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09 March 2013 @ 07:11 pm
10 Ficlets: Mix Tape Challenge  
Title: Mix Tape Challenge
Series: 1_million_words prompts
Rating: PG
Characters: Steve/Danny, Catherine
Summary: Written for “put your iTunes on shuffle and write” Challenge
Words: approximately 1600
Warnings/Notes: These are a little disjointed. And yes, I do keep some Christmas songs on my playlist all year. When is “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” not a great song?

1) I Will Always Love You, by Linda Ronstadt

Catherine knew in her heart it was the right decision. She loved Steve with everything she was. But his heart didn’t belong to her. It belonged to Danny. There was no blame to place. Life was like that. You fell in love. The other party didn’t reciprocate. Tears and sadness. But a certain amount of relief accompanied the realization.

She would forever cherish the time she had with Steve. No one could take those memories away from her. And she couldn’t ignore the irony that there had been a time when she thought no one would take Steve from her. Until a short, loud, blond, Jersey Detective had barreled into Steve’s life and took it over.

Catherine only wanted the best for both of them. They deserved it. But she knew she would always love Steve. That was undeniable.

2) I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas, by Bing Crosby

“’We could fly to Jersey for a few days then fly home.’ Isn’t that what you said, Danno?” Steve asked as he looked out over the snow covered world. The blizzard had surprised everyone, even the so-called experts. Now Steve and Danny were stuck in Jersey, their flight cancelled and no rescheduled flights yet available.

“I said I’m sorry,” Danny said in what he thought was a reasonable tone. “I am not a weatherman, Steven. Even they didn’t know this was gong to happen.”

“How do you propose we spend the time until we can get home?” Steve asked, crossing his arms over his chest as he frowned down at Danny.

“Naked,” Danny said, reaching for Steve’s fly. It didn’t take long for him to divest Steve of his clothes, pulling him into bed and under the fluffy comforter.

“This is an idea I can get behind,” Steve decided with a smile.

“Don’t get behind the idea. Get behind me,” Danny instructed, Steve happily obeying.

3) Vincent, by Josh Groban

The amount of stars visible on the beach never ceased to amaze Danny. They were incredibly beautiful. But not as beautiful as the sight of Steve crossing over to him. He’d only been back from an “it’s classified” location for less than one day. Danny thought he was going to crazy in the three months that Steve had been out of contact.

But he was finally finally home. Danny wanted to celebrate his return by painting his love, bright yellows, subtle grays, luminescent blue. For all the talents he did possess, using a paintbrush was not one of them. He could paint his joy on Steve’s body, a canvas of muscles and tattoos and long stretches on limbs that he had yearned to have bumping into his own.

“God you are beautiful,” Danny whispered reverently when he had Steve naked and laying on the blanket. His finger lightly traced a new scar that ran down his ribs, the ragged line telling of the difficulty in having it repaired. “I missed you more than I can say.”

“I think I have a pretty good idea,” Steve said, gazing up in love at Danny. “I resigned from the Navy. I don’t want to be sent away again.”

“Oh babe,” Danny said, a tear running down his cheek.

4) Rebel Yell, by Billy Idol

“What are you doing?” Steve laughed from where he sat on the end of the bed.

“Dancing. If you don’t recognize it, I feel sorry for you,” Danny said, gyrating his hips and moving his body in time with the music.

“More,” Steve requested, licking his suddenly parched lips.

“I don’t know if you deserve it,” Danny said. “Laughing like that.”

“You set me free,” Steve said. “More. More. More.”

“Uhn,” Danny grunted, collapsing face down on the bed. “It’s midnight. That’s it for me.”

Steve laughed again, covering Danny’s body with his own. “Fabulous dance though. Will I see it again?”

“Once my knee stops hurting, sure,” Danny agreed, turning over to wrap warm arms around Steve’s body.

“Deal,” Steve agreed, kissing him more breathless. “But next time, you need to include a rebel yell.”

“I have no idea what that means,” Danny said, reaching up for Steve’s mouth. “Less talk. More action.”

5) Tequila Sunrise, by The Eagles

“Hey, Steve,” Danny called as he entered the house. “Where are you? We’re already late.”

“Oh God,” came a voice from the couch. “Stop yelling.”

“What the hell?” Danny said, approaching the couch to look at Steve, laying face down, his arms over his head. “What is wrong with you?”

“It’s a tequila sunrise,” Steve admitted.

“I told you not to do this. I’m sorry Catherine shipped out but getting drunk off your ass is not the answer. And not with tequila. You always suffer afterwards.”

“I was numb for a while,” Steve said wearily. “Is the world still out there?”

“It looks just the same to those of us who are not looking at it through the wrong end of a tequila bottle.”

“Shoot me now,” Steve pleaded.

6) Come Monday, by Jimmy Buffet

“I’ll be home Monday,” Steve told Danny, a sigh of relief coming through the phone.

“Thank God,” Danny said. Steve had been called to Los Angeles to testify about an old mission that had gone FUBAR. Danny wanted to go with him but Steve insisted he stay in Hawaii.

“I know. I had no idea that four days could be so long,” Steve agreed.

“What are you wearing?” Danny asked, laying back in their bed, engaging in their favorite phone game.

“A tuxedo and hush puppies,” Steve claimed. “You?”

“Your board shorts and combat boots.”

“My boots would fall off your tiny little feet,” Steve reminded him.

“They aren’t so tiny I can’t kick your ass with them,” Danny said, sighing at the distance still separating them. “Hurry home.”

“I will,” Steve promised.

7) Pretty Maids All in a Row, by The Eagles.

“Look at all those pretty maids all in a row,” Danny said, nodding to the other side of the bar where the young, available girls were all clustered together.

“What do I care about them when I have you?” Steve whispered into his ear.

“That’s the best you can do?” Danny laughed up at him. “Your pick up line needs work.”

“It worked on you. That’s all I care about,” Steve assured him.

“Your heart still pines for Catherine,” Danny said, making Steve shake his head.

“My heart isn’t in the past. It’s here with you. Why are you being insecure?” Steve asked with a kiss.

“I’m not….It’s just that what we have is almost storybook perfect. What if I wake up and it was all a dream?”

“Not going to happen, Danno. You have my promise. I don’t want Catherine. I don’t want pretty maids all in a row. I want you. And I think I have you. Don’t I?” Steve asked, not sounding so certain with the question.

“Yes,” Danny said, nodding. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t doubt you. Or us.”

“No you shouldn’t,” Steve agreed, leaning down to kiss him in proof.

8) O Holy Night, by Josh Groban

Steve didn’t know what to do. Danny was still in surgery. The doctors refused to be optimistic. The bullet had damaged major organs and he had less than a 50/50 chance of surviving.

Steve had waited in the hard plastic chair as long as he could stand. He had to move, to dispel some of the energy that had built up. He looked up when he realized he’d come to the hospital chapel. The doors stood open, welcoming all who need refuge, peace, tranquility. There were a few discrete Christmas decorations, reminding Steve again that he could lose Danny on the most holy of all nights.

He sat in one of the pews, looking up at the statute of Mary holding the Christ Child, her expression of reverence and wonder one he had seen on Danny’s face when he looked at Grace.

“I know I’m not the most faithful of your flock. But please don’t take Danny from me,” he whispered to the Christ Child. “Not tonight. Not now. Not ever.”

9) So Far Away, by Carole King

Danny had been out of surgery, in a coma, for the past three days. Steve reached for his hand, careful of the wires and tubes.

“You’re so far away,” Steve whispered. “I know you are here but I miss you so much. Please Danny. Please open your eyes. I want to spend the rest of our lives close to you. Please stay with me. It would be so fine to see you open your eyes, telling me you are going to be okay. Danny, please come back to me.”

Steve’s head dropped on the bed, exhaustion taking its toll.

“Hey, hey,” Danny whispered, his hand twitching. “We still have dreams to come true.”

Steve smiled, big, goofy and oh so happy. “You came back to me.”

“I’m never going to leave you, babe,” Danny promised, his eyes telling Steve the truth.

10) When I’m Sixty Four, by The Beatles

“Yes, I’ll still love you when you’re 64,” Danny laughed softly.

“If I’ve been out until a quarter till three?”

“I’ll be with you,” Danny reminded him, shifting to ease the ache in his back. That’s what happened when you were confined to bed for three weeks. “I’ll be 64 as well, you know.”

“I’ll be handy, “Steve said. “I can change fuses. Tend a garden. I know which are weeds.”

“Of course you do,” Danny said. “I think I’ll be knitting a sweater. Apparently anything more strenuous is out of the question.”

“You’ll be back to normal soon enough,” Steve said. “You have to get back in shape for when you have grandchildren.”

“Don’t you say that word,” Danny scolded. “Or I won’t still feed you when you’re 64.”

“Yes you will,” Steve said, kissing his hand and holding tight to it.
Lizet Elaine: Hawaii Five 0::Danny & Steve::hugsimplyn2deep on March 10th, 2013 01:01 am (UTC)
these put a smile on my face indeed!

thanks for writing and sharing
bluedelft on March 10th, 2013 02:15 am (UTC)
The one with the snow I was LOL as I was reading it since that sounds like what just happened yesterday. We were suppose to get only a few inches of snow and ended up with a foot of snow. With the temps in the 40s today and the 50s tomorrow it's started to melt.

O Holy Night and So Far Away...tissues please!

I enjoyed all of them! Just what I needed after a long day of moving!
kaige68kaige68 on March 10th, 2013 03:13 pm (UTC)
You made me cry, I enjoy a good cry. :) (Sure there's PMS involved too, but it still pushed that button.)

Excellent work hon!!!