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02 October 2011 @ 10:46 am
My Personal Hawaii 5-0 Canon Rant  
I love the new Hawaii 5-0. And as a result, I've become an avid fan of the fanfiction stories written in that "universe." There are, however, things which keep popping up in stories that are not canon. Maybe I shouldn't care? Maybe I shouldn't write a journal post listing those things which seem most prone to being portrayed incorrectly. But when I read stories that don't get the canon correct, it makes the story a lot less enjoyable and/or believable.

So, completely unsolicited and with no slight meant to anyone, here are my top non-canon peeves:

  • Danny is a Yankees fan. This is an important fact for anyone who lives or has ever lived in the greater New York metropolitan area. He is not a Mets fan. He is not a Phillies fan. He is a Yankees fan.
  • It is probably a law that if you are a Yankees fan, you are obligated to hate the Mets. The reverse is also true. Trust me on this one.
  • Living in New Jersey, he could be a fan of the football NY Giants or NY Jets. Both teams play in the Meadowlands which is in Rutherford NJ. (Yes, they are New York teams that play in New Jersey. That's just the way it is.) There is no indication which football team he roots for. But you can be pretty sure it's either the Giants or the Jets. He would not be a fan of both.
  • He could be a fan of the NJ Devils, the hockey team that also plays in the Meadowlands. More likely, he's a fan of the NY Rangers. They are the hockey team most steeped in tradition. The Devils are more of a recent addition and most rabid New Jersey hockey fans root for the Rangers rather than the Devils.
  • He is undoubtedly a fan of the Knicks. Almost no one roots for the New Jersey Nets. They are not good and have never been any good. Sad but true.
  • Danny's car is a Camaro. I'm at a loss as to why some writers say he drives a camaro. It's a brand. It has to capitalized. 
  • Danny is not allergic to pineapple. He doesn't want it on his pizza but in Ko’olauloa he eats the pineapple on the big blue drink.
  • Danny's apartment is a studio. He sleeps on the pull-out couch. There is no bedroom. He sleeps in the only room (besides the kitchen) that makes up his apartment.
  • Steve is a Navy SEAL. Although he is in the reserves now, he is not an ex-SEAL. Nor is he a seal - these are sea animals. He is still a SEAL.
  • Steve's bedroom is on the second floor of his house. It is not on the ground floor. There is no indication that there are bedrooms on the ground floor of his house. Old houses almost always have the bedrooms on the second floor, not the ground floor.
  • Because his house is old, there is no bathroom adjoining his bedroom. Catherine had to walk down the hall to go to the bathroom, where she encountered Mary. I know it's a lot more convenient to have a bathroom within Steve's bedroom, but there isn't one.
  • The offices in the Five-0 headquarters have glass doors that swing open and closed. They cannot slam. Glass doors cannot slam.
  • "Private beach" mentions irritate me. Beaches in Hawai'i are all public property. (Courtesy of mcdannomauloa )

As an aside to this rant, there are some questions I have for the Lords of Hawaii 5-0 that they have never addressed/clarified. Maybe they don't care? Maybe I shouldn't care? But I do. Here are some things which make little sense to me:
  • Why doesn't Danny have an HPD uniform? I understand he was already a detective when he joined HPD but it still seems like he would have a uniform. Unless they have to pay for them and he didn't see any reason to spend the money when he has his Newark dress uniform.
  • With whom did Steve live when Jack sent him to the mainland? (Never mind that in season 1 he was 16, and in season 2 he was 15 when he was sent away.) Did he live with relatives? You have to be 17 to be admitted to Annapolis. Where did Jack send him?
  • Although I've never been a fan of tattoos, I love Steve's. Why do they insist on covering up some of them? And why do we never get to see his tramp stamp, which I think he's had redone? What's up with hiding them from us?
If you have a non-canon pet peeve, leave a comment and I'll add it on (with attribution to you.) I'll also add to this list as I remember the ones that drive me crazy! Also feel free to add questions we need to have answered. Maybe one day they will be!

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mcdannomauloamcdannomauloa on October 2nd, 2011 04:23 pm (UTC)

"Private beach" mentions irritate me. Beaches in Hawai'i are all public property.

Are 6 dogs too many?tkeylasunset on October 2nd, 2011 04:24 pm (UTC)
Good one! I'll add it!
CMariaDcmariad on October 3rd, 2011 01:16 am (UTC)
My pet peeve: Steve's FULL first name is Steven, ending in VEN, not Stephen, ending in PHEN. This is canon as far back as the original version of the series which starred the late Jack Lord.

Also... Despite what fic writers have used... there ISN'T a canon name that stands for the "J." in Steve's full name, "Steven J. McGarrett"--which has been his full name as far back as the original, Jack Lord, version of the show. (I usually wank that the "J." is for "John", which is actually his father's given name in the show). Not really a "pet peeve", per se; just a comment that there never has been a canon name stated that stands for the "J." in "Steven J. McGarrett".

Another pet peeve (which you've mostly covered): When writers spell Camaro as Camero, with ERO at the end instead of ARO.

You've got the SEAL vs. Seal (or seal) pet peeve already. Thank you!

I've no idea why Danny wouldn't have an HPD uniform but, yeah, that is an interesting thing (Maybe I'll Tweet Peter Lenkov sometime & ask). Even if he was working as a plainclothes Detective from the time he arrived there, he still should've had a dress uniform because there would still be times he'd need it (funerals, like for his old partner Meka, etc.). I'm going with your reasoning--it would've cost him & so he decided to just use his Newark PD uniform & his supervisors didn't have an issue with it (at least it was still a dress police uniform). Or maybe he's never gotten 1 because of how much he disliked Hawaii when he arrived there? (shrugs)

It's never been said, in canon, who Steve--or Mary, for that matter--lived with when Jack sent them to live on the Mainland after their Mother died. I would assume family/relatives over friends though.

As for the covering of most of Alex's Real-Life tattoos (at least for the most part) when he's in character as Steve... Nobody that I know of has an OFFICIAL explanation. Everything I've heard is just speculation.

But the speculation has almost always been that, despite the fact the SEALs are a unit with rules unto themselves, the majority of Alex's real tats are usually covered over with makeup because they supposedly wouldn't be found on a Real-Life Navy man/officer (certainly the tats Alex has around his nipples probably wouldn't be, but the lower back tat--aka the "tramp stamp"--has been up for debate by some). This is up for debate as well--that the tats Alex actually has wouldn't be acceptable on a Navy man, except for his arm tats--because a fan recently apparently found some stuff online that didn't seem to have any objections to any kind of tattoos on a Navy man... although you might need a waiver of some sort for certain types of tattoos, or tattoos placed in certain areas of the body. (I read this in another tat discussion on another LJ Comm).

The arm tattoos are apparently OK for viewing on the show (& we don't really see most of those unless Alex is shirtless) because an arm is a "normal" place for a tattoo on a person & a lot of Navy men have them there.

Also, they don't ALWAYS cover over the "tramp stamp". If they think Alex's back is gonna be seen from far enough away that the "tramp stamp" probably won't be seen, they don't bother to cover it. It can sometimes be seen when Alex is doing chase scenes & the back of his shirt flips up while he's running. But it's usually a "blink & you miss it" thing.
CMariaDcmariad on October 3rd, 2011 01:19 am (UTC)
And yes, Alex DID have his "tramp stamp" redone. It was originally a black, very ornate, upside down triangle type design covering the small of his back, towards his butt. Now it's a "sleeve-like" design that wraps all the way around his lower back to his hips, apparently, & is more of a Polynesian/Hawaiian design.
Are 6 dogs too many?tkeylasunset on October 3rd, 2011 01:41 am (UTC)
You make some very good points! Thank you. Yes, the "Stephen" vs "Steven" also drives me crazy!

I do catch the almost accidental tramp-stamp sightings but why can't they be intentional? It is hot!!! Let it show!

If you hear back from Peter Lenkov on any of these vital "issues," I hope you'll share!
CMariaDcmariad on October 3rd, 2011 07:33 pm (UTC)
I've got another pet peeve-ish thing about H50 fics: When the writer thinks HPD stands for "Hawaii PD" or "Hawaii Police Department".

IT DOESN'T stand for that!!!! there is NO "Hawaii PD/Hawaii Police Department". That would refer to a Police Department that had jurisdiction over the entire State of Hawaii, if it existed.

Some could argue that the Five-0 Task Force is something of a State Police unit (& it's described as such in some things I've read about the show--"an elite State Police unit"), but not even Five-0 is the actual "State Police" unit for Hawaii.

HPD stands for Honolulu Police Department. That's who Five-0 works most closely with & which has jurisdiction over the Honolulu area (& maybe other parts of Oahu; not sure on that). HPD does not stand for "Hawaii PD/Hawaii Police Department".

Also... HPD cars ARE NOT "black & whites". They're "blue & whites". It's VERY obvious that HPD cars are "blue & whites" if you actually look at the cars when they're seen in the show. I've seen HPD cars referred to as "black & whites" in a few fics.


As for other stuff...

Thanks for saying my previous points were good. I hope these are jut as good.

I get that "Stephen" is a more common spelling of that name, but if you know H50 history, you should know that "our" Steve (& even the Jack Lord version of Steve) spells his full name as "Steven".

As for the tats...

Like I said before, there's the whole "Navy men/officers wouldn't have that many tats... OR have them where Alex has some of his" thing.

I mean, an arm is an "expected" place for a tattoo (on either gender). Around one's nipples or on one's lower back (aka a "tramp stamp") isn't, You'd also probably find those types of tats more on women than men. Plus there's the connotation that (at least) women who have "tramp stamp" tattoos are supposedly "sluttier", than women who don't (that's how they got to be called "tramp stamp"s). Maybe TPTB doesn't want the viewers thinking Steve is a "slut"? (JOKING)

This isn't MY theory, the stuff I'm about to say--& have said just above, actually. It's been mentioned in other threads talking about why TPTB cover up most of Alex's tats but leave the arm tats visible... It makes at least some sense to me, though.

And NOBODY'S saying that this IS why they cover most of the tats OR that this is why Alex got those tats where he got them (this is also NOT meant as speculation on Alex's sexuality or anything like that). It's just a thought someone put out there in 1 of the "Why do almost all of Alex's tats get covered?" discussions. Anyway...

TPTB may think there could be said to be a more "sexual" connotation (at least by some--maybe more "conservative/ultra conservative"--people) to where Alex has placed his non-arm tats, & they don't want that to maybe turn off potential viewers. So, they've chosen to cover Alex's, perhaps more "controversial", tattoos to avoid "negative" comments from viewers (they usually ALWAYS cover the tats around his nipples--& did it VERY badly in ep 2.01, the makeup was too dark for his skin tone--but the "tramp stamp" they tend to only cover if there's gonna be a close enough shot of Alex's back that you'd definitely see it "up close & personal").

I could see that point. Not everybody is into "body art" OR more, perhaps, "extreme" body art like Alex has. Most people are OK with arm tats though--even big ones covering half/all of the arm. I think Alex's arm tats are pretty large designs to start with. Also, not everyone's comfortable with anything having to do, even indirectly, with one's sexuality... tats around nipples & "tramp stamp"s could be connected to sexuality, at least indirectly. (shrugs)

I hope that I explained that OK. I'm not sure if I did or not.

I'm not sure if I actually will Tweet Peter Lenkov or not. I haven't gotten any replies when I've done it before. I know he's busy &, compared to some of the other fans, he doesn't know me from Adam (so far). Maybe he's just more comfortable replying to people he's actually somehow met. (shrugs). But if I do & he answers I'll try to let you know.
minou_demimondeminou_demimonde on January 1st, 2013 05:41 am (UTC)
Williams is Welsh
Not Irish. I have no problems with people saying he has an Italian/Jewish mother, because it works with his character. But it drives me nuts when people say he's Irish.

I know a couple of SEALs. And they would never have had the tats that Alex has. It is too identifying. They might have a tat or two, like the arm tats, or one in the back. But nothing that elaborate. And definitely no tramp stamp. Ever. I asked.

It has nothing to do with sexuality--though it may be part of the reasons that the producers keep them hidden. But with actual SEALs, it has to do with identity, and protecting that identity.

Up until recently, SEALs were expected to be as average looking as possible. They didn't want to stand out. Their basic average-ness was their security. And the active-duty SEALs are NOT pleased with the publicity that they've gotten recently. They don't want their identity to be easily discovered.

So no, McGarrett would possibly have a tat or two, but nothing Ike Alex has. And that tramp stamp? Really?

I didn't knit about the beach.
minou_demimondeminou_demimonde on January 1st, 2013 05:47 am (UTC)
Hit submit before I was quite ready.

I didn't know about the beach. I shall have to fix it. I am guilty if that one.

And yes, if it's Steven J., it's most likely John.

And Danny doesn't have one, as far as we know. So I chose Michael, because I like it. But if we get anything, I won't complain.

I do have one complaint about the show, though. Lieutenant Commanders are called Lieutenant by their subordinates, not Commander. It differentiates in rank.

Oh, and what is Catherine's rank? Because if she's still just a Lieutenant, she hasn't come very high up in the ranks for her age...

I love living down the hall from a Commander in the Navy reserves. It rocks. So does he.
Are 6 dogs too many?: Steve Salutetkeylasunset on January 1st, 2013 03:26 pm (UTC)
Re: Humph
Awesome info from a real Navy guy!!! Yeah!! It makes sense that SEALs would have to remain average and on the down-low. Otherwise blending in would be almost impossible.

I assume Danny is half Catholic, half Jewish. If he weren't part Catholic, I don't think he'd stand for Grace to go to Catholic school. And most of us attribute him being considered Italian to the fact that he told Chin he didn't want his mother's lasagna as his last meal once he tasted cocoa puffs.

Michael is a perfectly lovely middle name! Since we don't know his parents' names, it works!! Maybe we'll learn more about his family when his nephew comes to Hawaii. Not sure which episode that is. Should be interesting.

I did wonder about calling Steve "Commander" when he's a Lieutenant Commander but...well... the show uses Commander so I do too!

Catherine should have progressed further? Oh...that saddens me. It's probably because she's a girl. I love Catherine and I wish the Catherine haters would get a life away from the show. The fact that she is there does not make me write any less Steve/Danny stories. Hand-waving her away is fine.

So if I have questions about Navy procedure/protocol/what-have-you, I know who to ask!!! Yeah!!

Thank you so much for this information. It is fabulous!!!
minou_demimondeminou_demimonde on January 2nd, 2013 01:18 am (UTC)
Re: Humph
Mark is a cool guy. He sits just down the road from me at work. I like him a lot. He told me on Friday that if the Navy calls him again, he's off like a shot. He's done two deployments in Iraq and a couple in Afghanistan. He suspects that he may get pulled again this year, too.

I like Catherine too. I just wish that they would decide what to do with her. The show is based on the four main characters, and bringing somebody in once in a while makes it distracting. Either make her a permanent part of things, or let her go. It's not fair to the actress or the fans. Or the other actors, who get screen time taken away from them.

And yeah, I have no problems using Catherine as a medium to get the boys together, as you may nave noticed. ;)

I use Commander too, because the show does. But apparently it's not quite kosher, though it does get done.