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16 June 2015 @ 06:46 pm
I have my computer back - Finally!!!!  
In celebration of finally having my computer repaired and returned, I can finally do the "page seven (or seventy-seven) of your WIP and select seven lines to post" meme. I tried to find 7 WIPs but I don't have that many that are seven or more pages long. Huh?

The Art of Healing - H50

“He has closed down,” she said. “Not mentally. He retains his mental acuity. However, he barely speaks and has made no connections since his return.”

Danny could understand that. Losing his entire team meant he was having trouble forming new bonds. It was a situation Danny could relate to, although his loses were not from a war. “Is he here?”

“Not yet,” Dr. Kelly said, checking her watch. “He’s due to arrive from Walter Reid at 1330.”

“If he’s been successful at Reid, why is he coming to Pearl?”

“He’s from Hawaii,” Dr. Kelly said. “He’s kama’aina.”

No name yet - H50/Star Trek Fusion-thing sort of

“There are 32 minor children. Of those, 13 are reported as orphans. There are families who will take them in.”

“Very good,” McGarrett said in approval. “This was fast work on your part.”

“The Suphregan provided us with most of the information, sir. He’s very knowledgeable about his flock.”

“As I have heard of those in his position,” McGarrett agreed. “I need to discuss logistics with him.”

“He said he would meet with you at your convenience,” Kalakaua said with a glance over at the table where the holy man sat. He was surrounded by the survivors, offering a reassuring presence to them.

“I think sooner than later,” the Captain said.

“I’ll ask him to come join you, sir,” Kalakaua said.

“No, not yet. Let his people find their resting places. He’s going to need to be there for them. I’ll ask him to come to my ready room when he feels it’s appropriate.”

Four Parents + Five Children Equal One Ohana - a Bulletproof Baby Blankets chapter I haven't finished

“I was there when it happened,” John said. “One minute he was running across the field. The next he took a header.”

“All right,” Steve said. “Let’s get you to the hospital.”

“Is John coming?” Zach asked, standing somewhat unsteadily. Steve put his arm around Zach’s shoulder to help him stay on his feet.

“Do you want him to come with?” Danny asked.

Zach looked at John then at Danny. “It is better for him to return to his class.”

“Probably,” Danny agreed, kissing John’s head. “We’ll see you in a couple of hours.”

“Okay,” John said. “I’ll get Zach’s assignments and bring them home.”

“Thanks, Bud,” Steve said, guiding Zach out of the building and to the Camaro. Danny climbed into the backseat so Zach could have the front, making it easier to get in and out of the car. “You strapped in?” he asked Danny once he’d settled in the driver’s seat.

We Regret to Inform You H50

“What is your name?” he asked as the boy approached.

“Waseem,” the boy said. “Auntie says you don’t know your name.”

“I don’t. She thinks maybe it is Danu.”

“That is a fine name,” Waseem said, setting the tray on Danu’s lap when he had carefully eased up.

“How old are you?”

“Twelve on my next birthday,” Waseem said. “Auntie is teaching me to read and to write. One day I will be a doctor also.”

“Doctor is a good profession,” Danu said. “Your auntie tells me I would be dead had I not been brought here.”

“Yes,” Waseem agreed. “The fishers. They thought you were dead already.”

“I don’t kill so easy, I guess,” Danu said.

Riverside Strangler - Star Trek AU

Jim arrived at the precinct at his customary time of 7:45 the next morning. Lieutenant Uhura came up to him as soon as he made his way to his desk.

“That Spock is in Pike’s office,” she informed him. Her arms were crossed, her beautiful face marred with a frown.

“Why are you angry? Chris isn’t taking any of your cases away from you,” Jim said, leaning back against his desk as Nyota continued to frown at him.

“Why aren’t you angry, Jim? You and Hikaru were doing everything possible to figure it out. We don’t need an outsider interfering in Riverside business,” Nyota said.

“I agree. But the mayor decided the crimes needed to be solved more expeditiously than we were accomplishing it. Spock is an acquaintance of Pike’s and is reported to be able to solve the most intractable crimes.”

“Intractable,” she repeated, her tone lighter than it had been. If making fun of him was going to cheer her up, Jim would gladly accept the ribbing. “I didn’t think you knew words with more than two syllables.”

The Path of Eight (Original story)
Jacob paused a moment to allow his eyes to adjust to the dimmer interior of the castle. The tall windows lining the corridor provided illumination but it was still much less bright than the outside he’d had to leave.

"This is a public entrance?" Rupert Verk asked, looking at the intricately woven rug under they feet and the beautiful tapestries gracing the walls.

"It is generally used by Practitioners," Jacob corrected.

"Yet it’s furnished with this...finery," Rupert Verk remarked.

"All the corridors are furnished with carpets and tapestries," Jacob said.

"They were made by those in the Queen's employ?"

"Some were. Some were purchased from the craftsmen who created them."

"Purchased?" Rupert Verk repeated as though he did not know the meaning of this word.

"Yes, they were purchased. We pay the craftsmen for the work that’s needed to furnish the castle," Jacob explained as they mounted the steps. The stairwell was wide enough for four men to walk abreast, well lit by windows which reached the ceilings.

"You do not simply...take what you need?" Rupert Verk asked.

"The Queen is not in the habit of stealing from anyone," Jacob replied.

Umai Hoshifairyniamh on June 17th, 2015 02:54 am (UTC)
I am glad that your computer is back. You already know that I like the Star Trek one the best. XD

Still, good job on the words. :)