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04 April 2012 @ 01:57 pm
Should We Be Worried???  
It's Wednesday! Alex O'Loughlin was supposed to be back on the set Monday. Still no word, no pictures, nothing.

Yes, I'm perseverating. It's one of my talents.

Current Mood: pensive
Vera S.: H50 Steve combatverasteine on April 4th, 2012 06:04 pm (UTC)
I know of this news story that said filming would begin monday, but the director said on twitter he was still scouting locations and wouldn't start filming for a couple of days yet. So there's nothing strange about this silence :).
Are 6 dogs too many?: Muscles and McGootkeylasunset on April 4th, 2012 08:12 pm (UTC)
Okay. I will endeavor to be patient!! But it hasn't been easy!!!!

CMariaDcmariad on April 5th, 2012 08:29 am (UTC)
The director of Ep 222-which is supposed to film starting this week & is supposed to be Alex's 1st ep back--is Larry Teng. He directed, among other eps, the "Steve gets a broken arm & gets an 'air heart/I love you' gesture from Danny in return" ep (Ep 120); & eps 206 (Steve's MMA Fight ep), 215 (Grace's kidnapping ep), & 222 this season.

If any of those were favorite eps of yours, he'll also be directing H50 again in S3. He's already announced that on Twitter.

Anyway... He Tweeted yesterday (in my time sone), at this link:


The following statement:

First day of shooting... #H50

Meaning that yesterday in the US, April 12, 2012, was the 1st day of shooting on H50 Ep 222.

Normally, shooting takes 8 days total per ep (at least)--or it's scheduled for 8 days total. They don't always start a new ep on a Monday, therefore. Nor do I think they start each new ep on the same, other, day of the week (but I don't know for sure). And they're not always 8 consecutive days without a break, either. They might do, like, 4 or 5 days, then take their "2 day weekend", then do the last 3 or 4 days. Nor is it a "Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM" job like most of ours. I've noticed this season that they've shot on Saturdays, for example. What days of the week they do or don't shoot on each ep may also be partly dictated by when they can have access to real facilities, besides their studio/H50 specific sets, that they may need: real offices, hospitals, the USS Missouri, etc.


Peter Lenkov did Tweet about Alex yesterday. He Tweeted:

(name of Twitter user) alex is great. Thanks for asking and your support.

Which can be found here:

Nobody Tweeted confirming (or denying) that Alex was on set yesterday--either via words or BTS pics including him. I was hoping they would/they will Tweet when he is, but I wouldn't read anything (like his treatment got extended) into the fact nobody's stated that Alex has actually returned to filming yet.

Either they didn't Tweet because Alex asked them not to or they were otherwise trying NOT to make a big deal out of his return, out of respect for Alex & what he was off for; OR they didn't Tweet because Alex wasn't scheduled to shoot any scenes yesterday. Either explanation is plausible.

He may be #1 on the Call Sheet (Based on the actor's billing in the cast & an actor appears on the Call Sheet only on the days that he/she works on the production), but that doesn't necessarily mean he's on the set EVERY day of an ep's shooting schedule. Especially in this case they may, POSSIBLY, have deferred the "Steve" scenes in the ep 'til later in the week to help Alex readjust to the shooting routines, or something, after a month off.

Anyway... My point is, just because nobody said anything on Monday about Alex being/not being on the set doesn't mean anything. They weren't even shooting Ep 222 on Monday.

And just because nobody said anything yesterday, when they WERE shooting Ep 222, that doesn't mean anything either. Yes they started shooting yesterday, but Alex may not have had any scenes yesterday (they may have rewritten this ep, after Alex went on leave, to give him less scenes in it/scenes closer to the end of the ep since his availability would be dictated by how his treatment was going once he started it; so maybe he didn't need to shoot on Day 1)... or maybe they played his return "low key", at either his request or that of someone else higher up the food chain on the show/CBS.

Hopefully, someone will eventually Tweet officially something (a comment &/or a pic) to confirm Alex is back. If they don't, I think we can respect that & just assume that he IS back/will be back sometime in the next week since this is supposed to be his 1st ep back.

Otherwise, I'm not worrying about anything. At least not until/unless a RELIABLE source (with the show or in the entertainment media) starts saying there's been a hitch in Alex's return. For now, they've said Alex is supposed to return for the filming of Ep 222--which is now filming--& Peter Lenkov said yesterday that Alex is doing great, & that knowledge is good enough for me. (shrugs)
CMariaDcmariad on April 8th, 2012 01:56 am (UTC)
(Sheepish) I made a boo-boo on the date 222 started filming. I made the date error because Twitter, for some reason, doesn't use the Month/Day/Year format for dates Tweets were posted like the US uses. Therefore I misread the date I was trying to quote & thought the 12th was the day of the month when I originally posted & not the year. Sorry!

Ep 222 started filming on April 4th, not April 12th. But the fact remains Ep 222, expected to include Alex's return, HAS started filming.

However... They DID NOT film yesterday (US time), April 6th. They had the day off because it was Good Friday & they're taking the entire weekend off because it's Easter/Passover weekend. So they've only filmed 2 days on the ep, apparently--Wednesday & Thursday, April 4 & 5. The next day they MIGHT be filming is Monday, April the 9th. If this runs on the normal "8 days of filming per ep" schedule, they still have 6 more shooting days to go (presumably this coming Monday the 9th-Saturday the 14th).

I still wouldn't be worried that we haven't heard Alex has officially returned. Either he has & they're not going to say so publicly--because they said something when he had to leave the show & because Peter Lenkov just did that interview with TV Guide that discussed the last eps of the season & mentioned Alex's anticipated return ep, & they thought that was good enough, or because Alex didn't want anything said when he returned because he's a private person & this has more to do with his personal life than it does his public life--or because he hasn't returned because his scenes weren't scheduled until later in the shoot, due to a combination of uncertain availability due to his treatment & the fact that the early part of the Ep 222 shoot would be interrupted by a 3-day weekend for Good Friday/Easter/Passover.

It just may be a case of we'll have to wait until later than the shoot of Ep 222 to find out he's back. Perhaps until 222 actually airs on TV & we see Alex in it. I don't know. But I do respect the way they're handling--& have handled--this situation. Especially because they've done everything they could to accommodate Alex's need for time off to deal with this while trying also to maintain his presence in as many of the remaining eps as possible. Not many other shows would've done that.