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01 April 2012 @ 06:56 pm
I'm Not Your Stepping Stone - BPBB  

Title: I'm Not Your Stepping Stone
Series: Bulletproof Baby Blankets
Rating: NC-17ish
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Steve/Danny and their children
Summary:  Slice of life, PWP. We had a tiny family crisis today and I wrote this to cheer myself up. Everything's fine now. But if this story seems disjointed or, well, pointless, I apologize. Sometimes writing is a balm to the soul. This is one of those times.
Warnings: None except muses on the loose.
Word Count: ~1700

I aaaammmmmm not your stepping stone….” Danny sang, his hips swaying to the music only he could hear. He smiled at Steve’s reflection in the window over the sink as he entered the kitchen.  “Not your stepping stone…not your stepping stone….”

“I never thought you were,” Steve said, kissing the back of Danny’s neck and wrapping his arms around Danny’s waist to pull him back tight to his body. “Is that Bruce Springsteen?”

“Nope. The Monkees,” Danny said, unplugging his earphones so the kitchen was filled with the music.

“The Monkees,” Steve repeated like it was an unknown concept. “Not like Monkey-Grace.”

“Nope. ‘60s rock band. Short lived but… you know…funky,” Danny said leaving Steve’s embrace to dance around Steve as the music continued. “Not your stepping stone. Not your stepping stone….”

“This can’t be a trip down memory lane,” Steve said, picking up the dance and swaying his hips in time with Danny’s. There was no space between them, their clothes creating friction that traveled directly to their groins.

“Mom sent me their greatest hits when Davy Jones died,” Danny said, grinding against Steve’s body. “On iTunes.”

“Was he a friend of yours?” Steve asked, clearly distracted by all that was happening between the two of them although they were barely moving at this point.

“Oh right. You have no idea about pop culture. Davy Jones was lead singer of The Monkees. Mom used to listen to them all the time when we were growing up. She thought they were dreamy,” Danny said.

“Did you?”

“Did I what?” Danny asked with a goofy smile up at Steve.

“Think they were dreamy?” Steve asked, dropping a kiss on Danny’s nose and thrusting his hips forward.

“I never thought about it. Now I never think about anyone but you,” Danny said with a wicked gleam in his eye.

“You need to stop looking at me like that. The kids will be home soon,” Steve warned.

Danny grabbed Steve’s arm, checking his watch. “You have 23 minutes to blow me, sailor.”

“I see,” Steve said, undoing Danny’s denim shorts so they fell to the floor. Steve danced around him as he lowered his briefs, releasing Danny’s erection to demand attention. “Sure hope they don’t get here early.”

“God me too. Less talking. More sucking,” Danny directed, watching Steve sink to his knees before him. Steve did as instructed, not using all of his considerable talent to satisfy Danny’s obvious need. He always was something of a tease when he had Danny just where he wanted him.
“11 minutes,” Danny said, his voice strained. His fingers were buried in Steve’s hair, his nails lightly scraping his scalp in the way he knew Steve enjoyed.

Danny’s warning made Steve increase the amount of suction he was using, adding his tongue and just the right amount of teeth.

“Oh God, babe,” Danny groaned. “Goin’ come.”

Steve hummed around his erection, taking it all as Danny released down the back of his throat. Steve was the only thing still holding Danny up as the last of his orgasm rippled through him.

“What about you?” Danny whispered down to Steve. Steve had his face resting on Danny’s belly, caressing his thigh absently.

“I took care of it,” Steve said, slowly getting to his feet, his shorts sporting a wet spot in the front.

“Nice,” Danny laughed, watching as Steve fastened his shorts for him. “Run up to the shower or into the ocean. The kids can’t see you like this.”

Steve smiled at him, his best goofy ‘made you come’ grin on his face. “You smell like sex.”

“Not as much as you do. Go on. Shower or swim,” Danny requested, reaching up to kiss him.

“You need to change clothes,” Steve said, taking Danny’s hand to pull him to the stairs. “So you may as well shower with me.”

Danny gave a put-upon sigh in response but followed Steve into the bathroom and quickly shed his clothes. Steve did the same, stepping under the steaming water.

“Great. The kids just got here,” Danny said as Steve soaped his body.

“You know they won’t come in. Anyway I locked the door.”

“They’re going to know,” Danny said, returning the favor and washing Steve as quickly as possible.

Steve shrugged at that. “They’re 15 and 13. I’m pretty sure they know we have sex,” Steve said.

“Them knowing and us providing inconvertible proof are two very different things.”

Inconvertible? Really? Anyway, they’re not going to be scarred for life, Danno. They didn’t catch us.”

Danny just ignored him, turning off the shower and drying himself as quickly as he could. Steve did the same so that they were dressed and ready at the same time. Their casual ‘nothing here to see’ expressions did not fool the children for one minute when their fathers entered the kitchen. John raised an eyebrow as he took a bite from his peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

“Eeeewwww,” Emma said, frowning at them.

“Eeewww what, young lady? We just took a shower,” Danny scolded mildly.

“In the middle of the afternoon? There’s only one reason you ever do that. And it’s not because you got sweaty vacuuming,” Emma said, her hands on her hips as she studied her fathers.

“Maybe we did,” Steve tried, kissing Emma’s head before going to the refrigerator for bottled water, handing them around.

“Right,” Emma said with a  doubtful expression. “You two have been married for 17 years. Take a break.”

“A break?” Steve said, pulling Emma into his lap to hug her. She squealed at his embrace, trying but not very hard to get away. “A break from the two of you, maybe.”

“Right,” John scoffed. “Because any time you don’t see us for longer than 6 hours, you are calling us.”

“Or coming over to Rachel’s,” Emma added.

“It’s a wonder you don’t insist on home-schooling us,” John said, laughing at his fathers when they frowned at him.

“Danno thought about it,” Steve said, smiling up at Danny when he frowned at him. “You know you did.”

Danny shrugged, sitting at the table with the rest of his family. “How was school?”

“The usual,” John said, winking at Emma. Steve and Danny had their eyes locked on each other and had entered their own world. “I got expelled.”

“That’s nice,” Danny replied absently.

“I made the football team,” Emma claimed, grinning over at John.

“Good for you,” Steve said, kissing the top of her head.

“I’m going to France for a year. Be an exchange student,” John said before finishing his sandwich.

“Have fun,” Danny said. “Make sure you write.”

That made John and Emma laugh, shaking their heads. “Come swimming with us,” Emma said, sliding off Steve’s lap and tugging at his hand.

“You need to change,” Steve told her, smiling up at her.

“We’ll be right back,” John said. “Try to keep you hands off each other.”

“No promises,” Danny said, watching them run out and upstairs to put on their suits.

“Are you swimming?”

“Sure,” Danny agreed, leaning closer to kiss Steve. “You’ll grill the chicken when we’re all out?”

“You got it,” Steve said, standing up and pulling Danny with him. “I’ll be your stepping stone.”

“You always have been,” Danny teased, racing out the back door and discarding his tee shirt before disappearing into the water. It didn’t take very long for Steve to catch him, not that he tried particularly hard to avoid him. “Will you also be my water wings?”

“Sure,” Steve agreed, holding Danny so his head was out of the water, Danny’s legs wrapped around Steve’s waist.

“We told you to keep at least 5 five between you at all times,” Emma said before diving into the water to swim to where they stood. “Five feet.”

“Next time, Baby Girl, I promise,” Steve said, letting go of Danny in order to pick up Emma.

“Don’t throw me, Daddy. Don’t,” she squealed, Steve ignoring her and tossing her in the air. She had time to close her mouth and eyes before she hit the water. “It’s on now,” she said when she surfaced, swimming directly toward Steve. He laughed and dove under the water, resurfacing 10 feet away.

“You better go, Em, or you’ll never catch him,” John laughed as he floated next to Danny.

“Thanks for the help, Bro,” she said before taking off after her father.

“Any time,” John laughed, raising his head only enough to see Emma swimming with sure strokes after Steve. “You really have 4 kids, don’t you?”

“Don’t remind me,” Danny laughed. “Sometimes I wonder if I married him or took him on to raise.”

“Kind of the same thing,” John said.

“True that,” Danny had to agree, laughing with John and lifting his head at Emma’s squeals. “You break her. You bought her,” he warned Steve.

“She’s tougher than she looks,” Steve called back, absorbing Emma’s flying tackle and barely budging.

“John,” Emma yelled in pleading.

“Nope. Not my fight,” John responded, returning to float on his back, his ears intentionally below the surface.

Danny had to finally call a stop to all the nonsense so Steve could grill the chicken, the kids running up to take quick showers. Steve and Danny rinsed off under the outdoor shower, deciding another real shower was redundant.

“How was school, really?” Danny asked the kids when they were all sitting at the picnic table waiting for the chicken.

John and Emma told him and Steve about their real days, nothing all that interesting happening. They were glad it was Friday so they could spend the weekend with their fathers who thought they would both be home unless the worst happened. They agreed to go to the movies Saturday night, providing Steve remembered the ‘absolutely no talking or complaining about the utter lack of realism’ rule. He promised to try but that was the best he could do. The kids laughed at him and Danny kissed him to make up for it. The kids pretended to hide their eyes but their fathers knew the truth – they loved being witness to the affection between their fathers and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Are 6 dogs too many?: camo stevetkeylasunset on April 2nd, 2012 04:35 pm (UTC)
They are not as subtle as they like to believe, that's for sure!!

Thank you so much for the lovely comment. Glad it helped brighten your day as well!