here,” he said before flying off around a corner.
“She wants us to think she’s in charge,” Kym’kl whispered to Steve, laughing at Rachel’s foolishness.
“She was until he swam through,” A’skelkal said in satisfaction.
“I’ve upset the apple cart?” Steve asked.
“I don’t know what apples are but I’m pretty sure you’re right about upsetting it,” A’skelkal said.
“Is she going to yell at us?” Dl’elda asked Steve in a quivering voice.
“Maybe. But you don’t have to worry. She’s not going to ….” Anything else he was going to say was cut off by Dl’elda’s excited reaction to the two faeries who flew around the corner. She squealed, hurtling toward them. When they met, they hugged and cried and talked and laughed. “Her parents?” Steve asked Kym’kl who nodded, smiling over at the reunion.
“C’mere, c’mere,” she said to her parents who were not letting her go now that they had her back. “This is Steve.”  
“Hello,” Steve said.
“Thank you. Thank you so much. I can’t tell you how much… oh…. Thank you,” Dl’elda’s mom gushed.  
“You’re welcome,” Steve said, smiling at the family.
“We are in your debt,” Dl’elda’s father said, nearly as excited as his wife and daughter. He was doing a little better job of hiding it.
“Not at all,” Steve said. “It was our pleasure to see that she got home safely.”
“Kir’rila couldn’t come. He broke his arm in the Plains. Steve had to fix it. Then there was a blizzard. It was really really cold and Steve had to carry me and Kir’rila to the mines. The miners let us in. Kir’rila is still there. Steve fixed my wing when it broke. His crystals sing to him.”
Steve thought Dl’elda had said all of that in one long breath, her parents listening to every word.  
“We were told you are Kir’rila’vor,” Dl’elda’s mother said warmly.
“I was told the same,” Steve said with a laugh. “Hard to argue with the miners and the crystals.”
“They sing for you?” her father asked, studying Steve.
Steve took the crystals out of his pocket, the song now familiar but no less beautiful.
“You are Kir’rila’vor indeed,” her father said.  
“Thank you,” Steve said.
“We are the ones who owe you thanks,” Dl’elda’s mother corrected. “I am E'perit. This is Daaird'o.”
“I’m glad to meet you,” Steve said. “Dl’elda missed you both. And was a great help on our way to the mines.”
“I didn’t do anything,” Dl’elda said, shaking her head. But she was smiling broadly up at Steve, beaming with pride.
“She’s a very brave faery,” Daaird’o confirmed, kissing his daughter on the head.
“Danny and I hope to see her again, the next time we swim through,” Steve said.
“Of course. Send word when you arrive and we will meet you on the ocean side of the Plains,” E’perit agreed.
“I think that would be easier,” Steve had to agree. “The Plains apparently don’t like me very much.”
“They swallowed Kir’rila,” Dl’elda said.
“That’s true,” Steve had to agree. “The blizzard was my fault.”
“In the Forest?” Daaird’o asked.
“Yes,” Steve agreed. “I’ll know better on the trip back.”
“You become accustom to it,” E’perit said although she didn’t sound completely convinced.
“I guess you would,” Steve said with a nod. His focus turned from Dl’elda’s family when the tread of Human sounding footsteps approached from around the corner. It wasn’t long until a beautiful girl appeared. She was unmistakably Danny’s daughter, her brown eyes red from crying.
“Hi,” Steve said, crouching to meet her eye-to-eye. “I’m Steve.”
She studied him, looking over at the miners before returning her gaze to him. “I’m Grace.”
“It’s lovely to meet you, Grace,” Steve said with a warm smile. She looked a little lost, her wings still and drooping over her head. “Your father sent a message to you.”
“He did?” she asked.
“He did. He told me to tell you that Danno loves you,” Steve said, watching a little of her sadness lift.  
“I thought he’d come,” Grace said.  
“He very much wanted to,” Steve said. “But he broke his arm and wasn’t up to traveling with us. He’s in the mines waiting for you.”
She nodded, looking up at Dl’elda who was fluttering over Steve’s shoulder. “I’m glad you’re home safe.”
“I am too,” Dl’elda said. “Kir’rila and Steve protected me. They made sure I got home.”
“Did your mom tell you that you are coming back to the Human world with us?” Steve asked her gently.
“Uh huh. She said I can swim through and visit whenever I want,” Grace said, her bottom lip quivering a little.
“Of course you can. Danno and I will come through with you,” Steve promised.
“Are those your crystals singing?” she asked, listening intently.
“They are,” he said, reaching into his pocket to take them out. They glowed brighter and sang louder than they ever had before. “You are making them sing like that,” Steve told her.
“I’ve never heard one sing before,” Grace said, reaching out to touch one of them.  
“It’s because he’s Kir’rila’vor,” Kym’kl told her warmly.
Grace studied the miner before returning her intense gaze on Steve. “You are?”
“That’s what I’m told,” Steve said. “I didn’t know until I came to find Danny. He told me that I am.”
She nodded, deciding that it was true and she would trust him as a result. “Can we go see Danno now?”
“If you’re ready, we can,” Steve said. He stood, looking over at Dl’elda who was staring at him, tears streaking down her face. “None of that, love. We’ll be back, I promise.”
She nodded as bravely as she could, turning in her mother’s arms, her sobs muffled by her mom’s shoulder.  
“She’ll be okay,” E’perit said softly. “Thank you.”
Steve nodded, reaching out his hand for Grace. She took it easily, looking around the castle foyer one last time before nodding. Steve led her out, pacing his steps to match hers. She was still thoughtfully quiet as they crossed the clouds, the miners talking softly around them.  
“Can I hold the singing ones?” Grace asked up to Steve.
“Of course,” he agreed, reaching with his free hand into his pocket for them. “Here you are.”
She held them on her palm, the song wrapping them all in its lyrical sounds.  
“They are very glad to have found you,” Kym’kl told Grace. “This song is even more beautiful than it is for Steve.”
“It’s a different song?” she asked.
“Your songs aren’t the same one,” Kym’kl said. “The crystals are singing to celebrate your return.”
“Is it different for Danno?”
“A little,” Kym’kl said. “It sounds very much like Steve’s song.”
She nodded like it made complete sense. Steve didn’t doubt that to her it did.  
“Can I fly to the mines? To see Danno?” she asked, looking up at Steve.
“I can’t fly. And I promised Danno I’d keep you safe,” Steve said.
“It’s safe on the clouds,” she said. “And I’ll get there faster.”
“Dl’elda was taken from the clouds,” Kym’kl told Grace firmly. “Steve promised your father.”
She sighed but nodded unhappily.
“Once we get to the mines, you can fly down,” Steve told her in what he hoped would be an acceptable compromise. “As long as you won’t get lost.”
“I won’t,” she said in excitement. “I’ll find Danno.”
“All right,” Steve said. “Once we get to the mine entrance, you can fly to Danno.”
“Okay,” she agreed with a great many nods.
It didn’t take especially long for them to cross over the clouds and reach the entrance to the mines. Kym’kl unlocked the gates, letting them all through before locking them back.
“If you get confused, fly right back to us,” Steve was saying, standing at the top of the steps.
“I will. I promise,” she said brightly.  
“All right. Go find Danno,” Steve laughed, watching her fly down the steps and out of sight. “I hope he doesn’t kill me.”
The miners laughed, slapping Steve on the back. “She’ll be fine. No one will be dying today. The crystals will help guide her if she gets confused,” Kym’kl assured him.
“Good,” Steve said with a nod.
The return trip back through the mines seemed to take only half the time it had taken on their way to the clouds. Steve didn’t try to figure it out. Maybe Time was adjusting itself. Or maybe the relative familiarity was making it seem that Time was moving faster.
They heard Danny before they saw him, regaling Grace with the story of how they crossed over to find her. Her answering laugh was all they needed to know about the happiness of the reunion. They had matching smiles on their faces as the miners and Steve entered the crowded main chamber, most of the dwarves present.  
Danny looked over at Steve as he entered, beaming at him. All the weariness, the pain, the anxiety were erased, love and relief replacing them. He looked 10 years younger. Steve had no choice but to smile back, Grace sitting on Danny’s lap one of the most endearing sights he’d ever seen.
Danny picked up Grace to hold her with his left arm, crossing over to where Steve was standing. “Thank you,” Danny said quietly, kissing Grace’s head. “I can never repay you.”
“You don’t owe me anything,” Steve responded, warmth in his voice and eyes. “She’s back with you, where she belongs.”
“Thank you,” Grace said to Steve, smiling up at him. “You got my Danno back for me.”
“You’re welcome,” Steve said, deciding to accept their gratitude. There seemed to be no point in arguing with them. He knew he’d lose.
“You never had lunch,” A'skelkal said, bustling them to the table. “Sit. Sit. I’ll get your dinner.”
“Thank you,” Steve said with a nod.
“In’kyn and Et’tur have asked to come with us through the Forest,” Danny told Steve when they were sitting at the table, almost no space between them.
“That’s very kind of you,” Steve said with a nod at the two dwarves beaming at them.
“It’ll keep down the nightmares,” In’kyn said. “We’ll cross the Plains too. Help control the terrain.”
“Your alchemy will handle most of it,” Et’tur said, the other dwarves nodding in agreement. “But many dwarves make for light work.”
“Thank you,” Steve agreed. “I didn’t know you had alchemy.”
“We have it. It’s different from yours or Kir’rila’s but it will help in the Plains,” In’kyn said.
Steve nodded, looking over at Danny and Grace again, the love between them nearly visible. Danny caught Steve’s eyes, smiling like he never intended to stop.
The moment was broken when the miners brought out huge mounds of food. Everyone at the table ate and talked and laughed. They were celebrating the reunion of father and daughter. Steve suspected they were also celebrating the fact that Danny had found his Kir’rila’vor but Steve was not going to voice that idea out loud.
When they were sure Steve, Danny, and Grace had had enough to eat, they all went to the warm, comfortable room with the soft chairs and the blazing fire. The miners gave Steve and Danny tankards of what tasted like ale although Steve intentionally did not ask. Grace had a mug of rich hot chocolate. She fell asleep before she finished it, Danny picking her up.
“This one needs to get into bed,” Danny said softly.
“We put a bed in your chamber for her,” Kym’kl said.
“Thank you,” Danny said.  
“I’m going to turn in as well,” Steve said, standing next to Danny. “We’ll see you early tomorrow.”
“Sleep well,” Kym’kl said, the other miners adding their wishes for a restful night.
Danny settled Grace in the smaller bed when they were in their chamber, Grace barely stirring as Danny put the warm blanket over her. “Thank you again,” he said to Steve when he had straightened, looking up at Steve.
“I told you that you didn’t owe me anything. Not even thanks,” Steve reminded him with a warm smile, studying Danny carefully and seeing some of the lines of pain back around his eyes. He looked tired but happy. “Should we wait another day to start back to the ocean?” Steve asked.
“No. I’ll be fine. Unless you need the day to rest.”
Steve shook his head, pulling Danny gently over to the bed. “I’m good. Are you going to be able to swim through the portal with one arm?”
“There’s a reason Humans mistake Esri for mermaids,” Danny told him with a laugh.
“All right,” Steve said, helping Danny settle in the bed. “Is the mor-eri you charmed still waiting for us?”
“Oh,” Danny said, his eyes wide as he looked up at Steve. “I completely forgot.”
“He’s there still?” Steve asked with a small frown.
“He promised to stay until we needed him. Damnation.”
“All right,” Steve said as he turned for the door.
“Wait. Where are you going? You’re not going back to edge of Faeryland tonight, are you?” Danny asked.
“No. I’m going to go ask one of the dwarves to go release him.”
Danny shook his head. “They can’t. This is awful. I can’t believe I did that to him.”
“You can’t go to Faeryland. I’m not even sure you’re going to be able to make it back to the ocean the way you’re feeling. If the miners can’t release the mor-eri, I’m going to have to go back to Faeryland and do it myself,” Steve said firmly.
Danny sighed, shaking his head. “I’m sorry. I would never hold him intentionally.”
“I know that,” Steve said. “I’ll go to Faeryland in the morning. We’ll stay the night here and start for the ocean the next morning.”
“All right,” Danny agreed reluctantly. “I’ll teach you to talk to them. It won’t take you very long to learn.”
“The mor-eri isn’t going to hurt any of the faeries, right?” Steve asked as he took off his clothes and got into bed with Danny.
“No. He can’t cross over without me there. Or you. You’ll find him without too much trouble. Tell him I’m sorry.”
“I will. Can I take him a gift of some sort?” Steve asked.
“You can take him several crystals. They like to put them in their nests.”
“That’s easy enough,” Steve agreed. He lay down next to Danny, turning onto his side to look over at him. “If I hadn’t been ordered to swim through the portal, would I have found you?”
“What do you think?” Danny asked, his eyes crinkled at the corners, an amused expression on his face.
Steve had to smile back, reaching over to kiss Danny lightly. “I think it was inevitable. Because we are koijaw-vor.”
“Exactly. I used to dream about you. After Rachel left me. I never saw your face but I knew who you were.”
Steve nodded at that. One more thing that only made sense now. It never would have before. “Did you know it was me when I surfaced?”
“No. It took me a while. And I sure wasn’t going to tell you. You can still change your mind, you know,” Danny said softly.
Steve shook his head. “I can’t change my mind any more than I can change my eye-color. Unless you want to do that too.”
Danny laughed, running his fingers through Steve’s white hair. “Nope. And you’ll get your tattoos back, I promise.”
“I know,” Steve sighed.  
“You tired?”
“Yeah. There are 1800 steps. 1800.”
“It’s a lot of steps,” Danny agreed. “I’m really sorry you have to climb them again tomorrow.”
“It’s fine,” Steve said, waving it away. “I’ll be back in time for lunch. I’m sure at least one of the miners will go with me.”
“I’m sure they will,” Danny said, shifting restlessly.  
“Your arm really hurts, doesn’t it?” Steve asked, watching him.
“A little,” Danny had to admit.  
“Okay,” Steve said, leaving the bed and pulling on his robe. That Danny didn’t bother to protest told Steve everything he needed to know about how much pain he was really in. “I’ll be back in just a minute. Do I need to bring Kym’kl?”
“No. Just something to reduce the pain,” Danny requested.
Steve nodded and left the chamber. It was only a few minutes later that he returned with a mug, steam rising from it. “Here you go.”
“Thank you,” Danny said, scooting up the bed with Steve’s help to lean against the headboard.
“Cha'ima and A'serhom are going to Faeryland with me,” Steve said when he was back in the bed.
“They’ll finally get to go shopping,” Danny said with a smile. “You won’t be back until after lunch. How do you feel about dress shops?”
Steve sighed. “I have a little sister. I’m not entirely unfamiliar with the intricacies of dress shopping.”
“You have a sister?” Danny asked in surprise.
“Mary Ann.”
“Is she in Hawaii?” Danny asked.
“She lives in LA. My father sent us to the mainland when our mother died. Which she didn’t. But he thought she did.”
“I’m sorry,” Danny said uselessly.
“It made me who I am,” Steve said with a shrug. “Mary Ann was only 12 when Dad sent us away. She grew up wild. She still is in a lot of ways. But at least she hasn’t gotten arrested in the past year.”
“Something to be said for that,” Danny said. “I take it you aren’t especially close.”
“Not really, no. Mostly I’m bail money to her,” Steve said in regret. “Maybe I’ll bring her across some time. Might give her a perspective.”
“It just might,” Danny said. “She probably feels different, like she doesn’t quite fit in. But can’t figure out why.”
“I think we both did,” Steve agreed. “At least the Navy gave me direction and a purpose. She never got those.”
“’Be all that you can be,’” Danny said, hiding his smile behind his mug.
“You know that’s the Army,” Steve said, trying to scowl at him but not succeeding.
“Ehhh…whatever,” Danny said, waving it off. “So when I move to Hawaii, will Grace and I have a place to live?”
Really?” Steve asked.
“I don’t want to make any unfounded assumptions,” Danny said.
“Aren’t we getting married here? Why would you have to ask about where you’ll be living?”
“Do you have an apartment?” Danny asked.
“I inherited my father’s house. I have my own stretch of beach right outside my back door.”
“Oh. A land baron,” Danny teased.
“Sure,” Steve said. “You can be my serf.”
“I don’t think so,” Danny laughed. “But I am going to get a private detective’s license and open my own business. You’ll join me?”
“I’ve never thought about it,” Steve said. “I thought I’d retire from the Navy. I have no plan B.”
“Your father’s murder altered your entire future.”
“That’s for sure,” Steve said. “I guess I was supposed to be home when the Admiral called and ordered me to swim through the Portal.”
“Apparently,” Danny agreed, putting his mug on the small table and moving down in the bed.  
Steve made sure he was warm and comfortable, kissing him gently before settling beside him, his long arm thrown over Danny’s stomach just below where his right arm was strapped to his body. He barely had his eyes closed before he was sound asleep.
“Yes, Gracie, I’m sure Steve will be back in time for dinner,” Danny said to his daughter when she asked him for possibly the one millionth time when Steve would be back. He’d also explained at least that many times why she couldn’t go to Faeryland with Steve. The very last thing Danny was willing to do was risk losing his daughter to a mor-eri when he’d just gotten her back.
“Why isn’t he back, Danno?” she asked again. “He left right after breakfast.”
“I told you, Monkey. Cha'ima and A'serhom went with him. They wanted to go shopping. Why are you so worried about Steve? He’ll be fine.”
“What if Mom…” She stopped, looking down at the picture she’d been working on. The dwarves had provided her with paint and canvas, giving her something to do while they waited for Steve to come back.
“Rachel isn’t going to do anything to Steve, I promise,” Danny said, kissing her head. “His alchemy has gotten very strong. And he has qac-ll. You think she’s going to cross anyone who can tune the crystals?”
“No,” she agreed, looking a little more relaxed at Danny’s reminder. “And we’re moving to Hawaii to live with him?”
“We are,” Danny said. “He and I are getting married. You’re okay with that, right?”
“Uh huh. Mom said he was a brute but she’s wrong.”
“She is,” Danny said. “Would I have fallen in love with him if I didn’t trust him?”
“No,” Grace said. “I’ll be glad to get back to the Human side of the Portal.”
“Why’s that?” Danny asked, studying her carefully. But she didn’t look upset when she said it so he was able to release his sudden anxiety.
“It’s pretty here. But…I like the Human world better. There’s less…upsetment.”
Danny had to laugh at her description. “The Human world can be pretty dramatic. But in completely different ways.”
“Mom hates it there.”
“I know, Monkey. And I’m sorry about that. You know we can swim back here any time you want to.”
“Uh huh. But I want to live with you. And with Steve,” she said, delicately dipping her brush into the blue paint to color the sky.  
“That’s what I want too,” he said, watching her create an amazing picture of the Human world. He didn’t think it was just parental pride that made him think she had some real artistic ability. She stopped painting, tilting her head to one side to listen intently.  
“Steve’s back,” she said with a broad smile.
“Then let’s go find him,” Danny said, standing and holding his left hand out to her. She took it, going to the main chamber. Steve hadn’t gotten there yet but it was crowded with dwarves looking forward to his return. The miners chatted happily with Danny and Grace while they all waited.
“Hello,” Steve said with a laugh when he entered the chamber. “We’re back.”
“Steve,” Grace squealed, running over to him and throwing her arms around his waist.
“Hi Grace-Face,” Steve said in amusement, leaning down to kiss her head. “Everything okay?” He was mostly talking to Danny. Grace nodded against his stomach, not loosening her grip.
“She was concerned when you weren’t back for lunch. She thought maybe Rachel had caused trouble,” Danny explained.
“Nope. We released the mor-eri then went dress shopping,” Steve said, shrugging out of the backpack. Grace had eased her hold and he was able to crouch in front of her. “I brought you a gift.”
“You did?” she asked, all wide eyes.
“I hope you like it,” Steve said, pulling out a light blue dress made of sparkling fabric. Her squeal of delight was all he needed to know about whether or not he’d made the right choice. “You like it?”
“It’s beautiful,” she said, holding up to her and twirling around. “Can I try it on? Please can I?”
“Of course,” Danny laughed. “It’s your dress.”
She nodded before running out to their chamber.
“You didn’t need to buy her a dress,” Danny said to Steve with an indulgent smile.
“He didn’t have a lot of choice,” A’serhom said when she came up to them.
“He didn’t have any choice?” Danny asked, looking down at her and back up at Steve.
“And he didn’t buy it,” Cha’ima added with a smile just for Steve.
“You stole it?” Danny asked with an adorably confused expression.
“Of course not,” A’serhom laughed.
“The storekeeper gave it to him,” Cha’ima said. “Insisted he take it.”
“Oh,” Danny said with a smile.
“Yeah. I tried to pay her but she refused,” Steve said with a shrug.
“She wasn’t going to take your crystals,” Cha’ima told Steve.
“It’s the reason I took them,” Steve said, pulling random crystals out of his pockets.  
“Did you give some to the mor-eri?” Danny asked.
“He took three of them,” Steve said.
“Then why do you have more than you had when you left?” Kym’kl asked Steve, studying the crystals.
“Some of the faeries gave him more crystals,” Cha’ima said when Steve remained stubbornly silent about the mysteriously appearing crystals.
“The faeries gave them to you,” Danny repeated, looking up at Steve with amused affection.
Steve shrugged, stuffing his hands in his pockets, refusing to meet Danny’s eyes.
“And what did you do to deserve these crystals, Steven?” Danny asked.
“Nothing,” Steve mumbled.
Danny raised a skeptical eyebrow and looked over at Cha’ima and A’serhom for an explanation.
“When we stopped for lunch, there was practically a parade of faeries who wanted to talk to him, touch him, give him crystals,” A’serhom said with a smile up at Steve.
“Because he returned Dl’elda safely,” Cha’ima said warmly.
“And because he’s made you so happy,” A’serhom said to Danny.
“I see,” Danny laughed. “News travels fast in Esri.”
“Apparently,” Steve said. “Dl’elda and her parents came and had lunch with us,” he said with a smile at the thought of her.
“Good,” Danny said with a nod.
“Not so good since they want him to help organize a faery revolt,” Cha’ima said.
“Not good,” Kym’kl said, shaking his head. Danny was frowning, looking up at Steve.
“What did you say?” Danny asked him.
“I said no,” Steve assured him.  
“Good,” Danny said. “Good thing we’re leaving tomorrow.”
“Doubt it will make much of a difference,” Cha’ima said. “They are pretty set on removing Rachel from the throne.”
“That’s on them. We have no part of it.” Danny’s frown turned into a smile when Grace came racing over to them in her sparkly blue dress. Her cheeks were pink with excitement, her fluttering wings lifting her off the floor even as she tried to run across it.
“Isn’t it beautiful, Danno?” she asked in pure happiness. She twirled around so he could see all of her dress, the skirt billowing out as she turned.
“It’s gorgeous,” Danny said with a huge smile. “Did you pick it out?” he asked Steve, his eyes brimming with affection.
“Yes?” Steve said.
“Excellent job,” Danny said, bending enough to kiss Grace’s head. “It’s the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen. On the most beautiful little girl in either world.”
“Oh Danno,” she giggled, looking up at him and at Steve. “Thank you, Steve.”
“You are very welcome, Grace-Face. I’m just glad you like it.”
“I do,” Grace said happily. “It won’t be ruined when we swim through the portal, will it?”
“We’ll put it in one of our waterproof packs,” Danny assured her. “It will be fine.”
“Good,” she agreed, twirling again so the skirt spun out from around her.

Part 7b===>
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