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15 March 2012 @ 11:28 pm
A Day In The Life Of.... - BPBB  
Title: A Day In The Life Of....
Series: Bulletproof Baby Blankets
Rating: R
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Steve/Danny and their children
Summary:  What it says - a glimpse at the Williams-McGarrett family through one day. (Wish I could say there's a plot but that would be wrong. To say, since there isn't one. Steve is already Governor in this one.)
Warnings: None except muses on the loose.
Word Count: ~5800

“Detective,” the voice was saying. The sound followed a knock on the door. “I apologize for disturbing you, Detective.”

Danny groaned, stretching an arm out and encountering an empty bed. He knew he had been sleeping before the familiar voice woke him but he didn’t think it was morning yet.


“Yeah Bobby?” Danny said into the pillow still cushioning his head.

“Are you awake?”

“Mostly. What’s up?” Danny rolled over to face the room, squinting up at the member of the security detail trying his hardest not to smile at the rumbled man in the bed. Bobby had been working as Sebastian’s assistance for the past 18 months and invariably volunteered to work overnight any time it was required. He said he didn’t mind and since he wasn’t married, it was easier for him than it would be for some of the others.

“The Governor.”

“Uhn… What time is it?”

“4:30, sir,” Bobby told him. Danny rolled his eyes at the news.

“Okay. Steve downstairs?”

“He is. He’s in the situation room,” Bobby agreed, stepping back as Danny made to leave the bed.

“Okay. I guess you tried, huh?” Danny asked as he pulled on a pair of sweatpants over his briefs. Only after he had the drawstring tied did he realize they were Steve’s pants with NAVY nearly washed off the right leg. Well. No matter. The elastic at the ankles would prevent him from tripping over them.

“I did, sir. As did the Lieutenant Governor. Neither of us were successful in convincing him to stop for the night,” Bobby said, following Danny out of the bedroom.

“Tell me again what they are working on?” Danny requested as they made their way down the private staircase, three flights to the basement.

Bobby gave him the thumbnail version of the legislation that had kept Steve occupied and cloistered with representatives from both State houses for the better part of three days. Danny was sure it was vitally important to the welfare of the State but the decision making could wait until the next day, at a decent hour. Or that same day, he supposed.

“If I can get him to sleep for 8 hours straight, the government won’t shut down, right?” Danny asked to make sure. They had stopped outside the doors, plain wood that did not speak of the many important decisions made within.

“No sir. The continuing resolution doesn’t expire until the end of the month,” Bobby assured him. “In addition, John’s football game is tonight, correct?”

“Yeah. I don’t think Steve’s forgotten But you know how uber-focused he can get.”


“At any rate, there are still 13 days to hammer this out. He can sleep, get to John’s game, and prevent the government from shutting down.”

“The Governor was of the opinion that sooner was better.”

“That’s Steve,” Danny agreed, knocking once before opening the door and entering like he had every right to be in that room. He did not fail to notice the looks of relief that flickered across all eight faces around the table. Steve was in the far corner, his back to the door and did not turn to see who had entered, if he had even heard the door open at all.

“….so if we increase that revenue stream, it will more than off-set the loss of the….” Steve sensed the change in the air and turned to see Danny smiling up at him, already in what would have been his personal space bubble if he had any illusions of having one after being married to Danny for so long.

“Hey Babe,” Danny said quietly, one hand on Steve’s arm. “What do you say you come upstairs with me?”

Steve’s eyes were narrowed and steel blue. The look of a man who was going to stubbornly refuse purely as a matter of pride and determination. “I can’t. I have to…”

“You’ve been at it for 20 straight hours. You’re tired. They are exhausted. You’ve reached the point of diminishing returns,” Danny said, his expression warm and coaxing. Steve recognized his tone as one he generally reserved for the children when they were being especially resistant to doing the right thing.

Steve glanced over at the others in the room, most of whom where avoiding eye contact. Kono, of course, was telling him silently that Danny was right. And Steve was going to have to go against them both if he said no. “Just one more hour and we could be finished.”

“I think I heard that at midnight. And before that it was 9:00 o’clock. You have until the end of the month to finalize this. It doesn’t have to be done tonight. And you promised John you’d be at his football game. Since you’re actually in town this time.” Danny thought bringing John and by extension Emma into the argument was cheating but he wasn’t particularly concerned about using their children to get his way when it was what Steve needed.

Steve was focused back on Danny, seeing only love and understanding in those blue eyes. “Okay,” Steve sighed. He straightened, tightly smiling at the others present. “What do you say we knock off for the night? We’ll reconvene at 10 in the morning.”

“Make it noon. And I’ll buy everyone pizza,” Danny said loudly enough for all to hear. He knew he’d pay for overruling Steve but he didn’t mind. It was a payment he would happily make. “That will still give you enough time to get to the game.”

“All right,” Steve agreed. “Noon. Thank you all for your hard work.”

The weariness as they left was obvious, low voices discussing the next day’s strategies.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Steve said to Kono when she was standing in front of him, her fists on her hips. She was staring straight up at him, displeasure in every line of her body.

“Why? Why won’t you listen?”

“When has he ever?” Danny asked with a far-too-pleased smile on his face.

“He listened to you. I told him. I told him we were too tired to finish. Would he listen to me? No he would not,” Kono scowled.

“You can’t bribe him with the prospects of having sex,” Danny said, his wiggling eyebrows making her laugh.

“That’s TMI, brah.”

“I told you to go to bed,” Steve reminded her, a light hand on her rounded belly. The baby was due in the next month but Kono had not been slowed down by her other babies. She wasn’t letting this baby slow her down either.

“We’re fine, Boss,” Kono assured him, pressing his hand harder to her side. “Talk to her again.”

“Hey, Baby. Are you almost ready to come out and meet your ohana?” Steve asked Kono’s stomach. He could feel the flutterer kicks of the baby in response to his voice.

“She loves you,” Kono said with a laugh. “She kicks every time you talk.”

“Maybe she wants to kick him, not get his attention,” Danny suggested.

“Could be,” Kono agreed, reaching up on her toes to kiss Steve. “Go to bed. When we come back, we’ll get it finished. And you’ll still get to John’s game on time.”

“Right,” Steve said, watching her leave the room, her movement graceful even now. When the door was closed, he frowned in Danny’s general direction, refusing to make eye contact.

“Oh. So it’s the silent treatment for me,” Danny said, leaning one hip on the wooden conference table.

“You undermine my authority when you do that,” Steve said to the stack of papers he was needlessly straightening.

“Right. Because you haven’t proved in the years you’ve been governor that you are in charge.”

“That’s not the point,” Steve refuted, turning his back to Danny.

“Then I don’t know what the point is,” Danny told the back of Steve’s somewhat wrinkled dress shirt. “They are exhausted. You are exhausted. Why is it so hard for you to admit you are human?”

“I’ve gone longer on less sleep,” Steve reminded him.

“The legislators aren’t SEALs, Babe. You can’t hold them to your high standards.”

Steve gave a one shoulder shrug in response, picking up the papers and tucking them under his arm.

“Oh no,” Danny said, pointing at the pile secured between Steve’s elbow and his body. “You are not bringing those upstairs with you.”

“I need to review them,” Steve said, looking down at them.

“It’s 5 o’clock in the morning. You haven’t slept in nearly 24 hours. You need to sleep. Not review more revenue projections.”

Steve ignored Danny’s protests, taking the papers and leaving the situation room. Danny counted to ten, slowly, before following him out and up the stairs.

“Where are you going?” Steve asked when Danny turned right instead of left at the top of the stairwell.

“John’s room. I’m going back to sleep. You do what you want,” Danny said, waving an impatient hand at Steve and his inability to set work aside to sleep.

“You can sleep with me,” Steve said, coming very close to putting on the infamous puppy-dog eyes of persuasion.

“Oh no. No no no. You are not pouting me into coming to bed with you. If you were planning to sleep, I would. You aren’t so I’m not,” Danny said, opening John’s door and slipping inside before Steve could try any other form of unfair persuasion on him.

“Hey Danno,” John’s sleepy voice said as he cracked open one eye to look at his father. “Is it time to get up?”

“Not yet, Bud. Go back to sleep,” Danny said, getting into the second twin bed in John’s room.

“You and Daddy have a fight?” John asked, his eyes closed, his voice unconcerned.

“Yeah. Not a big deal. He’s being stubborn and pig-headed.”

“Nothing new there,” John agreed. “If you get divorced, me and Emma want to live with you.”

Danny laughed, shaking his head. “We aren’t getting a divorce, Bud. You and Emma don’t need to worry about it.”

“Okay,” John said, yawning.

Danny pulled his phone out of the pocket of the sweatpants when it vibrated, not surprised to find a text message. Come to bed. I’ll sleep, I promise.

He waited just long enough to send a reply: I’m good. Go to sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Please come to bed. I can’t sleep without you.

You are such a child sometimes.

I know that. Please, Danno?

Fine. How did you make it as a SEAL without me?

I have no idea.

Danny quietly left the bed for the door.

“You make up?” John asked without opening his eyes.

“Something like that. I’ll see you in the morning, Bud.”

“It is morning,” John told him before turning over and falling back to sleep.

Danny left John’s room to go down the hall to enter their bedroom, Steve in bed without any papers visible. “If you are hiding budget reports under the covers, you are going to be very sorry,” Danny warned as he crossed over to their bed.

“No budget reports,” Steve promised, moving aside the covers to prove that he was the only thing in their bed. And he was naked, a fact Danny could not fail to notice.

“You need to sleep. Not have sex,” Danny scolded quietly as he pushed down the sweatpants and his brief. He pulled off his tee-shirt before climbing into bed to be tackled by Steve.

“If we aren’t having sex, why are you naked?” Steve asked, rocking his hips so their forming erections ground together.

“You are going to be the death of me. I swear to God,” Danny said, wrapping strong arms around Steve’s back in an effort to pull him even closer.

“You say the sweetest things,” Steve whispered into his ear before he bit the lobe.

“John said he and Emma want to live with me when we get divorced,” Danny said with a laugh in his voice.

“Why were they discussing? They have to know you can’t live without me,” Steve said before cutting off Danny’s reply with a hard, all-consuming kiss.

“I think you have that backwards,” Danny responded with a smile. “You would wither and die without me.”

“I am not a vine, Danno,” Steve said as he moved down Danny’s body. When he reached his erection, he licked up the side, smirking at Danny’s groan. “Who needs who?”

“I need you. Put that mouth to good use.”

Steve laughed, soft puffs of air barely disturbing the light brown curls at the base of Danny’s need. “Like this?” Steve took Danny into his mouth, Danny unable to answer except to moan appreciatively. He reached down to bury his fingers in Steve’s hair, rubbing his scalp in the way that made Steve purr. Steve hummed around Danny’s cock, Danny arching into the sensation.

“Oh God Babe. More of that,” Danny pleaded. Steve hummed again, Danny twitching all over. “It won’t be long. Oh God you are a master at this.” Danny could feel Steve’s smile as he slurped off after Danny had erupted into Steve’s warm, welcoming mouth. “Come here you. Come up here.”

Steve crawled back up, moving like a cat languid and graceful. He lay half on Danny as he kissed his chest and his neck, his right hand wrapped around Danny’s softening cock.

“What do you want?” Danny whispered into Steve’s hair before kissing him.

“Hmm….” Steve purred in response.

“That’s not really an answer,” Danny reminded him, shifting enough to look at Steve’s face. He wasn’t even a little surprised to find that Steve had fallen completely asleep, his mouth slightly parted, his fingers moving up to burrow into the curls covering Danny’s chest. “You are such a goof,” Danny whispered, kissing him and following him into sleep.


“Good morning, Danno,” Emma said the next morning smiling at him as he appeared.

It was 7:30 and Emma and John were in the family dining room eating breakfast, already dressed and ready for school. Emma had on her cheerleading outfit about which Danny had mixed emotions. Did they really have to be so short? And what was wrong with nice tee shirts instead of those tiny strappy tops they always wore? He couldn’t deny that she looked absolutely adorable in her red and white outfit, a bright striped ribbon holding her blonde curls in a ponytail. But still. A little more material spaced out strategically couldn’t come to any harm, right?

One of the security detail would be taking them to school very soon. Danny still missed that part of what once was their daily ritual. One of the many changes that occurred when Steve was elected Governor.

“Morning, Baby Girl. Morning Bud,” Danny said, smiling sleepily at them before sitting at the head of the table. He nodded in thanks when one of the cook’s assistants provided him a mug of steaming coffee. “You ready to go? You have your football gear?”

“We are and I do,” John confirmed. “You and Steve aren’t filing for divorce while we’re at school are you?”

“I told you last night – this morning - whatever,” Danny said with a frown. “We aren’t getting divorced. Where did you get such a crazy idea?”

“Local news,” Emma said with a bright smile. Why was she smiling about the possibility that her fathers might actually split up? Not that it would ever happen.

“And why are you so happy about it?” Danny asked, studying her intently.

“I’m not. I know it won’t happen,” Emma said with a shrug. “You two are attached at the hip. Everybody knows that.”

“Always have been from what Kono and Chin say,” John added.

“You told me you wanted to live with me if we divorce,” Danny reminded John, pointing an accusatory spoon at his son.

“Yeah. Well, you know,” John said with a laugh. “I don’t think we’d survive with only Steve. He’d make us run to school.”

“And ride a stationary bike to generate electricity for our computers,” Emma said, making John laugh.

“We’d only eat twigs and bark.”

“We’d probably have to sew our own clothes,” Emma suggested.

“You two are completely out of control. First of all, we are not divorcing. And secondly, if you lived with just Steve full time, you really think he’d be the boss of you? I’m barely the boss of you.”

“You aren’t really, Danno,” John told him. “We just let you pretend you are.”

“As I am all too aware,” Danny agreed. “Grace never gave me attitude like you two do.”

“That’s not the story we heard,” John informed him far too happily.

“Lies. All of it,” Danny assured them.

“We’ll let you keep believing that,” Emma said, kissing Danny before going with John to the door where one of the detail waited.

“I’ll see you tonight at the game,” Danny called after them, watching them leave. When the door was closed behind them, he decided he wasn’t really hungry and went back to their bedroom to find Steve still sound asleep. He climbed into bed next to him and was soon asleep himself.


“If my husband finds out you’re here, he won’t be happy,” Danny’s voice was saying as Steve finally surfaced.

“Fffffttt…” Steve said, waving a sleepy hand. “I can take him.” He was smiling into his pillow, Danny’s warm hand caressing his curls as he licked one of Steve’s ridiculous tattoos.

“You might not be able to. He’s huge. A giant.”

“Well. If I’m going to die, how about you blow me first? My last wish,” Steve suggested, rocking his hips into the mattress to further harden his erection.

“I guess I could be agreeable to that. I have a very talented mouth.”

“You mean you use it for something other than talking? Hardly seems possible,” Steve said with a smile.

“You keep it up, wise guy. See if that gets you free sex.”

“It’s been a really long time since I’ve had to pay for sex,” Steve told him, smugness all over him.

“I’ll just bet, Commander Smooth Dog. More likely they paid you for it.”

“Maybe,” Steve said, rolling onto his back to properly smile at Danny. “Did you bundle the children off to school?”

“I did. Emma in her cheerleading outfit,” Danny said with a frown.

“Please tell me you didn’t complain about it. Again,” Steve requested.

“No. I just don’t understand why….”

“Stop. For the love of God, just stop right there,” Steve pleaded.

“So you don’t mind that our daughter parades around school dressed like a trollop.”

“A trollop?” Steve asked, laughing to Danny’s displeasure.

“Seriously. There’s more material in my boxer shorts than her whole outfit.”

“You don’t wear boxers, Danno. How would you know?”

“Trollop,” Danny repeated sternly as he crawled down Steve’s body to lick his erection. “You should be upset too.”

“First, don’t talk about Emma when you’re about to blow me. Second, cheerleaders have dressed like that since time began. You aren’t going to change it by complaining to me.”

“Hrmmph,” Danny responded before using his mouth for better things than talking, at least from Steve’s point of view.

“Oh babe,” Steve moaned, wondering with a tiny part of his brain how he had gotten so lucky. The rest of his brain was consumed with yes… oh God yes… wow…. more… uhnnnn….

Danny slurped off, wiping the back of his hand across his mouth before smiling at Steve’s blissed out expression. “Once your brain comes back on-line, we need to take a shower.”

Steve just smiled and held up his arms. Danny settled in them automatically.

“This isn’t really an answer,” Danny pointed out.

“Shhhh… you’re spoiling the after-glow.”

Danny laughed at him, kissing his jaw and allowing his eyes to drift closed. “Did you know that the local news is saying we’re going to get divorced?”


“That’s all you have to say? Local reporters are saying we’re breaking up and you can’t be bothered to respond?”

“We aren’t. Tell Sebastian to tell them to knock it off,” Steve said.

“I’m thinking about having Chin arrest them. Much more effective.”

“I think you may be forgetting about a little thing called the First Amendment.”

“Oh sure. Now you care about proper procedure,” Danny said.

“Always have.”

“No you haven’t. Mostly you ignored it,” Danny reminded him.

“That’s why I had you. That and the sex,” Steve said with a smug grin.

“Yeah,” Danny had to agree, reaching over for his phone when it vibrated. “Chin wants a new speedboat. I’m supposed to get you to buy it for him.”

“What’s wrong with the one I bought them six months ago?” Steve asked, his eyes still closed and still looking pleased with himself and life in general.

“It’s at the bottom of the Pacific,” Danny reported, showing Steve the text. He actually opened his eyes enough to read it.

“That is a problem,” Steve agreed. “What happened?”

“He would rather not say,” Danny said. “Taught him everything you know, didn’t you?”

“Yep,” Steve confirmed. “Tell him once he submits the report complete with explanation, I’ll sign the requisition.”

“Check,” Danny said, sending Chin the message. “He says thanks.”

“They coming to the game tonight?” Steve asked.

“He is. Malia is tied up.”

“Okay,” Steve said, sitting up to stretch. “We better get in the shower.”

“I think I mentioned that earlier,” Danny reminded him, getting out of bed and going over to their bathroom.

“What are you doing until the game?” Steve asked as he followed Danny.

Danny told him a run-down of the rest of his day as they stepped into the shower. He didn’t have a lot planned, making Steve frown down at him.

“Stop. Stop with the pouting. I am not the governor. I do not have to meet with the legislators all afternoon.”

“You’re going to come for pizza though, right?” Steve asked as they dried off.

“Yes,” Danny sighed.

“Thank you. Make sure you order enough. All of them with pineapple.”

“Sure,” Danny agreed as they shaved. He laughed when Steve stared at him in the mirror.

“Who are you and what have you done with my Danno?”

“Shut up and get dressed so you aren’t late,” Danny said, shoving his shoulder.

They both dressed and got to the situation room with plenty of time to spare. The pizza arrived right after the legislators, who enjoyed the food, the sodas, and the chance to talk in a less formal setting.

Maybe it was the pizza. Maybe it was Danny being there because Steve decided he shouldn’t leave. Maybe it was because it was Friday. Whatever the reason, by 4:30, they had hammered out a compromise on the legislation that they all agreed was equitable, measured, and very likely to be approved by the entire legislature. A total win.


“Seriously, Steve. Cargoes?” Danny asked as they changed for the football game.

Steve shrugged before pulling on the blue polo. He would have liked to wear a Kukui High School jersey but it didn’t pay for the Governor to openly root for one school over another, even if it was his alma mater. “It’s a football game, Danno.”

“Wear jeans.”

“Why? There’s nothing wrong with cargoes at a football game.”

“Except when you’re Governor and will end up on TV. All our efforts to make you look like a grown-up will be right out the window,” Danny said as he pulled on his polo shirt.

“Jeans are more grown-up than cargoes?” Steve asked, stalking Danny.

“Yes. And stop that. We need to go or we’re going to be late.”

“Stop what?” Steve asked innocently as he loomed over Danny.

“You know perfectly well what. With your stalking and invading my personal space,” Danny said with a maximum of hand waving.

“You don’t have any personal space. That’s been true since the start,” Steve said, leaning down to kiss him. Danny groaned and surrendered, not moving away from him even as the knock sounded on the door followed by Chin’s laughter.

“Seriously? After all these years?” Chin asked.

Danny waved at him, his hand saying ‘just a sec,’ or ‘whatever,’ or ‘shut-up.’ Or all three.

“Hey Chin,” Steve said evenly when he turned to greet him, his mouth kiss-swollen, his tongue chasing after Danny’s taste on his lips.

“Dude. Really?” Chin laughed.

Steve just shrugged, looking over his shoulder at Danny.

“Tell him he should wear jeans,” Danny requested, smoothing his hair as he stepped out from behind Steve.

“Those cargoes are fine,” Chin said, looking down at his own jeans and Kukui High School jersey. “You’re the only one who cares.”

Danny waved them off, tucking in his shirt and going to the closet for their shoes.

“Did you sign the form for my new boat yet?” Chin asked as they pulled on their shoes.

“Not yet. I will on Monday. And you’re sure you want to go with ‘rammed by a shark’ as the official reason it sunk?” Steve asked.

“It’s the truth. My hand to God,” Chin said, making Steve shake his head.

“Do you see?” he said to Danny. “You’ve corrupted him.”

Danny could only shrug at that. “It’s a perfectly good saying. But I got to say, I’m not buying the shark either, brah.”

Chin shrugged, looking innocent and sincere as only he could. And how could anyone ever doubt him?

“So if I were to scuba dive down to the wreckage, I wouldn’t find, I don’t know, shrapnel? Parts of a grenade?” Danny asked.

“Are you planning to dive the wreckage?” Chin hedged.

“Maybe. Grace and Emma want to go. Sounds like a good place to take them,” Danny threatened.

“We’re on a island. There are lots more interesting places to go diving,” Chin told him as he followed them out and down the stairs.

“Alicia is worried about the coral reefs,” Steve said with a wink at Danny.

“No reefs where it happened. Shark rammed it. Went down. That’s my official story,” Chin said.

“Uh huh,” Danny said. “Chin Ho Kelly. After all this time, why do you think we don’t see straight through you?”

Chin just shrugged, climbing into the black SUV that was waiting right outside the back door. Henry pretended he wasn’t laughing as he turned from the front passenger seat to make certain they were ready. Assured they were buckled in, he told Jaime to drive on.

They arrived at Kukui High with 15 minutes to spare before kick-off. The seats directly in front of the press box were empty, always available to the Governor and his family when they had time to come. Jaime and Henry sat on the outside, alert and watchful but not threatening. Steve sat between Danny and Chin which sometimes lowered the number of people who tried to talk to him. The row in front on them was blocked off but if anyone really wanted to talk to Steve, he responded.

Danny was often amazed that it was his Super SEAL who so patiently answered inane questions and posed for pictures and signed autographs. Mostly these things happened when Kukui didn’t have the ball because everyone in attendance wanted to watch John Williams-McGarrett work his magic on the field. John had already broken all of Steve’s records and he was happy for it.

Because Kukui was playing their biggest rival, there was an especially large crowd in the stands. Steve told Danny he was glad so many people were there since that tended to hold down the number of people who wanted to talk to him.

“You’d think it’d be the other way, don’t you?” Danny remarked as he accepted the nachos that Henry had gone to get them.

Steve shrugged at that, drinking from his water. “Who knows? Maybe they don’t notice I’m here.”

“Right. Because you aren’t a gigantor Governor surrounded by your security personnel not to mention accompanied by the head of 5-0,” Danny said, taking Steve’s water to drink from it.

“Emma is right. I am divorcing you,” Steve said before smiling at a woman old enough to be his grandmother who was positively gushing over him.

“I taught here when you went here,” she told Steve, still not releasing his hand.

“Goodness,” Steve said. “Tell me your name.”

“Miss Wilkins, dear. If I’m not mistaken, I had you in my biology class.”

“Of course,” Steve said with a smile that melted Miss Wilkins heart just a little bit. “I was lab partners with Toby…. uhm… Toby somebody. Short. Red hair. Nearly passed out when we had to dissect the rabbit.”

“Toby Britton, dear,” Miss Wilkes confirmed. “And I knew you dissected both of the rabbits so he didn’t have to.”

“Sounds like Steve,” Danny agreed with a smile.

“He was a good boy,” Miss Wilkes said with a return smile. “I hear only good things about your son and your daughter.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” Steve said.

“Oh good. We got the ball back. I better go find my seat,” she said, turning unsteadily to look down the bleachers.

“Will you allow me the privilege of walking with you?” Danny asked. “I want to hear more about Steve back when he was a ‘good boy.’”

“I’d be delighted, dear,” Miss Wilkes agreed, looping her hand through Danny’s elbow. It was nearly 20 minutes later when Danny returned, smiling devilishly at Steve.

“Don’t even start,” Steve said, steadfastly ignoring Danny to cheer on his son.

“Straight A student, huh?” Danny teased.

“Stop. I don’t want to hear this,” Steve said, waving down at Emma who was throwing them kisses.

“You were Super SEAL even before you were a SEAL,” Danny said, shaking his head and kissing Steve’s head. Emma covered her eyes but they could see she was laughing. Danny threw her kisses before she turned around to cheer for the team.

“I happen to know you also made straights A-s,” Steve countered.

Danny just shrugged, jumping up with the rest of the crowd when John ran for a touchdown. Unfortunately it was the only points they scored, losing with a final score of 17-7.

“Good game, though,” Danny said as they went to the car.

“Would have been better if we won,” Steve grumped. His expression lightened when Emma came sprinting toward them. “Hey Baby Girl.”

“Hey. Can I come home with you?” she asked, reaching up to kiss first Steve then Danny.

“You aren’t going out for burgers?” Danny asked, brushing the hair out of her face.

“Not tonight. We don’t really feel much like celebrating.”

“If you’re sure,” Steve said, unnecessarily helping her into the SUV.

“Did you text John so he won’t wait for you?” Danny asked as they settled in.

“Yeah. He said he’d be home in about an hour,” Emma said, smiling at Henry. “Did they drive you crazy?”

“No more than usual,” Henry assured her. “I think they may be getting a divorce.”

Emma shrugged at that. “No surprise,” she said, making kissing noises at Danny when he tried to scowl her. “You aren’t getting divorced before homecoming, right? Because you promised to come to the dance.”

“I’ll be there. Super SEAL may not make it,” Danny said.

“Oh well. He’ll still be the Grand Marshall of the parade,” Emma reminded him.

“I am?” Steve asked, his eyes wide.

“Oh Daddy. You promised,” Emma said, shaking her head.

“I did?”

“Yes,” Chin said with a nod.

“Why can’t you do it? You’re more famous than I am,” Steve said.

“I’m not governor, brah.”

“He’s not governor,” Danny repeated when Steve looked over at him.

“Daddy,” Emma said, giving the word three extra syllables.

“Okay, Baby Girl. I’ll do it. Does Danno know when it is?”

“Danno knows,” Danny assured him. “It’s three weeks from today. And Emma will need a new dress for the dance. Do you want to come shopping with us tomorrow?”

“Thank you, no,” Steve said.

“Support the local economy. Be seen doing regular stuff. Be good for you,” Chin said, laughing at Steve’s frown.

“And I thought you were on my side,” Steve complained.

Chin shrugged, winking at Emma.

“So you’ll come?” Emma asked hopefully, all bright and cheerful.

“Sure,” Steve said because when had he ever been able to deny his little girl anything. Never. That was when. “Hope you don’t mind shopping tomorrow,” he said to Henry.

“It will be my honor,” Henry assured him, making them laugh at his expression.

When they arrived at the residence, Chin roared off on his motorcycle while Steve, Danny, and Emma went into the sitting room where they waited for John to get home. He wasn’t happy they lost, certain he could have prevented it if he had played just that much better.

“No, Bud. You were out-manned,” Danny assured him.

“Are you coming shopping with us tomorrow?” Steve asked him. John was sitting next to Steve on the love seat, Steve’s arm thrown around his son’s shoulders like he never intended to let him go.

“Oh could I?” John asked, rolling his eyes.

“Sarcasm does not become you,” Danny said, trying to sound stern.

“Learned everything I know from you,” John said, Danny shaking his head.

“You aren’t living with me when we get divorced,” Danny said.

“That’s fine. Since you never will,” John said, shaking his head. He stood, stretching his long arms up to the ceiling, his finger tips practically brushing it. “I’m going to bed.”

“Good night, Bud,” Danny said, watching with a smile as John left the room. “What about you, Missy?”

“Oh. You want me to go to bed so you and Daddy can have sex,” she said.

“Emma. That’s… just wrong,” Danny said.

“You aren’t going to have sex?” Emma asked.

“Whether we are or aren’t isn’t a topic of conversation you need to be having.”

“A topic I don’t need?” Emma said with a frown.

“You know what I mean. Go to bed,” Danny said, pointing toward the door.

“Okay. I still love you even if you are getting rid of me,” she said, kissing them both before disappearing.

“I thought she’d never get the hint,” Steve said, pulling Danny down into the loveseat with him.

“Slow on the up-take. She gets that from you,” Danny said, turning to kiss Steve before he could try and answer.

“Sassy. That’s totally you.”

“Sure. Whatever. Let’s go upstairs and have sex,” Danny suggested, standing to pull Steve up.

“Good plan. Just don’t tell Emma.”

“You got it, Big Guy,” Danny agreed, going up the stairs with him and doing exactly has Emma suggested, not that they ever had any plans of telling her she was right. Some things your children just don’t need to know.

winky3018winky3018 on March 16th, 2012 01:02 pm (UTC)
Oh I love you and I love this verse!!
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antesqueluzantesqueluz on March 16th, 2012 09:30 pm (UTC)
Love how you write these two and their ohana. :-)
Bubblesbfive0 on March 16th, 2012 11:16 pm (UTC)
Awwww I missed "BBBP"!!! Welcome back and this is too adorable!! The fact that only Danny can do that to Steve and the whole divorce thing .. I just love it!!