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09 April 2013 @ 09:22 pm
Fic: Never Judge a Horse by its Color 2/?  
Title: Never Judge a Horse by its Color 2/?
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Steve/Danny
Summary: This is an Hawaii Five-0 Old West AU, with horses and everything! In which Danny is a Detective and Steve is a fugitive from justice. (But not necessarily an outlaw, if you know what I mean.)
Words: this part ~4100
Warnings/Notes: I was going to participate in the Perverse Big Bang but I can only make it to mildly naughty. So I officially dropped out of that challenge and decided to begin posting the story now. You'll see how not perverse it is!

Also, feedback and comments are love!

“Hey,” Steve said the next morning. Danny slowly opened his eyes and rolled over to see him sitting up on his bedroll. The coffee pot was over the blazing fire, percolating in earnest.

“Oh damn. I overslept,” Danny said, sitting slowly. He was stiff from the ride but knew the kinks would be worked out soon enough.

“I tried waking you with the sunrise but you just snorted and turned over,” Steve informed him.

“How’d you make the coffee?” Danny asked, looking again at the pot.

“You left the saddlebag right there,” Steve said, pointing at it. “There was plenty of water and I got the fire started without any trouble.”

“Oh.” Danny looked at where he’d left the saddlebag between their bedrolls. He was usually much more vigilant. Fortunately there wasn’t anything in his bag that Steve could have used as a weapon against him while he slept. Although he supposed the fire itself could have been used to harm him if Steve were determined. And he kept the keys on a chain around his neck. Nearly impossible for anyone to take them without him knowing. “Thanks.”

Steve nodded, reaching over the fire with a thick stick to lift off the pot, carefully pouring two steaming cups. “Here. You look like you need it.”

“Not as young as I once was,” Danny agreed, taking the cup.

“Yeah, I know the feeling,” Steve said. “I already ate some jerky but there’s plenty left for you.”

Danny nodded, reaching into his saddlebag for it, chewing automatically. “We have to cross the Manolio River. From the sounds of it, the spring thaw has already started. I’m not going to chain you to your saddle or beneath your horse. If your horse loses his footing, you could drown.”

“Appreciate it,” Steve said with a nod. “Do you know how to swim?”

“Yeah. But swimming isn’t going to adequate if we get swept off. Let your horse do the work,” Danny cautioned.

“I’ve done this before,” Steve reminded him. “You be careful.”

Danny nodded at that, drinking more of the coffee. He definitely did not study Steve over the rim as he drank it. Once he’d finished his coffee and his jerky, he tramped out the fire and gathered their things. He secured them to the saddles, finally unchaining Steve from the tree.

“You know it makes me feel like a dog, right?” Steve asked with a laugh.

“I hardly care,” Danny replied, leading him over to his horse. “If you try to run, you won’t get far. I have the faster horse.”

“Understood,” Steve said, mounting his horse and settling in his saddle. Danny mounted his, guiding both horses toward the sounds of the rushing water. It took less than half an hour to reach it, the water nearly up to the banks as it hurried by.

“Well,” Danny said, studying the torrents of water.

“Is there another crossing?” Steve asked when his horse drew up beside Danny’s.

“Yeah but it’s 20 miles south of here. Kingsley’s due north,” Danny said.

“There’s a train station at Buffalo Springs. It’s south of here,” Steve suggested.

“Yeah,” Danny said, looking again at the river. “That’ll add an extra day. Do you think we can cross it?”

“Maybe,” Steve said. “I give us even odds.”

“Even odds of crossing or…?”

“Drowning within minutes,” Steve said.

“Yeah,” Danny said. “I’ve heard there’s a crossing north of here but I’ve never used it.”

“What if we can’t traverse it either?” Steve asked.

“No idea,” Danny admitted. “All right. We’ll go south. Better we get to the train a day later than drown today.”

“A day older is always preferable,” Steve agreed. “Do we have enough supplies?”

“I’ll have enough to eat,” Danny said as he turned the horses away from the roaring river, Steve’s horse having no choice but to follow.

“Nice,” Steve said with his characteristic laugh.

“The town of Seagonville is right by the crossing,” Danny said. “We’ll be able to sleep in real beds. Be good for the horses to have extra feed as well.”

“And real food for us,” Steve agreed.

“There is that. An extra day before you are hanged,” Danny said.

“Okay,” Steve said with a shrug. Danny glanced over at him, eyeing the chain that was strung between his ankles and lay over the saddle. By all rights, he should secure Steve to his horse but….

“Do I have your word that you won’t try to escape?” Danny asked when he finally looked in Steve’s eyes that were watching him in amusement.

“You have my solemn promise. As a gentleman and a sailor,” Steve said.

“All right,” Danny agreed, spurring the horses to a faster speed.

They reached Seagonville just as the sun was hitting the horizon. Danny followed the directions a local had given him to the stable. Once there, they dismounted, Danny took down their saddlebags, and requested that the horses be tended by the stablehand.

“I should take you to the local jail,” Danny said thoughtfully, weighing the two choices before him.

“Or you could feed me then find us real beds,” Steve suggested.

Danny turned to study him, knowing what he ought to do. What he wanted to do was more interesting but not as smart. “Your promise still holds?”

“That I won’t escape?” Steve asked to Danny’s nods. “Yes. I will remain your prisoner, to be treated like your dog when you deem it appropriate.”

“Or necessary,” Danny added, removing the chain binding his ankles and putting it across his saddle. That done, he pulled on the chain between McGarrett’s wrists to get him started. Steve walked next to him as they entered the town proper. Danny stopped another local to inquire as to where they might find food and accommodations for the night. The young man pointed them to the hotel, telling them the food was cheap and the beds not infested with lice. That was all they needed to hear, crossing the wayfare to go over to it.

Danny went up to the front desk, requesting a room for the night. The clerk looked over the top of his glasses at him before turning enough to stare at Steve.

“He some sort of criminal?” the clerk asked with a frown.

“Nah. Got behind on his alimony is all,” Danny lied smoothly.

“I see,” the clerk said, turning back to frown at Danny. “We got one room. One bed. Third floor.”

“That will be fine,” Danny agreed, giving him the money he said was the required rate for one night, supper included. “There a telegraph office here?”

“There is. I’ll be there 7:30 in the morning,” the clerk informed him.

“7:30,” Danny agreed with a nod.

“Supper’s served through there,” the man said, pointing across the parlor furnished with a settee and a table with several chairs. “We’re a respectable establishment. Keep that in mind.”

“We will,” Danny agreed, directing Steve across the parlor and into the dining room. All the conversation stopped as they entered, the dozen men all staring openly at them. Danny ignored them, leading Steve over to an empty table for two, sitting down and waiting as Steve folded himself onto the chair, their hats and saddlebags stored underneath. “They friends of yours?” Danny asked, looking around the room at the men still studying them.

“I was going to ask you the same. Maybe it’s because of my bracelets,” Steve suggested, rattling the chain binding his wrists.

“Could be,” Danny agreed, looking up at the man that stopped beside their table. He was wearing a white apron over his ample waist, an air of impatience about him.

“Gentleman. Tonight’s supper is rib eye and potatoes. Beer or wine. Coffee’s included.”

“Sounds perfect,” Danny agreed. “We’ll have beer.”

“Right,” the man said, turning to leave the way he had come.

“Maybe I don’t like beer,” Steve said, drinking from the mug of water at his place.

“You were in the Army. Of course you drink beer,” Danny said.

“Navy,” Steve corrected.

“Army, Navy. Don’t care,” Danny said, waving it off.

“You would if you were in one of them,” Steve told him, his eyes still sparkling with laughter.

“I feel certain you are correct. I am in neither. Ergo, I do not care.”

“Ergo? Really?” Steve laughed.

“It’s a perfectly good word I’ll have you know,” Danny retorted, accepting the bread basket with a nod. He extended it to Steve before he took two crusty rolls for himself. Danny looked again around the dining room, the other occupants dropping their eyes when he gazed at them.

“Do you suppose they think we’re from a different planet?” Steve asked, following Danny’s silent train of thought.

“There’s no life on other planets,” Danny said, eating more of his rolls.

“How do you know with any certainty?” Steve replied.

“Not like we can go to them.”

“One day we will,” Steve said. “It’s only a matter of time.”

“You’ve had a blow to the head. That much is clear,” Danny said.

“Okay, Danno,” Steve said, looking up at the waiter when he returned with their food, their plates piled high with delicious smelling offerings.

“Is there a particular reason everyone here is staring at us?” Danny asked the waiter.

“Never seen you here before,” the waiter said.

“We’re in a hotel. Aren’t they all strangers?” Danny asked, sweeping everyone in the room.

“We have regulars. You ain’t them,” the waiter explained.

“I see. Is this going to be a problem?” Danny asked cautiously.

“Not a bit. They’re curious is all,” the waiter assured them. “We got fresh rhubarb pie for dessert.”

“Thanks,” Danny said before he walked away.

“What’s with the expression?” Steve asked, studying Danny.

“I hate rhubarb,” Danny said.

“I love it,” Steve said.

“Fine. You can have mine.”

“Done,” Steve agreed with a smile that Danny did not find the least bit charming. Not at all.

After they had finished eating, including Steve’s three slices of pie, which Danny reluctantly paid for, they climbed the steps to the room Danny had been rented for the night. As the clerk told them, there was one bed, big enough for them both.

“I guess it’s the floor for me,” Steve said, gazing longingly at the bed with its comfortable looking covers and pillows.

“We can share,” Danny said, looking at the brass headboard. “But I am chaining you to the headboard.”

“Won’t be the first time I’ve slept like that,” Steve said with a laugh, sitting on the edge of the bed to test it out. It was firm but giving. No matter how the mattress felt, it would be preferable to the ground. Or the floor.

“You often find yourself chained to a headboard?” Danny asked as he took off most of his clothes. He left on his drawers, looking over at Steve who was staring at him. “What? Did you expect I’d sleep in my clothes?”

“No. I…” Steve shook his head, nothing further to say. His eyes gave him away but Danny chose to ignore his expression.

“Take off your clothes if you want. Or leave them on,” Danny said with a wave at his body before taking the shackles off his wrists. He threaded one end through the brass headboard, waiting as Steve shed his clothes down to his drawers. Once he was nearly naked, he extended his wrists, waiting as Danny put the shackles back on. “What do these mean?” Danny asked, touching the intricate designs that covered much of both of Steve’s biceps.

“They are tribal. I had them done when I was stationed on one of the Polynesian islands,” Steve said.

“Did it hurt?”

Steve raised one eyebrow at him, Danny nodding at the stupidity of his own question.

“This where Wo Fat shot you?” Danny asked, touching the ragged scar on Steve’s right shoulder. He tried very hard to ignore the hard muscles of Steve’s chest, the sprinkling of dark hair attractive in ways he had never before considered. He had to fight against touching the rest of Steve’s chest, focusing on Steve’s voice when he spoke.

“And here,” Steve said, lowering the edge of his drawers to show an equally uneven scar that bisected his navel. “I nearly bled to death from the bullet to the gut.”

“I can imagine,” Danny said, tracing the scar. He tried very hard to ignore the trail of dark hair that disappeared beneath Steve’s drawers. It took everything he had not to run his fingers down that trail to the treasures hidden under the thin layer of cotton.

He shook himself and rounded the bed on unsteady legs, slipping between the crisp sheets. “Are you sleeping?”

“I’m going to read for a spell,” Steve said, reaching into his saddlebag for the book Danny had loaned him. “You?”

“Reading. Won’t last long,” Danny predicted, taking out his own.

“Yeah,” Steve agreed, getting into bed and shifting so that he could comfortably hold the book. The chain was long enough to provide slack so he wasn’t contorted while he read.

Danny tried to concentrate on the words on the page rather than warm body next to him. But he was not successful. All he could think about was Steve – Steve’s chest, Steve’s tattoos, Steve’s eyes. All this Steve was going straight to his cock, hardening it in ways he found unfortunate and inconvenient. He had never before had lascivious thoughts about another man. Women, sure. Almost all the time. He knew few men who didn’t. But never anyone of his one sex. What was it about this man, his prisoner, that made him unable to think of anything else? It was beyond ridiculous.

Danny glanced over at Steve who seemed absorbed in the words on the pages, his body relaxed beneath the covers. Well, there was nothing to be done, Danny finally admitted to himself. He put down his book and lowered the lamp on his side of the bed.

“Good night, Danno,” Steve said when Danny had turned his back to him.

“’Night,” Danny returned, closing his eyes and concentrating on willing away his arousal. What the ever-loving hell?


It was still dark out when Danny woke. He hadn’t thought he’d be able to sleep but clearly he had. What had woken him? He was accustom to sleeping in unfamiliar places with new sounds coming in through the windows.

He lay still on his back as he considered his surroundings. Well. That was new, he realized when he looked down to find Steve’s arm draped across him. Danny stared up through the gloom at the ceiling and tried to decide what to do. He could move Steve’s arm but the truth was he didn’t want to. He could try to go back to sleep but the contact was renewing the erection that had finally eased while he slept.

Steve shifted and rolled closer, his arousal evident to Danny when he bumped into Danny’s hip. “Oh. Hey,” Steve whispered into Danny’s ear. Danny could hear the smile in his voice.

“Hey,” Danny returned, looking over at him. “Comfy?”

“More than I have been in a really long time,” Steve said, not removing his arm. “You?”

“This is an entirely new experience,” Danny admitted.

“Are you going to protest?” Steve asked. At that, his hand began to wander lower, caressing the skin and hair before slipping beneath the top of Danny’s drawers. But the chain prevented him from venturing any further down.

“Does it seem to you that I’m protesting?” Danny asked, reaching over and touching Steve’s chest. “This is such a bad idea.”

“Yeah, probably. I’ve had plenty of them before,” Steve said, scooting closer to rub his chest against Danny’s arm. That gave him enough slack to continue his exploration inside Danny’s drawers. Steve noted that Danny did nothing to slow or stop him from getting closer to Danny’s hardening cock. “If you don’t want this, you need to tell me now. I want it but I don’t go where I’m not welcome.”

“You are wanted. Welcome,” Danny said breathlessly. “I’ve never….”

“I have. You don’t need to worry. You are going to enjoy it more than you would have ever believed possible.”

“This isn’t some trick to escape, is it?”

“Danno,” Steve laughed. “If I was planning to escape, I’d have been long gone. You wouldn’t have gotten me away from the whore in the saloon.”

“Really?” Danny asked with a frown. “I had a gun trained on you.”

“And if I had threatened her? Would you have shot her to get to me?” Steve asked.

“No,” Danny admitted. “Why’d you give up?”

“Mostly I’m tired of running. And then I saw you. I knew I wanted to surrender to you.”

“You are a liar,” Danny huffed.

“No. None of it is lies. I have my faults but lying isn’t one of them. Neither is killing my best friend,” Steve told him.

“He was more than your friend, wasn’t he?” Danny asked quietly.

“Yes. But I’d rather tell you all about that in the morning. Kind of breaking the mood here,” Steve said, reaching down to gently grasp Danny’s firm erection, smiling at Danny’s gasp. “I’ve just gotten started.”

“I should tell you no,” Danny said, shaking his head.

“But you won’t.”

“Shut up and kiss me,” Danny ordered, his hand at the back of Steve’s head, his fingers buried in the dark curls as Steve covered his mouth. “Oh God. I knew you’d be a good kisser.”

“Yeah?” Steve said, kissing him again, tongues meeting and getting to know one another.

“Laughers always are,” Danny said, looking up at him, his eyes slightly crossed. “What… are you… No, never mind.”

“What do you want, Danno? I’ll give you whatever you want. And only that,” Steve promised, kissing him again.

“I want everything. But I never have before,” Danny admitted.

“Should I apologize for that?” Steve asked, kissing his cheeks and his nose before covering his mouth once more.

“You know better. Anyone finds out and I’ll be fired. For so many reasons.”

“I’m not planning to tell anybody,” Steve said. “And I know you aren’t. Once I’m found not guilty, I’ll come find you. Wherever you are.”

“Will you?” Danny asked, looking up at him to see if he could see the truth.

“Or you can come to me. My father has a ranch in the Wyoming territory. I figure I’ll take it over once the trial’s done.”

“A ranch, huh?” Danny said. “Any nosy neighbors to wonder why two bachelors are living there by themselves?”

“No one will mess with us,” Steve promised. “Not much detective work that far out of civilization.”

“Are you going to support me?” Danny asked. “Wait. What am I even saying? You are a criminal. You are destined for a hangman’s noose.”

Steve shook his head, kissing him again. “Not guilty. Not a criminal."

“With God as my witness, I want to believe you,” Danny said, his breathing too fast, his face too red.

“Then believe me,” Steve suggested. He gracefully got to his knees, his long legs on either side of Danny’s stomach. “It’s not that hard, really.”

Danny shook his head, his hands grasping the edge of Steve’s drawers to ease them down. “I’ve spent the last 7 months chasing you. If you aren’t guilty, it’s all for naught.”

“No, it’s all for this,” Steve corrected, leaning down to kiss Danny breathless.

“Oh. Right,” Danny agreed, pulling Steve’s drawers down over his burgeoning erection. It was as beautiful a sight as he had ever seen.

“Mustache wax. My saddlebag,” Steve said, tilting his head toward the side of the bed where he’d been sleeping.

“What are we going to do with it?” Danny asked with a tiny frown.

“Get it and I’ll show you,” Steve instructed, lifting up enough to let Danny scoot over for it. Danny reached over the edge and fished out the small tub. “Good. Scoop some out and warm in on your palms.”

Danny did it, feeling it get more viscous the warmer it got. He was getting a really good idea what it was going to be used for.

“It soft?” Steve asked, Danny nodding. “Take off your drawers and spread it on you.” Steve was still far enough above Danny that he was able to shimmy out of his own drawers. “I guess you should have done that first,” Steve laughed softly. He moved toward the bottom of the bed to watch Danny coat his hard erection with the softened wax.

“Do you need it inside you?” Danny asked, concentrating on not coming from the touch of his own hands.

“Do you mind putting it up me?” Steve asked, licking his lips as he watched Danny touch himself.

“I’m about to be up you anyway. My fingers or my cock. Does it make a difference?” Danny pointed out.

“Hmm…” Steve agreed. He took firm hold of the headboard, moving back up so Danny could reach him. Very gently, Danny entered Steve’s body with two fingers, Steve gasping.

“I’m sorry,” Danny said, holding still.

“You aren’t hurting me, Danno,” Steve said. “Just the opposite.”

Danny nodded, pushing his fingers in deeper. “God that feels good.”

“Wait until it’s your dick there,” Steve said, looking down at him in promise. “You ready?”

“More ready than I ever thought I’d be,” Danny said. “What do I need to do?”

“Mostly lay there. You’ll have to guide your cock. I’ll do the work. You make sure it doesn’t shift away from me,” Steve instructed. Danny grasped his cock half way down, holding it steady as Steve descended over him. Danny moaned at the sensation of being engulfed by Steve’s hot, tight opening, the feeling unlike anything he’d ever experienced.

“Am I hurting you?” Danny managed to ask.

“No no. Let go,” Steve said, lowering himself the rest of the way when Danny had removed his hand. “You okay?”

“I’m great,” Danny said, reaching for Steve’s cock and caressing it. “Better than great.”

“Yeah?” Steve asked, looking down at him.

“Oh yeah. Are you planning to move at all? Or just squat there?” Danny asked.

“I knew you’d be a pushy bottom,” Steve said before raising himself over Danny, the slick-slide, as always, phenomenal.

“You knew no such thing,” Danny said, his voice strained. He tried to lay still under Steve but what Steve was doing to him made stillness impossible. He thrust his hips up when Steve rose up, thrusting again when Steve descended to rest over his groan. “Move,” Danny bit out through clinched teeth.

“Pushy,” Steve said, giving Danny the movement he wanted. That Danny was stroking his erection in time with his gyrations also motivated Steve to reward Danny.

“I’m going to…oh…I…it’s….uhnnnn…,” Danny mumbled, his mouth unable to work correctly. He could feel Steve tighten around him right before Steve came all over Danny’s stomach. Danny’s release was only moments behind, Steve moaning at the twin feelings.

“Oh,” Steve said, collapsing on top of Danny.

“Oh is right,” Danny whispered into Steve’s hair. “I had no idea.”

“Wait until I fuck you,” Steve said, his words tickling Danny’s chest.

“Hmm…” Danny acknowledged, trying to slow his heart rate and breathing. When he felt more himself, he shifted beneath Steve. “Roll off me so I can get a towel. You made a mess.”

“I certainly did,” Steve agreed, moving aside to watch Danny. He left the bed, not the least self-conscious that he was as naked as the day he was born. Steve very much appreciated the view. He smiled when Danny dampened one of the towels and blotted at his chest. “All that hair gets in the way.”

“Can’t help it,” Danny said with a shrug, approaching the bed. “Spread your legs.” Steve did it, watching over his shoulder as Danny tidied his ass.

“Thanks,” Steve said, burrowing his head into Danny’s pillow.

“Are you going to be sore when we ride tomorrow?” Danny asked, climbing back into the bed to lay pressed up against the larger body.

“Nah. Won’t be the first time,” Steve assured him, wiggling so more of his body was in contact with Danny’s.

“Stop trying to crawl inside my skin and go to sleep,” Danny said.

“You always grouchy after sex?” Steve asked with a laugh, kissing him before he could reply.

“Maybe. You got a problem with it?” Danny asked, initiating the next kiss and taking away Steve’s breath.

“Nope,” Steve assured him, laying his head on Danny’s shoulder, his breathing making the plentiful hair on Danny’s chest dance. But he couldn’t mind.

ThatWasJustaDream: SDwhitearmsfoldthtwzjustadream on April 10th, 2013 02:52 am (UTC)
Oh my. :). I'm really enjoying this even though I'm not usually much into western themes. There are a couple of spots where I'd change the phrasing to avoid modern phrases - if you want suggestions, let me know and I'll email them. It's fun, this story, and I like the whole Butch and Sundance feel of it a lot. Looking forward to the next chapter.
Are 6 dogs too many?: eyelash porntkeylasunset on April 11th, 2013 12:51 am (UTC)
Thank you for the lovely comment!

I was afraid anachronisms would sneak in. I tried to be vigilant against them. If you'd send them to me, I'll make sure I don't repeat those mistakes. And maybe you'd be willing to proofread the next chapter? You know, once I have it written.

My email is tkeylasunset at yahoo dot com.

Thanks again!
ThatWasJustaDream: SDgalad2orangethtwzjustadream on April 11th, 2013 03:20 am (UTC)
Sure! I'd be glad to - and then I get to read it first. :). Will email you.
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Are 6 dogs too many?: quacktkeylasunset on April 11th, 2013 12:51 am (UTC)

McDanno Isa O'caanmcdanno_isa on April 13th, 2013 05:34 am (UTC)
Are 6 dogs too many?: Book Me Dannotkeylasunset on April 14th, 2013 03:00 pm (UTC)
Amazing isn't it!!! Great minds think alike!!

Thanks for pointing it out to me!!!