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02 May 2015 @ 09:21 pm
Hello all!  

1-I turned in my final school project last night. It was a computer program that didn't run but - ehhhh whatever. At this point I don't really care. I will still pass the class. Right now, it looks like I'll end up with 3 A's and possibly a B (or C) from the non-working computer class.

2-I'm graduating Thursday! Although I don't generally mix real life with fan life, I'm thinking of posting pictures of me in my (not at all) stunning bright green graduation gown. Yep - bright green. I guess because we're a community college? IDEK.

3-I may be unemployed. This isn't great news. I had thought I'd have my job in the tutoring center 25 hours a week in the fall semester. But the school is "restructuring" again and they may not hire as many tutors. They are changing the name of the tutoring center to Center for Academic Engagement. Really??? Just freakin' call it the tutoring center. If I do have a job in the Center for Academic Engagement, what would that make me? An Engagement Guide? An Academic Engager?

4-I need to look for a part time job because see #3. And even though I am graduating from college for the second time, my job prospects are nil. To get a job in gaming, you have to have a four year degree in computer programming. OMG. The idea of getting a four year degree in something I can barely understand is completely unrealistic. My plan was to make my own (very simple) games, as well as make and sell my crafts (see my Etsy store) while working part-time in order to buy dog food and people food. All that is up in the air now.

5- I am in Richmond with both my sisters, having a sister weekend. We had intended to go see Avengers tonight but I flaked out on them. My one sister (with whom I do not live) watched the first Avengers at our house but didn't understand it. Which I can understand if you don't know their back stories. Last night when we were talking about going to the movie, she kept asking us if the Avengers was the one with the Tree Guy. No - Groot is in Guardians of the Galaxy. "So that's not the movie where they were all looking for the thing that could destroy the universe." Well. Avengers and Guardians were about a search for the thing that could destroy the galaxy but... yeah, never mind. The Tree Guy isn't in Avengers, although he may one day be.

6-I watched Friday night's H50 just now. Loved the parts with Kono. I felt so bad for her and so proud of her at the same time. HATED the parts with no Danny. Fish or cut bait already. So tired of Danny's cameos. It's stupid and unfair to the viewers. Commit or don't. Just decide - for the love of God.

7-My BFF randomly texted me last week and asked if I was a Harry Potter fan. I said sort-of. She said she had a wild hair to go to Universal to Harry Potter World. I told her I would totally go. So we are!! The end of June, we're going to Universal and taking over the park for two days. They better get ready because they won't know what hit them! I feel like I should re-read the Potter books I read when they first came out. And read the ones I never finished. Otherwise I'll feel like a poser at Universal. But I'm very excited about our trip. I haven't physically seen her in a couple of years.

8-I think that's enough rambling for one post. I am going to finish some of the half finished stories lingering on my computer. Because I haven't written in MONTHS!!! (Just a hint - don't take two graphic arts classes plus two on-line computer classes if you want to retain your sanity. I learned this too late!)

9-Love you all!!!
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Chris: elmosharpiesgal on May 3rd, 2015 12:50 pm (UTC)

Congrats on graduating!

Good luck with the job hunt.

Have a blast on your Harry Potter vacation.
Stevia Flunt: Cinco del Gatoasphaltcowgrrl on May 4th, 2015 06:43 pm (UTC)
Congrats on finishing school and graduating! You are awesome! I never graduated the first time, let alone twice. :D

I'm sorry about the possible job situation, but I'm holding a handful of positive thoughts for you.

Your sister's confusion over the Avengers is hysterical, although I do feel her pain (not with that movie, but with other things my husband watches). Poor thing. :D

OMG - I'm so jealous. But have fun! And I can guarantee you'll be less of a poser than 75% of the people there. My sister's been twice and hasn't ever cracked a HP book OR movie. *sigh*

Happy writing!!
kaige68: hipskaige68 on May 5th, 2015 02:29 pm (UTC)


Now, go see ultron!