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02 January 2014 @ 04:50 pm
Fic: BPBB Tidbits and Breadcrumbs: Daddy's Home!  
Title: BPBB Tidbits and Breadcrumbs: Daddy's Home!
Fandom: H50
Rating: G
Characters: Steve/Danny and their kids
Words: ~1800
Summary: Written from this picture prompt at 1_million_words. Schmoop and not much else.

Can be read on AO3 or below the cut.

When Steve finally got home, he felt dead on his feet. He and Chin and Kono had chased one set of suspects across the park and down the beach, and a second set through the rain forest. With it being the hottest day of the year so far, along with the 1000% humidity, simply moving was a monumental effort. They thought it was in the best interest of their perps to stop and surrender, saving a lot of time, aggravation, and most of all, energy.

He opened the front door to be greeted by squeals of “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.” John ran toward him as fast as his almost three-year-old legs could carry him. Steve knew from experience that John wouldn’t care that he was hot, sweaty, and irritable. Holding the toddler in his arms made all the day’s cares melt away. He swept John up, John circling his neck in a tight hug.

“Hey sweet boy. I’m very happy to see you,” Steve said, kissing John’s head as John entwined his little hand in the front of Steve’s sweaty tee shirt.

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,” John chanted, happy to have his other father home.

“Hi honey. I’m home,” Steve called as he carried a babbling John into the kitchen.

“So I heard,” Danny agreed. He had Emma on one hip as he stirred something delicious smelling on the stove. “You smell worse than Em when she needs changing. Go take a shower,” Danny instructed, leaning closer to give Steve a kiss.

“Uhu, uhu.” Emma was reaching for Steve, leaning precariously over Danny’s supporting arm.

“Hi Baby Girl,” Steve said, easily accepting her to hold both children. “I missed you too.”

“Now they stink like you,” Danny said, shaking his head at the picture of his Navy SEAL husband reduced to being a human jungle gym for his two small children. John was hanging onto his back as Emma clung to his front as though she had no intentions of ever letting go.

“What are you making? It smells amazing,” Steve said, sniffing the air.

“We had pasta primavera about an hour ago,” Danny told him. “I’m keeping yours warm. Go shower so you can eat.”

“I don’t think I can shower without two monkeys coming with me,” Steve said, smiling at the kids.

“Go for a quick swim then. You can take your water babies with you,” Danny said.

Steve agreed, going into the backyard, the kids still clinging to him. Danny sat in one of the Adirondack chairs, accepting Emma while Steve stripped down to his boxers. John was all wiggly excitement as Steve pulled his shirt over his head. Danny removed Emma’s diaper so it didn’t drag her to the bottom of the ocean.

“Now you’re ready,” Danny said, handing Steve a naked Emma. Steve scooped up John, running into the ocean, the kids squealing in delight.

This might be the very best part of Danny’s day – having the opportunity to watch three of the people he loved most in the world frolic in the ocean. And who knew his Super SEAL would have ever learned to frolic, much less expect him to be doing so with his two small children.

“Watch out for Emma,” Danny called as he often did. He knew she was already basically drown proof but if Steve wasn’t careful to keep an eye on her, she could find herself in trouble.

“I’ve got her,” Steve said, floating on his back and making a perfect raft for both of them. John was sitting on Steve’s stomach, Emma laying flat on his chest.

Danny had to admire the strength of Steve’s abdominal muscles to be able to support them like that. But admiring Steve’s abs was a foregone conclusion – Danny could stare at them any time, anywhere, for any length of time.

“It’s getting dark, mermaids. Come in so Daddy can eat,” Danny said when he returned from the house with two towels.

Steve waded to shore, carrying Emma and holding John’s hand. “Thank you,” Steve said when he accepted the towel from Danny. He used it to dry Emma before wrapping it around his waist. “You can take off your shorts, Bud. There are dry ones in the laundry room.”

“’Kay,” John agreed, struggling to push down his wet shorts that wanted to cling to him. Danny helped him out of them, drying him as much as he could while John was doing his impatient dance.

“I thought we agreed not to encourage public nudity,” Danny said as he watched John run naked up the house. The sight of him made them both smile despite Danny’s warning.

“Our backyard isn’t public,” Steve pointed out, carrying Emma inside, Danny having his own conversation with her. “You find your shorts, Bud?” Steve asked once they were back inside.

“Uh huh,” John agreed, leaving the laundry room in a pair of his shorts which he’d managed to put on backwards.

“Oh dear,” Danny said. “Your shorts are going the opposite direction of your body.”

“What?” John said, looking down at himself. “What?”

“You have your shorts on backwards, Bud,” Danny said, reaching out to pull him closer. He helped him step out of the blue shorts, turning them around, and helping him pull them back on. “That’s better.”

“Better,” John said because his father had. “Daddy.”

“I’m in here, Bud,” Steve assured him from the living room. “Emma needs a fresh diaper. And would you bring me one of my tee shirts from the laundry room?”

Danny got one for John who carried it to the living room, giving it to Steve who shrugged it on while managing to prevent Emma from rolling off the couch.

“I’m hungry,” John announced to Steve with great seriousness.

Steve was trying to fasten the diaper on Emma’s wiggly body, a little afraid she would squirm herself right off the couch despite his efforts to be a human guardrail. “Danno said you just ate,” Steve said, finally able to stand Emma up with her diaper securely in place.

John shrugged at that, taking Steve’s free hand to tug him into the kitchen. “We’re hungry.”

“We are?” Danny asked, looking down at his son with a smile. “Then we better have some more pasta.”

“Pasta,” John cheered, climbing onto his chair with his booster seat in place. “Yay pasta.”

“Ppppppp….” Emma said. She was sitting on Steve’s lap, and he knew there was no way she was going to sit in her highchair. Not yet at any rate.

“Are you hungry, baby girl?” Steve asked, kissing her head.

“Pppppp….” Emma repeated.

“All right. We can share,” Steve said, accepting a huge serving from Danny with one large spoon and one Emma sized. John had a smaller serving in the same size bowl which to his mind meant he had the same amount of pasta as his father. And that’s all that mattered to him. “Delicious,” Steve said when he managed to get a spoon to his mouth. Emma tried to intercept it but Steve gave her a tiny portion on her spoon.

John was eating his like it was his only meal of the year. Danny and Steve exchanged a smile at the sight of him practically shoveling it in, barely breathing.

“Slow down there, Bud,” Danny said, using a wet cloth to wipe some of the excess sauce from John’s face. “Nobody’s going to take it from you.”

“Hungry,” John said, eating more after swatting away the washcloth.

“I can see that,” Danny laughed. “We have cannolis for dessert. I bought them when I went grocery shopping.”

“Sounds good,” Steve said, trying not to shovel in his pasta like John was doing. But it was so good and he was so hungry, he’d have put his head in the bowl if he didn’t think Danny would beat him a wooden spoon. “Is there any garlic bread, by any chance?”

“There was. John ate what I didn’t,” Danny said. “I made an entire loaf. I thought there’d be plenty left for you. John had other ideas.”

“Goodness,” Steve said, watching John finally slow down. “You were hungry.”

John nodded at that, licking his spoon before looking into his empty bowl.

“Do you want a little more?” Danny asked him, trying once more to clean his face.

“Nope,” John decided, reaching for his juice. He used both hands to drink from his handled cup, a little of it landing on his bare chest. “Oops.”

“Oops,” Danny agreed, wiping up the juice. “Do you want a cannoli?”

“Nope,” John said. “Down please.”

“All right,” Danny said, lifting him off his chair. Getting up wasn’t a problem for John. Getting down by himself continued to be a risky proposition. “Where are you going?”

“Blankie,” John announced, going into the living to very soon return with the blue and green plaid flannel boxers he’d adopted as his security blanket. He had them on his head, making his fathers laugh at him.

“It’s not a hat, silly,” Steve said.

“Hat,” John confirmed, modeling it for them.

“All right,” Steve had to agree. He could not stop a yawn now that he was sitting still and had a belly full of pasta.

“Do you need fresh shorts?” Danny asked Steve.

“No,” Steve decided. “These are dry already.”

“All right,” Danny said. “Go in the living room, Babe. I’ll be there as soon as I tidy up.”

“I’m sorry,” Steve said, standing with Emma in his arms.

“No need. I wasn’t out chasing bad guys in the hot sun. I was inside chasing small maniacs in air conditioned comfort,” Danny laughed.

“What’s manyak?” John asked as he went with Steve and Emma to the living.

“Mmm… children who are out of control most of the time,” Steve decided, sitting on the floor so Emma would have easy access to her toys that were scattered around them.

“’Kay,” John said, already tired of the subject.

It was only a few minutes later that Danny was able to join the rest of the family in the living room. Steve was laying flat on his back, his feet planted on the floor. John was using his upraised knees as the top of his personal slide, scooting down Steve’s shins to land on the tops of his feet before doing it all over again. Emma was by Steve’s head, apparently trying to eat his face, mouth gumming his forehead, his chin and his cheeks. Danny wondered how he could take that much slobber until he looked closer. Steve was sound asleep. The children using him as a play toy did nothing to disturb his slumber. In fact, if Danny had to guess, he’d say being a slide and teething ring made him sleep that much better. The love of their children served as both bed and blanket.