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14 February 2013 @ 08:51 am
Comedy of Errors (part 2 of 2): Valentine's Holiday Happenings  
Title: Comedy of Errors
Written for: 1_million_words Holiday Happenings
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Steve/Danny, Chin, Kono
Summary: Steve and Danny have engaged in their mating dance long enough. Friends, acquaintances, strangers are fed up and are taking matters into their own hands, deciding their fate for them.
“In four days, Mission Put-Us-All-Out-of-Misery commences,” Chin informed Danny.
Things don’t go quite as planned but no one is really complaining. Except Danny but only as much as you would expect.
Words: 11,235 total, Part 2 of 2: 5000 words
Proofed by and blamed on kaige68
Warnings/Notes: Some silliness. Some porn. Some liberties taken with facts on our show. (Nothing of consequence, I promise.)

Danny stopped before leaving the alcove protecting the front door, frowning at the warm rain coming down. “Well.”

“Yeah,” Steve said. “At least the hotel’s only two blocks.”

“You go ahead. I need to get the bags from the truck,” Danny said, holding his hand out for the keys.

“I’ll come with,” Steve offered.

“Nah. No use both of us getting completely soaked. You go directly there. I won’t be 5 minutes behind.”

Steve looked down the street toward the hotel and then the other direction to the bright lot where the truck was safely parked. “Okay. I’ll meet you in the lobby.”

“Yep,” Danny agreed, turning toward the parking lot as Steve went in the opposite direction. As much as the rain annoyed him, at least it was a warm rain. Had they been in New Jersey, his hair would be frozen into the curls he could feel forming on the back of his head.

He got the two bags out of the truck and locked it back securely before turning toward the hotel. He was on the edge of their property when he found Steve sitting on a young man face down in the mud, yelling for Steve to get off.

“I leave you alone for five minutes, Steven. And you can’t avoid getting into trouble,” Danny said, shaking his head and making raindrops fly from the ends of his soaked hair.

“He pulled a gun on me, Danny. What do you think I should have done? Ignore him? Tell him to go find someone else to rob?”

“What kind of dumbass are you that tries to rob a Navy SEAL?” Danny asked down to the still squirming man as he pulled out his phone.

“How would I know he’s a SEAL? Get off me. I can’t breathe,” the man demanded.

“Not breathing is going to be the least of your problems if you don’t shut the hell up,” Steve said, pressing down on his back with even more of his weight.

“Try not to kill him, Steve. HPD will be here in three minutes. They can deal with this scum. Where is his gun?” Danny asked.

“In that bush,” Steve said, pointing to it over his shoulder.

“In the ‘ohi'a lehua bush. Covered with the one flower on this God forsaken island that will make me break out into a rash of epic proportions.”

“It’s not like I kicked it into the bush on purpose, Danno. He was threatening to shoot me. Your allergy to the official state flower did not enter into my thinking while defending myself,” Steve informed him.

“You’ll have to retrieve it when HPD gets here,” Danny told him. “Because I’m sure not going near it.”

“Fine. I’ll take care of it. You don’t need to worry about helping secure the arrest and conviction of this idiot.”

“Why don’t you two get a room?” the would-be robber demanded from beneath Steve.

“We were trying to,” Danny told him too loudly.

“Oh,” the man said, clamping his mouth shut. Luckily for him, a black and white arrived on the scene to cuff him and put him in the cruiser, safely away from Steve and Danny who were soaked to the skin and standing in shoes that squished unpleasantly every time they moved.

“I’ll give my full statement tomorrow,” Steve told the officer.

“Of course, Commander,” the officer said, watching as his partner retrieved the gun from the dripping wet bush covered with red flowers. “Are you harmed?”

“He’s not hurt,” Danny said.

“Thank you. Because I couldn’t possible answer for myself,” Steve said down to Danny.

“Do you need us right now?” Danny asked the officer, ignoring Steve who was looming over him.

“No sir,” the officer said, struggling not to laugh. “You can see Duke tomorrow to file the report.”

“We will,” Danny agreed, pulling Steve by the arm toward the hotel that was shining like a beacon of comfort and dryness as the rain ran in rivulets down his face and under his collar. He had left his jacket in the truck so his shirt was plastered to his body like a second skin.

“Would you please let go?” Steve said, making no effort to escape Danny’s grasp.

“No. I will not let go. If I let go, you will end up trying to prevent an alien invasion single-handed. We are checking into the hotel and sequestering ourselves the rest of the night. We will not be answering our phones unless my darling daughter calls which is unlikely as it is past her bedtime.”

“We have to answer if the Governor calls,” Steve told him.

“He won’t be calling,” Danny said. “Trust me on this one.”

“He won’t,” Steve repeated as they entered the bright lobby of the hotel. If the bellhops were barely disguising their smiles at the sight of the two men thoroughly soaked, they could hardly be faulted for their amusement.

“Detective, Commander,” the assistant manager said in greeting, smiling in welcome as though they were not creating a huge puddle directly in front of the reception desk. “What can I do for you?”

“We have a reservation,” Danny told him to his nods.

“Of course. I have your keys right here,” he informed them, handing them over with no fuss. “This particular suite comes with a complimentary spa treatment for two. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, I can schedule you a massage for a time most convenient to you.”

“Oh,” Danny said, looking up at Steve. “What do you think?”

“Maybe next time,” Steve said, bouncing on his toes.

“Next time for sure. Thank you,” Danny said, leading Steve over to the elevators. Out of the corner of his eye, Danny could see one of the hotel workers mopping up from where they had left evidence of their arrival.

The elevator swiftly and efficiently swept them up to one of the top floors of the tower, Danny leading the way to the room that had been reserved for them. He got the door open, appreciating the luxury of it and the gigantic bed that dominated the room.

“Finally,” Steve said, peeling off his drenched jacket. His shirt followed as Danny disappeared into the bathroom.

While he was there, he turned on the shower and left the toothbrushes he had packed on the vanity.

“Why aren’t we doing this at my house?” Steve asked as he leaned casually on the bathroom door frame wearing nothing but his tattoos.

“Too much chance of interruption,” Danny said, studying him with an appreciative smile. “And those in charge of us thought this would add a certain amount of romance.”

“I don’t need any more romance as long as I have you,” Steve assured him, capturing him by his wet shirt front. “I am going to kiss you now. Take a deep breath because it may be a while before you can breathe again.”

“Roger that,” Danny agreed, reaching up to thread his fingers through Steve’s wet curls, enjoying the freedom to touch as much as he wanted to. His right hand was running up and down Steve’s back, appreciating the flex of the hard muscles beneath cool skin. His mouth was taken over, Steve fully in charge of the kiss that consumed them both.

The kiss was hard and messy and sweet and perfect. Just the way he’d imagined when he’d allowed himself to think of the possibilities of kissing Steve. And being kissed by Steve.

“We’re wasting water,” Danny whispered as Steve kissed his neck beneath his wet collar.

“Then get undressed and join me,” Steve recommended, making himself back away from Danny.

“Two minutes,” Danny agreed. “Please try not to get into any trouble while I’m getting undressed.”

“I’d say it won’t be a problem but after tonight, I promise to be vigilant,” Steve said as Danny watched him climb into the tub, very much enjoying the view of his disappearing backside.

It didn’t take especially long for Danny to strip out of his drenched clothes, leaving them in an untidy pile on the bathroom floor. They would deal with them in the morning. Right now, he had much more important actions on his agenda.

He entered the shower, staring at Steve who was standing beneath the shower spray, just standing, watching Danny. The smile that overtook Steve’s face told Danny everything he needed to know about what Steve was thinking.

“You are such a goof,” Danny said, affection coating his words.

“Yeah?” Steve said, reaching out and carefully pulling Danny closer. He kissed Danny, kissed him kissed him as they said in Grace’s storybooks. And Danny enjoyed it in such a way as would never be described in those same stories. The proof of how much he liked being kissed was clear, as was Steve’s twin evidence.

“The things I want to do to you,” Danny said, running his hands down Steve’s chest and over the slight curve of his hips, his hand skimming ever closer to Steve’s erection. It wasn’t completely full but Danny could see the promise in the hardness that already awaited his attention.

“Do tell,” Steve said.

“I’d rather show than tell,” Danny said, reaching up for another kiss. “I need to wash my hair or unspeakable things will happen to it.”

Steve nodded, reaching over for the tiny bottle of shampoo and guiding Danny into the stream. Gently and thoroughly, Steve shampooed Danny’s hair, Danny closing his eyes to appreciate the feel of the Steve’s fingers as he worked the shampoo into the silky strands.

“Nice,” Danny murmured as Steve made sure all the shampoo was rinsed out.

“I’m glad,” Steve said. “You could do it for me in the morning but you can’t reach.”

“For someone about to get laid, you sure are being mean,” Danny said, no sting in his words.

“Because I know it doesn’t matter what I say to you,” Steve pointed out.

“True,” Danny had to agree.

Steve laughed, leaning down to kiss Danny’s relaxed face. “You ready to get out?”

“Yeah. As nice as this is, I have other plans for you, Sailor.”

“I like the sounds of that,” Steve said, turning off the shower and reaching out for two towels. “Are you going to have to do your hair? Should I find a movie to watch while I wait?”

“Just for that, I should make you wait,” Danny said, making his hair even more unruly with the towel. “But we’ve wasted enough time already. Come on.”

Steve happily followed him, helping him pull back the fluffy comforter on the bed and unloading the excessive amount of pillows that must multiply in the dark of night.

“Lay down,” Danny requested, rubbing up against his taller body, creating almost enough friction.

“You got it,” Steve agreed, gracefully laying in the center of the bed, his head cushioned by several pillows.

Danny smiled at him before momentarily disappearing into the bathroom, quickly returning with a fresh towel. He put it on the bed before retrieving the basket, carefully removing it from the soaked tote. “This is part of our Valentine’s Day present,” Danny explained when Steve looked at it inquiringly. “It’s from Hana Hou.”

“Yeah?” Steve asked, rolling on his side to look into it. “Looks like we’re ready,” he laughed.

“I think we are,” Danny said, showing him some of the more interesting parts of the gift. “We even have a reference manual.”

“Will we need it?” Steve asked, reaching over for the paperback.

“I read parts of it. They were pretty interesting. The precautions especially. But since we aren’t planning to do anything that would be considered unsafe, we’re in the clear.”

“Condoms,” Steve said. “I guess we do need these.”

“I’m 99% sure I’m clean but it’s been a while since I’ve been tested.”

“Me too,” Steve said. “We’ll use them to start. Until we know.”

“Yeah. I’m sure this lube is specifically for you,” Danny said taking out the Gun Oil.

“Without a doubt,” Steve agreed with a laugh. “Who knew such a thing existed?”

“I know, right? The Joy of Gay Sex has a list of internet resources. I went to a couple of them. They were…fascinating.”

“We’ll go to them later,” Steve said. “Who are these friends who made sure we are ready?”

“Everybody,” Danny said with an all encompassing circular motion of his hand. He collected most of the items and returned them to the basket, holding out the lube. Rolling over enough to put the basket on the floor, he smiled when Steve caressed his bottom. “Nice.”

“You have a world-class ass,” Steve told him. “I’ve always thought so. It just didn’t seem appropriate to admit it to you.”

“What other secrets are you hiding from me?” Danny asked as he sat up and gently pushed on Steve’s shoulder until he was laying flat on his back.

“Mmm…” Steve said, his right hand running down Danny’s chest, long fingers wrapping around Danny’s erection.

“Not yet,” Danny said, shaking his head. “I have plans for you.” With that, Danny leaned over Steve’s arm, licking the edge of his tattoo, the one that constantly peeked out from beneath Steve’s shirt sleeve, teasing Danny. “Mmm…” Danny sighed, licking over more of the inked skin.

“Are you planning to lick all of me?” Steve asked, a laugh in his voice.

“Maybe. You got a problem with that?” Danny asked, licking the center of the tattoo. The skin felt slightly different in ways he couldn’t name. He liked the sensation of running his tongue over the beautiful design as well as the fact that he finally had permission to do it. He also very much liked discovering the taste of Steve, all the cliché descriptions popping unbidden into his head – ocean, sun, strength. “Oh yeah,” Danny said, licking him one last time. He straightened just enough to lift Steve’s arm over his head, laying it on the pillow. “Stay,” Danny said.

“Mmm…” Steve sighed, no plans to move.

Danny licked his triceps, admiring the softer, whiter skin there. He licked the bulging muscles, nipping gently as he enjoyed the stronger scent that was all male. The shower had taken away the orders of the day, leaving only Steve behind. And it was intoxicating. He could not resist running his fingers gently over the patch of hair in Steve’s armpit, the fascination of it undeniable. “God you are gorgeous,” Danny said, leaning down to bite Steve’s nipple that was standing at hard attention.

“Yeah?” Steve asked, straining to watch Danny as he explored Steve’s chest, mapping it, learning it, licking, biting, teasing the skin until Steve was shifting in need.

“I’m sure you never noticed,” Danny said, licking down the center of Steve’s flat stomach to the thicker patch of hair, the one that sheltered the base of Steve’s hard erection. “What with having no mirrors and all,” Danny said, dipping into his navel then tonguing back down the magic trail. He shifted so he was between Steve’s thighs, Steve automatically spreading his legs further apart to accommodate him. “Never noticed how long your eyelashes are. Or how your jaw is carved from stone. Or that your eyes stupidly change color. What’s up with that?”

“I should have known you’d be a talker,” Steve said, burrowing his right hand into Danny’s damp hair. “God knows you never shut up.”

“Uhn,” Danny said, reverently touching the creases between stomach and leg. He decided he could wait to explore them with his tongue, crawling back up the length of Steve to lay over him. Their erections were trapped between their stomachs, the pressure wonderful and frustrating. “You think I have better things to do with my mouth than talk?”

“I sure hope so,” Steve said, raising his head to chase Danny’s lips. Danny stayed just out of reach until Steve groaned in need. Danny smiled before capturing Steve’s mouth with his own, kissing him like he meant it. “Good lord,” Steve breathed when Danny finally lifted his head.

“Yeah?” Danny said before kissing him again. As he was exploring Steve’s mouth with his tongue, he shimmed off to wrap warm fingers around Steve’s hot erection, stroking him and swallowing his moans of pleasure. He focused long enough to add lubricant to his palm, not wanting to risk chaffing Steve’s skin. They had lots of exploration left to do. Turning Steve’s most delicate skin pink would not fit into those plans.

“Just like that,” Steve panted, raising his hips to follow Danny’s hand as it reached the top. Danny swiped over the wet tip, Steve groaning in approval. “More. More of that,” Steve gasped, thrusting up into Danny’s fist. “Oh yeah.”

“Etiquette dictates that you reciprocate,” Danny said with a laugh in his voice.

“Etiquette,” Steve repeated in a whisper. “I’ll give you etiquette. After.”

“Hmmm….” Danny hummed, going up on his knees to watch his hand. He pumped Steve, enjoying the reactions he was eliciting from Steve’s body. He was squirming, panting, his feet in constant motion. Danny’s left hand barely grazed Steve’s skin, feeling his pulse quicken, his core temperature rise. The reactions he was witnessing were much like his own when he was on the receiving end. Witnessing them in someone else was more fascinating, more of a turn-on than he’d expected. He knew how much he liked it. He didn’t think he’d ever have a chance to watch someone else enjoy it as much.

“You’re thinking too loud,” Steve complained, reaching up for him. Danny laughed and allowed Steve to pull him down, kissing him incoherent. His brain had been a jumble since Steve appeared in the bathroom naked. With this kiss, it completely short-circuited, no two thoughts able to come together. And he was fine with it.

Feeling Steve on the verge of release, Danny increased the speed and firmness of his strokes, still kissing away what little breath Steve had remaining. Steve was moaning with each gasp of air, Danny encouraging him to fall over the edge.

When he did, when he came, it was spectacular. To see Steve undone, unglued was glorious. His body was quivering, his breathing stuttering, his arms and legs weightless and too heavy to lift off the bed. Steve had no strength remaining to complain when Danny wiped the come off his hand onto the hard plains of Steve’s stomach.

“Oh,” Steve finally said, slowly opening his eyes to stare up at Danny. His pupils were blown, his mouth slack as he gasped for air. “Dear God.”

“You’re welcome,” Danny laughed, kissing him gently. The soft press of lips was almost too much. Steve was already electrified. The kiss threatened to blow the rest of his fuses.

Steve pulled Danny down so he lay fully on top of him, wrapping long arms around him. “Nap. Then reciprocation,” Steve whispered into Danny’s hair.

“Lazy,” Danny laughed, shifting to prove that he remained aroused and in need. “If you’ll unwrap your octopus tentacles, I’ll take care of myself.”

Steve shook his head, kissing the words silent. “Shhh…savoring the afterglow. Nap now.”

Danny had to shake his head with a warm smile that Steve missed, fully relaxing on top of him. He could wait for release. Laying still was for the greater good.


“Jesus Joseph and Mary,” Danny said, sitting up at the shrill clanging vibrating the air around them.

“What the hell?” Steve said at the same time. He sat up too quickly, smashing his nose directly into the back of Danny’s head. “Ow. Dammit to hell.”

“What is going on?” Danny asked loud enough to be heard over the unholy racket.

“Fire alarm.” Steve finally managed to decipher it. “We need our clothes.”

“Good God,” Danny said, scrambling out of bed and reaching for the backpack with their dry clothes. The room was dark except for the fire signal that was casting a hellish red glow over the room. “Here,” Danny said, throwing Steve’s board shorts at him followed by a tee shirt. Danny pulled on his cut-offs and tee shirt as quickly as he could, grabbing a wad of Kleenexes out of the box to hand to Steve. Hopefully it would be enough to stop Steve’s nose from continuing to bleed.

“We need to go,” Steve said, holding the tissues to his nose.

“I’m coming,” Danny said, retrieving the room key before following Steve into the hallway that was in utter chaos. People were milling around in confusion, bunched up at the elevator, one man in plaid pajamas repeatedly punching the elevator call button.

“We can’t use the elevator,” Steve said loud enough and with enough authority to get everyone within ear shot to listen. “They are out of commission in a fire. We have to take the steps. They are around the next corner.” He discreetly threw away the bloody tissues, the blood no longer running over his upper lip.

“Who are you that we are going to follow your orders?” angry elevator-button-pushing man demanded, punching it a few more times for good measure.

“Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett. Head of the Hawaii Five-0 task force. This is Detective Danny Williams. Now please proceed orderly and calmly to the stairwells and start down them,” Steve directed, pointing toward the flashing exit sign further down the hallway.

“This way,” Danny said with as much authority as he could muster. Not up to Steve’s standards but enough that it got everyone moving in the right direction. “Stay calm. We’re all going to get down,” Danny said from the landing. There were a few people coming down from the floors above them but as they were only two floors below the penthouse, there wasn’t too much traffic.

“All right,” Steve said when he stood beside Danny holding open the door. “Calmly and orderly. Hold the hands of the children. Don’t run. The stairwells are insulated. In the unlikely event there is an actual fire, we are safe here.” Whether or not what Steve said was true, it was reassuring enough for those descending the steps to calm down. The trip grew slower as they went down each successive floor, more people entering the stairwell. Steve and Danny directed traffic, making sure families didn’t get separated and that all of the small children were secure with their parents.

“Only three more flights,” Danny assured them. The stairwell was wall-to-wall people but no one was panicking. They were talking quietly, watching out for each other, checking on the smallest children, strangers carrying crying babies, comforting sobbing children they had never before met.

Steve and Danny followed behind the crowd, remaining inside momentarily to ensure that there were no stragglers. Hearing no further footsteps, they left the stairwell to stand in the rain with the rest of the hotel patrons. Everyone was milling about, the group escorted by Steve and Danny the calmest of all the bunches.

“It’s going to be fine,” Steve said loudly, everyone turning to look over at him and Danny. “Make sure you know where your family members are. We need to cross over to the lawn. I know the rain makes it unpleasant but we can’t stay near the building. Quickly and carefully cross the drive and remain in the grass,” Steve directed, Danny helping him herd the two hundred or so people away from the building.

“Commander, Detective,” the hotel manager said when he walked up to them. “Thank goodness you got here so quickly.” That they were barefoot and in shorts seemed to escape his notice.

“Danny and I were staying here tonight,” Steve said, refusing to look embarrassed about it.

“I see,” the manager said. “Excellent choice. Except for this unfortunate incident.”

“Is there an actual fire?” one of the guests asked. She was standing just behind Steve and Danny and couldn’t help but overhear their conversation.

“There is,” the manager said. “In the kitchen. We believe it is a grease fire. The fire department will be here in one minute.”

“Why aren’t they here already?” Danny asked. “It took us 10 minutes to get down the stairwell.”

“We have had a series of false alarms. They don’t come automatically until they have verbal confirmation,” the manager admitted.

“That’s against every fire code in the universe,” Danny said.

“You don’t know every code, Danno,” Steve said.

“I know enough to know they should come immediately, every single time. Monday we are meeting with the Fire Chief.”

“All right,” Steve said, knowing it was simpler to agree. “Is everyone out?”

“We have 235 guests,” the manager said. “I counted 240 guests here on the lawn.”

Steve nodded, climbing up onto a bench surrounding several palm trees. “You all need to stand still while we count. We aren’t certain everyone is out.”

All those gathered stayed in place as Steve, Danny, and the manager counted heads.

“I get 236,” Danny said.

“Did you count us?” Steve asked.

“Did I count us? Are you kidding me with that?”

“I counted 237,” the manager said.

“I get 237,” Steve confirmed.

“That’s everyone then,” the manager said, turning toward the driveway when the three gigantic fire trucks arrived. He moved toward them, Steve and Danny following.

“How’s your nose?” Danny asked, looking up at Steve through the rain.

“Okay. Not bleeding any longer.”

“Thank goodness for that,” Danny said, watching the manager explain to the firemen where they needed to go. “Could this night get any weirder?”

“Don’t say that. Saying it will lead to an alien invasion for sure,” Steve said.

“You’re probably right,” Danny had to agree. “What time is it?”

“Mmm…2:34,” Steve said after checking his watch.

“You still owe me, you know.”

“Right. Etiquette,” Steve confirmed. “You want me to take care of you right here? Right now? Because it would give the guests a real story to tell when they get back home.”

“You really are an animal,” Danny complained, turning to talk to Lakeu, one of the EMTs who arrived just after the fire truck. “I think everyone is okay.”

“What’s with the blood on your nose, Steve?” she asked, shining a flashlight to see it better.

“Impact with a hard object. When the alarm went off,” Steve explained.

“Is it still bleeding?”

“Not any longer. It’s fine,” he assured her.

“Five-0 going real casual now?” she asked with a smirk, surveying their clothes down to their bare feet.

“Leave us alone,” Danny pleaded.

“Hey, hey Jersey. I contributed to your dinner,” Lakeu informed him with a laugh. “Thank God you two are finally coming to your senses.”

“Not like we had a lot of choice,” Danny told her, trying to sound angry.

“Pfft – you two are peanut butter and jelly. Why you didn’t realize it on your own is one of life’s great mysteries.”

“The other one is why you insist on talking about it,” Danny retorted.

“Because your face turns the most adorable shade of red,” she said far too happily.

“I hate you. I hate your husband. I hate your dog. I’m thinking of coming to your house later and kicking it,” Danny warned.

“Ehh,” she said with a shrug. “Whatever. Don’t forget I know where you currently live. And where you’ll soon be moving to if the betting pool is anywhere close to accurate.”

“Oh dear God,” Danny said, turning his back on her and her completely unsympathetic laughter.

“Don’t rile him,” Steve requested in a loud whisper. “I’ll have to deal with him if you do.”

“From what I hear, you’ll enjoy that,” Lakeu teased, laughing at Danny’s groans. “Good luck, McGarrett. You’re going to need it.”

Danny had to smile at Steve’s laugh. How could he not? The big goof.


Chin, Kono, Max, Kamekona, Charlie, and Duke were all standing by the computer table when Steve entered Five-0 headquarters Monday morning. They were staring at him, their expressions expectant.

“What?” Steve asked, trying for innocent. “What is this? A receiving line? You don’t have anything to do? Because I can find work for each and every one of you. Don’t think I can’t. This is a regular work day, one where you are expected to actually work, not gawk like spectators at a football game.”

“Well,” Max said, breaking the silence of the observers. “He is certainly talking like Detective Williams. I did warn you it would be an unfortunate after-effect.”

“How was your weekend, Boss?” Kono asked with a saucy wink.

“Get to work. All of you,” Steve said, waving at them.

“Did you start the fire in the Hilton?” Kamekona asked. “Too much friction?” His eyebrows were waggling in an almost disturbing manner.

“It was a grease fire,” Steve said. “We were never in the kitchen.”

“From what I hear, it’s the only place you didn’t go,” Chin informed him.

“I can have you all fired. All of you,” Steve tried.

“Not me,” Kamekona pointed out.

“I don’t technically work for you,” Charlie reminded him.

“Nor do I,” Max said.

“I don’t,” Duke chimed in.

“Get out,” Steve said, more a request now than an order.

“We are watching out for your health and happiness. And this is how you treat us?” Kono protested, an adorable pout adorning her face.

“You are not interested in either my health or happiness. You are all being inappropriately nosy,” Steve retorted.

“Who’s being nosy?” Danny asked as he entered the main office. He stopped when he saw all the eyes trained on him and Steve, smiling at them. “Ahh…the receiving line.”

“Did you have a good time?” “Was your weekend one you’ll always remember?” “Is Grace thrilled with the new development?” “When’s your next date?” “Was dinner really good?”

“Yes. Yes. Yes. None of your business. Yes. Now,” Danny said with a dismissive wave of his hand. “Go back to work.”

They nodded, dispersing just like that, leaving Steve to stare down at Danny in disbelief.

“What?” Danny asked, smiling up at him.

“How did you answer all those questions like that?”

“Survival technique of being a father. You’ll learn soon enough,” Danny promised. “How about a kiss before we get back to work?”

Steve snorted softly but leaned down, gently kissing Danny. That there was applause coming from all sections of the main office and adjoining corridors should have surprised them, but in truth, they knew it was going to happen. They could have done without the wolf-whistles but they were content to share their happiness. They had plenty to go around.
sexycazzy: Steve/Danno table levelssexycazzy on February 14th, 2013 04:07 pm (UTC)
Loved, loved!! *grin* :)

Are 6 dogs too many?: redhearttkeylasunset on February 15th, 2013 01:37 am (UTC)
thank you thank you!!!

so glad you enjoyed it!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
gyrigyri on February 15th, 2013 12:30 am (UTC)
Tee hee! This was great!
Are 6 dogs too many?: redhearttkeylasunset on February 15th, 2013 01:37 am (UTC)
Thank you BB!! So glad you enjoyed it!

Happy Valentine's Day!
NavyVet90: LMAO - Steve McGarrettnavyvet90 on February 16th, 2013 04:28 am (UTC)
Lots of humor, sexy time, and adorable boys - for the win!
a geek in such the wrong way: H50-goofy grinshaldoor on February 17th, 2013 12:49 am (UTC)
Well done, you! Very amusing, and exactly how a date with them would probably go - at least one arrest and a fire alarm every time!
landrewslandrews on February 17th, 2013 11:20 pm (UTC)
lolol- I LOVE your comfortable-after-he-gives-up Danny :-) And Steve! Bad Dog! I can't believe he left Danny hanging, lolol. The ending is awesomesauce :-)
bymagajonesbymagajones on February 19th, 2013 04:16 am (UTC)
This was a sweet, sweet story. I like how Steve still managed to arrest someone, and the fire led to some good-natured teasing. My favorite part:

“Why don’t you two get a room?” the would-be robber demanded from beneath Steve.

“We were trying to,” Danny told him too loudly.

“Oh,” the man said, clamping his mouth shut.

Too cute. What a wonderful Valentine's present to give to us!