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28 December 2012 @ 01:15 pm
The Amaranthines 8/?  

Title: The Amaranthines, 8/?
Written by: tkeylasunset
Characters: Steve/Danny, Grace, Mick St. John, assorted immortals
Word Count, this chapter: ~4,500
Summary: You thought I had abandoned it, didn’t you? Yes, I have finally returned to the world of Amaranthines and vampires and…well. I’m so sorry for the impossibly long delay. It wasn’t intentional, I promise.

In this chapter, Steve, Danny, and Mick investigate the death of Laura Hills, finding a dreaded and unwelcome connection to Wo Fat. And Steve and Danny have sex. So there’s that.

Rating: NC-17 - seriously
Disclaimer: Sure, I am the sole owner/operator of Hawaii Five-0. That’s why I live in Hawaii in the lap of luxury! Oh – that’s not me. I make no claim to H50 or those who inhabit it. So please don’t sue me. All you’ll get is my six dogs. And nobody wants that.

Master post of all chapters at AO3 because it's so much easier to link to it.


“No,” Steve said, shaking his head.

“He’s an immortal?” Danny asked, trying like hell to keep his voice even. He was pretty sure he’d failed to keep the fear out. Wasn’t it enough that Wo Fat had already made Steve’s life miserable? That he had killed his mother and caused his father to be relocated? Now it turns out he’s an immortal? This night kept getting better by the minute.

Steve looked up at Mick, twin frowns on their faces. “Is he a Rogue?”

“I don’t know,” Mick admitted. “Josef never mentioned it.”

“Josef knows him?” Danny asked. “How did you not know he’s immortal?”

“I’ve never touched him. I can’t always tell just by looking,” Steve said. “Some Rogues can disguise their true nature. He’s apparently learned how.”

“Do you think he’s the one leaving you the photos?” Danny asked.

“I don’t know. Why would he kill Laura Hill? She was no threat to him,” Steve said.

While Steve and Danny were discussing Wo Fat’s immortality, Mick took out his phone. It didn’t take long for it to be answered. “We found her body,” he said. “Do you know if Wo Fat is a Rogue?....John Lobb polo boots….sure, but what are the chances it’s not him?...no you don’t need to come. Steve and I can handle it….yes, I’m absolutely sure, Josef….no….no….all right….yes, as soon as I know anything.”

Even though Danny and Steve heard only Mick’s side of the conversation, it was clear that the news coming from Los Angeles was not good.

Mick closed his phone and joined them. “Josef said that as far as he knows, Wo Fat is not forsaken. The last time he talked to him, he was a regular Amaranthine. That was about a year ago.”

“How do you go from regular to forsaken?” Danny asked.

“No one who hasn’t done it knows,” Steve said.

“If you decided to turn, to give into the dark side, what would you do then?”

“Ask a Rogue. They’re the only ones who possess the knowledge,” Steve said.

“Great. So we don’t know if he was turned. Or how. Or why he would want Laura Hills dead.”

“That pretty well sums things up,” Mick agreed.

“Who do the other boot prints belong to?” Danny asked. “Immortals?”

“Doubtful,” Steve said. “Probably some of his henchmen. Hired muscle.”

“That would be my assumption,” Mick said, placing the pallets around the base of Laura’s chair. “Go on up. I’ll set fire to these and we’ll leave.”

Steve and Danny went back up the steps, Danny answering his phone when it rang. “Kono.”

“Your house it now officially Amaranthine central,” she informed him. “Jenna and Chin are here. Grace is helping play hostess. You’ll need more hard liquor before the night is over.”

“That’s fine. We’ll deal with it. There are extra blankets in the hall closet upstairs. And there are at least 3 sleeping bags in the basement if anyone wants to use them,” Danny said.

“I’ll let them know,” Kono said over the noise in the background. “Doubt anybody will be getting much sleep.”

“Sounds like it. We’re coming back there, leaving here in a few minutes,” Danny told her.

“All right. Can you stop for milk and bread? We’ve already run out.”

“Sure,” Danny agreed. “We’ll see you shortly.”

“Right,” she said, hanging up.

“Everyone’s there,” Danny reported to Steve, and to Mick who had climbed up to their level. The fire was burning brightly, a signal that it was time to leave.

“Good,” Steve said. “We need to get clear before the fire is reported.”

“Right,” Danny said as they left the factory. He told them what Kono had said, including the need for more supplies. That made their next stop the all-night market not far from their house.

“What are we going to do about Wo Fat?” Danny asked as they drove home from the store.

“Josef is putting out feelers. See if he can find him. We need to locate him before he can make good on his threats,” Mick said.

“He isn’t the one who left the pictures,” Danny said.

“He could be,” Steve countered. “It was a person of slight build. We couldn’t see their face at all.”

“You have the person on surveillance tapes?” Mick asked.

“Affirmative. The tapes from Five-0 headquarters. But they never face the cameras,” Steve explained.

“Do you have access to them at your house?” Mick asked.

“Chin can bring them up,” Danny confirmed. “You think you’ll recognize whoever it is?”

“Maybe,” Mick said. “I can send the tape to Josef too. He can help figure it out.”

“All right,” Danny said as Steve pulled into their driveway. Or at least tried. There was no room left, Steve parking in the yard. Every window in the house was lit, the yard nearly as bright as mid-day. The front door was open, the living room filled with people Danny did not know. But from the interactions Danny could see, they all appeared to be acquainted.

Grace came running out of the house, leaping into Danny’s arms because there was no question but he would catch her. “Hey Danno, Daddy. Mick. I’m so glad you’re home.”

“We’re glad we’re home too,” Danny told her with a kiss as he followed Steve and Mick inside and into the crowded living room.

“Steve, Mick,” several called out once they were inside. “What’d you find out?” someone asked.

“We think Wo Fat is behind it,” Steve said, a silence falling over everyone.

“He’s forsaken?” someone asked.

“It appears that way,” Mick said in regret.

“Do you know where he is?” someone else asked.

“No. But we’re doing everything we can to find him,” Danny said, all eyes turning to look at him. He stared back at them over Grace’s head. “What? I live here.” He put Grace down at her request, watching her make her way toward to kitchen to find Auntie Kono.

Steve had to laugh, explaining who Danny was to those who did not already know. He also introduced Danny to the Amaranthines and their families. A few of them Danny already knew from their wedding. Not many of them attended but he remembered the ones who had been there. The ones Danny hadn’t met, as with the ones he already knew, were from all walks of life – they included a teacher, a banker, an air traffic controller. After that, Danny pretty much lost track. Between the immortals, their spouses, and assorted children, Danny couldn’t keep them all straight.

“We got supplies,” Danny said, finally making his way toward the kitchen. “Help yourselves.”

Naolkupa followed him into the kitchen, organizing several others to make a very late dinner or very early breakfast. Danny could see that there were people outside on the beach but he wasn’t sure if he had met them yet or not.

“Because you don’t have any choice,” he heard Steve’s voice say. He was apparently in the dining room, having a quiet, intense discussion. Danny didn’t know who he was talking to until he heard the reply.

“No,” Mick said firmly. “That is not going to happen.”

“He’ll be fine with it,” Steve was saying.

“No,” Mick repeated. “You know it can be very intimate. I won’t risk it.”

“What choice do you realistically have?” Steve asked. Danny’s curiosity got the better of him and he went into the dining room to find out what they were discussing.

“What’s up?” Danny asked, looking at Steve then Mick. Steve looked almost angry. Mick looked stressed.

“Nothing,” Steve said, shaking his head.

“Apparently that’s not true,” Danny said. “Don’t think I can’t tell exactly what you are both thinking.”

“Mick needs to eat. I suggested he use you,” Steve said. The tone was casual. The words gave Danny pause.

“I said no,” Mick assured Danny. “I won’t ask that of you.”

“What happens if you don’t?” Danny asked. Mick looked even more pale than he had when he’d first appeared in their bedroom, the artificial lights doing his complexion no favors.

“It’s not important. I can wait until the blood bank opens,” Mick said, waving it away.

“It is important. And you don’t have that long,” Steve said. “We need you conscious so you can help us find Wo Fat.”

“What’s it like? For me if I agree?” Danny asked, studying Mick.

“It’s an act of intimacy,” Mick said. “Feeding on you…would connect us.”

“I’m not worried,” Danny said, waving it away. “I’m guessing you are telling me it will arouse me. If that’s the case, I’m not going to use you to get my rocks off.”

“That’s what I’m saying,” Mick said slowly, studying Danny. “You’re willing to risk it?”

“Unless there’s something you aren’t telling me. You aren’t going to kill me or turn me. I have Steve to take care of any other consequences, positive or negative. And Steve isn’t worried about it. He’d be refusing if he had concerns about the ultimate outcome,” Danny said.

“All right,” Mick agreed with a nod, barely hidden relief on his taut features. “I’ll wait until sunrise. It’s less than an hour from now. We can use the time until then to study the tapes.”

“I asked Chin to bring them up,” Danny said. “He has it all set up in the office.”

“Okay,” Mick said, leaving the dining room.

“You are okay with this, right?” Danny asked when he and Steve were alone in the dining room.

“I’m fine. You’ll be aroused. And I’ll get lucky,” Steve said with a smile down at him. His smile was followed by a kiss that was interrupted by the sounds of someone clearing their throat. “Hey, Stan,” Steve said, turning to face the tall man in the doorway. “Hi ya, Charlie.”

“Hi Steve,” the little boy said. He looked to be about 8 or 9. His father smiled down at him, a hand resting on his shoulder.

“Thank you for letting us come here,” Stan said to Steve. “Some of us felt her death. Some of us didn’t.”

“I didn’t,” Steve confirmed before glancing over at Danny. “Stan and Charlie are Amanranthines. Except for Grace, Charlie is the youngest on the island.”

Danny nodded, looking at the attractive woman who came up to join them.

“This is my wife Rachel,” Stan said, kissing her head. “She’s mortal.”

“Rachel,” Danny said, reaching out to shake her hand and titling his head to look at her, his eyes narrowed in a considering kind of way. “Have we met before?”

“I don’t believe so,” she said in a soft British accent. “You do seem familiar.”

“Hmmm…” Danny said, looking down at Grace when she wandered into the dining room. “Hey, babe. You doing okay?”

“I think so,” she said with a shrug, leaning against his legs. “I could do with some more sleep.”

“We all could,” Steve agreed, reaching down to pick her up. “Do you want Kono to take you upstairs and put you to bed?”

“Not yet,” she said, resting her head on his shoulder. “I need to be with the Moiety.”

“Of course,” Steve agreed. “Kono get you something to eat?”

“I’m not hungry,” she said, yawing. “This is a bad business.”

“I know it is,” Steve said, kissing her. “We’re going to figure it out.”

“You have to. For everybody,” Grace said.

“Are there patrols outside?” Steve asked Stan after Rachel said she was going to take Charlie to the kitchen to see if they could help. “Has a duty roster been prepared?”

“I’m not sure,” Stan said. “I think Naolkupa was waiting for you to organize it. I don’t want Charlie included.”

“Of course not,” Steve said. “He and Grace are exempt. Michelle can decide if she’s ready to be on patrol.”

“Michelle?” Danny asked.

“She’s 16. If she doesn’t want to be on patrol, she can still be exempt. Or her parents don’t want her to,” Steve said. “The next youngest is Garry, right?”

“Yes,” Stan said. “He’s 22.”

“How many on each watch?” Danny asked.

“Three. Three hours at a time. Mick can’t take patrol during the daylight. He and I can do the night shift,” Steve said.

“You can’t stay up all night and investigate Wo Fat all day,” Danny said. “Are there any vampires on Oahu we can recruit?”

“That’s an excellent question for Mick,” Stan said. “That would help, to have their assistance.”

“All right,” Steve said. “I’ll draft a schedule for patrol. Then we’ll have the official hālāwai.”

“You are including mortals on the patrol, right?” Danny asked. His tone said that as far as he was concerned, the matter was settled before he had asked the question.

Steve and Stan exchanged a glance, Stan shrugging one shoulder. “They should be allowed to volunteer,” Stan said. “I have the feeling Danny’s going to patrol no matter what you prefer.”

“Damn straight,” Danny agreed.

Steve knew that would be Danny’s answer. There was a legitimate reason that Danny was a policeman. It was in his nature. “We’ll ask for volunteers. Chin, Kono, and Jenna can help.”

“What are you going to tell the Governor?” Danny asked. “She’s going to notice if we don’t show up at work on Monday.”

“I have no idea,” Steve said. “We’ll think of something. I hope.”

“I can give her a call,” Stan offered. “We aren’t exactly close but we’ve talked on more than one occasion. My phone call could forestall a lot of awkward questions.”

“What do you think?” Steve asked Danny.

“Better than one of us trying to lie our way out of it,” Danny said.

“Good,” Stan said with a nod. “I’ll call her.”

“Right now?” Danny asked, lifting Steve’s arm to check his watch. “It’s 4:30.”

“Ahh. I guess I should wait a little while,” Stan acknowledged.

“Probably be for the best,” Danny confirmed. Stan agreed he’d call at a ‘reasonable’ hour before leaving to see what else needed to be done.

“You okay?” Steve asked Danny when they were momentarily alone.

“No. But it doesn’t matter. We’re going to keep the Moiety safe. That’s our only priority,” Danny said, taking Grace from Steve and hugging her close. “You said with only 13 Amaranthines left, the Rogues can wield power over you. What sort of power?”

“It can take different forms. Should they get one of us alone, they will try to turn us. That’s one of the reasons everyone is here. They will also try to consume our noumenons, our immortal souls.”

“They say it’s where they get their power,” Grace said softly into Danny’s shoulder.

“Is that why they killed Laura Hills?” Danny asked.

“One of the reasons. I’m sure they knew that killing her left 13 in Hawaii,” Steve said.

“All right,” Danny said, thinking it through. “We need to check with Mick about more vampires. It’s not long to sun-up. And we need to convene the hālāwai.”

“Right,” Steve agreed. “I’ll get everyone on the beach. It will be easier out there. You talk to Mick and send anyone you see outside.”

“Got it,” Danny agreed, carrying Grace into the office. Mick was studying Chin’s computer with a familiar intensity.

Chin looked up at Danny when he entered. “Howzit?”

“You know,” Danny said with a shrug. “Anything yet?”

“I’m 99% sure it’s Wo Fat,” Mick said, stopping the tape. “So why did he warn Steve?”

“He’s someone who likes to play head games,” Danny said. “He’s a sick, twisted bastard. It’s probably a taunt as much as a warning. Plus we know he can time travel which makes him that much more dangerous.”

“True,” Mick said. “I have a list of all the vampires in Oahu. Stan mentioned you wanted to recruit them.”

“How many are there?” Danny asked.

“Five that I’m sure will help. There are be a couple of more who might agree to assist us. These five are the ones I trust implicitly.”

“We need to call them. Do you have time to do that?” Danny asked Mick. He glanced down at Chin who appeared to be a little shell-shocked. He could certainly understand the feeling.

“I’ll make the calls,” Mick confirmed.

“Good,” Danny agreed. “Where are Kono and Jenna?”

“Upstairs. Trying to make as many beds as possible,” Chin said.

“Okay. We’re meeting on the beach. Steve is going to schedule patrols. Grace, do you feel like going up for Kono and Jenna?”

“Okay Danno,” Grace said, running off when he had put her down.

“We need to get on the beach,” Danny said, leading Chin out. It wasn’t long before Mick joined them, staying close to the house as the first rays of the sun began to lighten the sky. His skin was nearly translucent, his eyes red around the rims.

“I contacted the first two vampires,” Mick said. “Elise agreed to call the other three. She said they’d all be here shortly after sundown.”

“All right,” Danny said. “Is there anything I can do right now?”

“I’ll be okay,” Mick said. “I can wait until he’s done.”

“Okay,” Danny agreed. He wasn’t sure Mick was right but what did he know about being a vampire? When did it become his reality that he’d even be wondering about that? As they were waiting for Steve, Grace returned with Jenna and Kono. It wasn’t long before the backyard was filled with Amaranthines and their families, all talking quietly among themselves.

They made room for Steve to leave the house and stand in the center of the group. He had the tentative patrol schedule drawn up, asking for additional volunteers. Everyone wanted to be included, Michelle arguing quietly with her parents, one of whom was mortal. Apparently Michelle won because Steve was adding her to the list.

Danny could feel Mick becoming weaker the higher the sun climbed into the sky, finally deciding to take matters into his own hands. “Come on,” Danny said, grabbing him by his belt. He had to help hold him up as they entered the house, carefully descending the steps to the basement. “Here,” Danny said, opening the top of the freezer. He couldn’t imagine what Steve had done with the food that had been stored there. It was probably already cooked and eaten from looks of the kitchen when they had passed through it.

“I need to…undress,” Mick said, gesturing to himself then the freezer.

“All right,” Danny said, helping him out of his duster. He made quick work of stripping the rest of Mick’s clothes off, trying very hard not to compare Mick’s body to Steve’s. Certainly there were similarities, but Mick was not battled hardened like Steve. And he had no tattoos which Danny found mildly disappointing. Which was, of course, ridiculous but he couldn’t seem to stop his brain from thinking about that missing ink.

“This is good,” Mick said when he was down to his briefs. He carefully climbed into the freezer, sighing in relief as the coldness enveloped him. “You’re sure about this?” he asked, looking up at Danny with nearly vacant eyes.

“Just take care of it already,” Danny said. “What’s the best way?”

Mick reached out with a shaking hand for Danny’s arm, pushing his sleeve up a little higher. “You may have to stop me if Steve doesn’t come do it.”

“Will I know when?” Danny asked.

“You’ll know,” Mick said, licking Danny’s arm. “Mmm….” With that, he sank his teeth into Danny’s flesh, Danny groaning at the pain. It was sharp and quick, not at all like the time he was accidentally bitten by a neighbor’s dog.

Once the pain faded, he could only stare in fascination at Mick sucking on his arm, his blood dripping out of the corner of Mick’s mouth to fall on him chest. It was a mesmerizing sight, not at all repulsive as Danny would have imagined. And Mick was right about it inducing arousal. The more Mick drank, the harder Danny got. Mick’s mouth was wired to his erection. That could be the only possible explanation.

Danny was fascinated by the sight and by the reaction of his body. Finally he understood why vampires were the center of so many sexual fantasies. He was living one right in his own basement. It wasn’t going to be long until he proved just how much he was enjoying Mick feeding from him. His jeans were uncomfortably snug and he had to keep a strangle hold on the edge of the freezer to stop himself from freeing his erection and finding relief. But until Mick released his arm, jerking off wasn’t going to satisfy him. He wanted more…. some unknown to satisfy the hunger he couldn’t name. He wanted to climb into the freezer and….

“Danno,” Steve said, jerking his arm out of Mick’s mouth.

Danny whimpered at the loss, leaning toward the freezer, trying to reconnect. He could only stare down at Mick who was licking his lips, a look of satisfaction written all over his face. Danny wanted to taste his own blood inside Mick’s mouth. He wanted to know how he tasted. He wanted

“Come on. We need to get upstairs,” Steve said into his ear. His voice was low and seductive. It was enough to weaken the spell, Danny finally looking up at Steve instead of staring down at Mick.

“I want…” Danny said. They were the only words he had.

“I know. Come on,” Steve said, taking Danny’s hand and lowering the lid on the freezer, a gap remaining to provide air. Danny whined softly when he could no longer see Mick, responding to Steve when he turned Danny’s head so their eyes met. “Come up with me, Babe.”

Danny nodded slowly, following Steve up both sets of stairs. If anyone saw them, they didn’t speak, leaving them in their personal space.

Steve led Danny by the hand into their bedroom, making sure the door was locked once they were inside. It took only a minute for Steve to get Danny out of his clothes, going to his knees in front of him.

“Not like this,” Danny whispered, shaking his head. His fingers were buried in Steve’s hair, his mind insisting on considering how different it would feel if it was Mick’s longer hair instead.

“Just goin’ take the edge off,” Steve answered, his words tickling the hairs at the base of Danny’s erection.

“Uhmmm….” Danny moaned, thrusting his hips in need.

“I know,” Steve said, licking up the pre-come. “I know.” He barely took Danny in, licking at the tip before gently sucking. It was enough to keep Danny’s attention but not provide any satisfaction.

“Come on. Come on. I need you to fuck me. Come on,” Danny begged, grabbing Steve’s shoulder to try to pull him up off his knees.

Steve hummed around Danny before backing away, smiling up at Danny. “You still want him?”

“No no no….please. Get naked now,” Danny implored, sprawling out on the bed, his legs wide apart in invitation. He had to reach down to circle his yearning cock as Steve peeled off his clothes. He kept his strokes light, knowing any pressure would be too much. But even his own hand felt close to heaven. He was so stimulated he could barely see straight. “Please.”

“I got you,” Steve promised, laying full on top of him to ground him and provide a promise of what was to come. “I know what you need.” Steve covered Danny’s mouth, plunging in to taste all of the familiar flavors, so delicious and distinctively Danny. Danny moaned under him, wanting the kiss but yearning for more.

“Please,” Danny said when Steve had released his mouth to kiss down his body, his skin alive with need. Each touch sent an electrical charge directly to his cock. “I’m going to come even if you don’t fuck me.”

“No you aren’t,” Steve said around a taut nipple. He licked and bit and worried Danny’s nub until he was jerking from each brush of a breath.

“I hate you so much,” Danny whispered, his fingers scrabbling to get hold of Steve. He tried to shove him lower and pull him higher all at the same time. His brain felt scrambled, his thoughts a jumble of need and want and arousal and…. “Please.”

Steve laughed, a deep throaty sound as he moved down Danny’s body. He paused at Danny’s left arm, licking over the wounds Mick had left. Danny lurched at each swipe of Steve’s tongue. His cock grew impossibly harder, his entire body wound tight, a spring coiled beyond its breaking point.

“Steve….please…please….” Danny’s words were a muddle of begging and Steve and need – raw, open, lewd desire.

Steve finally took pity on him, reaching over for the lube and quickly coating his own cock that was nearly a match for Danny’s in rigid urgency.

“Turn over,” Steve ordered, rough and commanding.

Danny gladly did it, spreading his knees wide apart, inviting, begging, needing Steve to be inside his body. He strained to look back at Steve, shaking his head when Steve slicked two fingers. “No,” Danny said. “Just you.”

Steve silently agreed. They rarely did it rough with no prep. But there were times when they both needed the burn, the pain to feel just that much more connected.

Danny’s breathing was erratic, the words tumbling into his pillow random and filthy. He gasped in pleasurable pain as Steve entered him in one hard thrust. It was awful and wonderful and everything Danny needed. It turned him to jello, his face burrowed in his pillow as Steve rocked into him. Everything boiled down to Steve’s cock and what it was doing to Danny’s body. Nothing else mattered. Nothing else existed. The world disappeared. There was Steve and Danny and the love that arced between them.

The second Steve wrapped his hand around Danny it was all over. The spasms rocketed through him, his muscles tightening even more around Steve. The pleasure that had been held at bay for too long erupted, Danny shouting into the pillow. His entire body was a vessel overflowing with the orgasm that threatened to pull him under and drown him. He welcomed the darkness.

Maybe he passed out a little. Maybe time winked out for a spell. Whatever happened, he finally managed to open his eyes to see that the world still existed. Steve lay over him, his harsh breathing flowing past his ear. Steve’s weight was welcome, keeping him anchored to reality.

“Hey,” Steve whispered roughly. “You back?”

“I think,” Danny said with the little breath he had to spare. “You?”

“I’m good,” Steve assured him, kissing his cheek. If Danny’s face was suspiciously wet, neither of them were going to put it down to anything but sweat. “We need to catch some sleep while we can.”

“Not until we shower,” Danny said, squirming on the wet spot beneath him. “And change the sheets.”

“In a minute,” Steve said, taking a deep breath. “You still want him?”

“You did not just ask me that,” Danny huffed, shaking his head. “Jealous much?”

“Not at all,” Steve claimed. But Danny knew better. Because he knew Steve.

They finally managed to untangle their limbs, climbing gracelessly out of bed and stumbling over to the shower. Their cleaning was a semblance of scrubbing at best. With the electricity still skimming on the surface of their skin, the graze of soapy hands was nearly overwhelming.

After carefully drying off, they stripped and remade the bed, tumbling in to provide relief to shaky knees and wobbly legs. They barely hit the soft surface before they were sound asleep, the world fading out around them.

Lizet Elaine: Wee!simplyn2deep on December 28th, 2012 06:40 pm (UTC)
I cannot tell you how happy I am to see and read this update! I mean REALLY HAPPY! I discovered the fic when you were like 4 or 5 chapters in, but at the time I wasn't into McDanno and by the time got into McDanno you had already posted chapter 7 and I was able to read what was posted in 1 sitting.